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Sovitia  Gamer | Livestreamer | Twitch Partner since 2012! 😍 | Hylian Princess | Goddess Nayru | Master of Headshots | Sovi Army! πŸ˜™

Weekend 😍 Stream is live! New emotes β™₯️! twitch.tv/sovitia

Stream is live 😏 Late Sovi! Come hang out! twitch.tv/sovitia

Still trying to get used to my hair. 😍 Late stream! Come hang out β™₯️ twitch.tv/sovitia

My new hair makes me feel so 😊!! Stream is live! Come hang out! β™₯️ twitch.tv/sovitia

πŸ˜› Stream is live! Come hang out loves β™₯️ twitch.tv/sovitia

Stream is live! Come hang out! β™₯️😊 twitch.tv/sovitia !

2 pics because you couldn't see the dope Link shirt in the first one. I went to Chipotle today, too! πŸ˜„ STREAM IS LIVE! Thanks for all of the support lately. β™₯️ twitch.tv/sovitia

Interesting hair day but beanies fix it all! I need more cute ones. 😏 Come hang out fam! twitch.tv/sovitia

Late Night Sovi πŸ˜„ REPTAR CEREAL REPRESENT! twitch.tv/sovitia

Stream is live :)! Viewer Game/Hangout day! twitch.tv/sovitia

Late Night Sovi β™₯️ Mirror selfies are hard. πŸ€” twitch.tv/sovitia

I'm a brunette again! Feelsgoodman. πŸ˜„β™₯️ Stream is live! Come hang out or just leave it on in the background! twitch.tv/sovitia

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