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Emochan癡l  Know yourself Keaira is my everything 08.06.02

Mood like shit because my birthday is 7 Days away !!!! WE DOING TRAP KARAOKE $5 entry @ 2195 Deefor Hills Rd Nw Atlanta, Ga 30318

Mmm the world has forgotten that Im swolebae but random thought my birthday is next Friday

So about this purple...yes or no?

Purple hair because I want to be Ramona Flowers

Todays mood because my birthday is in 11 days, Im finishing up my pieces for my art show this week, MY FUCKING ART SHOW IS IN 21 DAYS !!! LINK IN MY BIO FOR TICKETS BITCH !!!! But like everyday Im like excited and thankful and excited and last but not least Id like to humbly say IM THAT BITCH!!! Thank you

So its 12 days until my birthday Trap Karaoke Party!!!!!! And 22 days until my first art show and Im nervous but excited lol俠INK IN MY BIO FOR TICKETS TO THAT!!

No you cant call me Beaira Id prefer side show bob tho

How we about to be at the trap karaoke party on my birthday July 27th !!!!毋 $10 entry 2195 Deefor Hills Rd Nw Atlanta, Ga 30318

Havent been cute in days .....Trap Karaoke party on my birthday tho just wait #youseemetryingtohidemyforehead

So yesterday I confirmed that Ill be putting together my own Art show for myself and others dedicated to my sister and mental health awareness and on top of that Ill be throwing myself a birthday party to help raise money for it Im looking for artist right now if you wanna be in it 綽綽綽

My birthday is in 24 days and I dont know what Im going to do or if Im going to do anything...

My level of understanding sometimes scares me. Im not angry but Im very sad and disappointed. My world is gone. And Im not new to death. Youd think since I came close to death so many times it wouldve been me. But This will never be real to me Im handling it because I have to. Im going to miss her everyday. Today was hard. I tried to share her with everyone. And you know whats crazy she was doing the same with me. Were the siblings that everyone wants. We have a bond that is unbreakable. In this life and the next. I love my baby potato and she knew that. 歹

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