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Nikki  I Run! I drive 4 SAABs. I love Parkway Drive & Metallica! Married the Best Dude in the World! We spawned 2 fantastic Kids! & have an awesome cat. Hi✋🏻

Cat! Clearly not as excited about me starting the Six Sacred Stones as I am. Love the jack west series. Getting ready for the new book. #cat #Rusty #matthewreilly #sixsacredstones @matthewreillyofficial

Love ya orange dude! 😻 Rusty has his own page so most his pics get posted there. But I’m loving this one. He literally leaped over my head to get in the door. Love that guy! 😍😘 @rusty__cat

Things you notice when you’re on the floor taking photos of the cat #flower

Get your head around this. Waiting for the perfect photo set up #bored #ipad #photoception

Jaz! 😍 you gorgeous thing 😘 #kids #love

That day I drove Raven and YNE one of Australia’s 7 TurboX manuals. That day was actually quite some time ago, pics for caro weren’t posted straight away. 2 of my faves right there! 🖤🖤 I’m posting this today because I’m rather excited I took a selfie up the street today. Stay tuned.

When you have a nasty cold 🤧🤧 and you have 2 nose rings! 😱😆🤷🏻‍♀️ me wearing 2 rings at once about as rare as the Saab pictured. #nosering

Look at what I found in a photo display album that Mum left me to look at, it belonged to papa, my grandad who passed recently. The London Bridge! Still intact with people just walking all over it. I bet you can’t even get out to where they were standing now. London bridge fell in 🤔 1991 or 98 (mark will correct me.) How cool is this!!! Might get a copy before I give it back. #visit12apostles #londonbridge @visit12apostles

10months ago today I decided yunno what I don’t want to eat meat. 🌱 Here’s some cows. These are Mesen, Belgium cows. Look how green the grass is. Happy cows! 🐮 #cows #lovecowsdonteatthem #mesen #vegetarian

Damn you beautiful shiny car! 🌟🖤 #missx #saabx

When all 3 layers have a hood. I shall be safe from rain today! #hood

😂🤣 watch out for the waves Griff! This pic was taken in 2015 along with the famous “is there reception on this rock” photo. Jaz commented that this is the one we should be recreating. 😂👌🏻 feeling the need to return to the 12 Apostles. Always a draw to that for me. #12apostles #gibsonsteps #visit12apostles

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