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JHawk  If it ain't that guy I never seen in the same sneakers twice. Engineer + Entrepreneur = #TheEngipreneur

This made my day. My leasing office out here selling wolf tickets. Maybe if you stop raising rent 9% people would care. How are you going to determine where each trash bag came from 😉?

I thought I new everything about the Cosby show. Someone help me with this one.

Friendship is a very easy concept. Honestly it should be the easiest relationship to maintain as an adult. You have to watch out for those #frenemies though 😉

#friends #friendshipgoals

Lost out on our last deal, but after seeing this beauty today the #hawkinshousehunt is back on.

Open layout
Hardwood floors
Yard for my Cane Corso and garden
Basement ready for that 80inch
Custom walk in closet
Dual zone AC/Heat
Diverse neighborhood ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼✊️

I could verify if he was Chinese though.

I was feeling a little Blue 🔵🔷🔹😎 #style #fatboifresh

So someone @trenemonique just causally kicked butt and won 1st Place with her BlueBerry Cardamom Slab pie.

#trenébakes #trenebakes

Just did a rapid open house 🏡. This is a perfect example of why I don't trust general contractors. Some Generally SUCK


Can life be this simple ?


Happy Fathers Day Gents !!!!

This is what I call perfect marketing. Life is about choices and consequences. Reminded me that money does not change who you are deep down inside. It hurts to see a Star ⭐️ fall so far out the sky. Before you judge ask yourself what or who pushed him to this point. He was prepared to put it all on the line and go to WAR for something or someone. Lebron's crew went to become educated professionals . What would have happened if Sebastian ran with a different crew or invested in his education ?

Made $18.2M in 9 years that's $2.1M a year

Alright final one for today . Need to consult with " The Property Brotha" @kemarp28 on if and what our offer should be.

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