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niitsitapiiahsisto niitsitapiiahsisto

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🥀Emochanèl🥀  Know yourself 🦅


I am Phil 😂😒


*sings in migos * Big head bitches only 💓

Went back to Black


“I just wannabe yours🥀”

The vibes today are too cute 💕valentines day is literally my favorite day 😭😩


But can we applaud the weight gain. You know it’s real when you see it in jeans✨

The bop demon got me tonight

I have been looking for this song for like two days now !!! Somebody tell me the name of it please 😂😩😩 I know it’s a mix

Ayo somebody said this was “Nights” and “Pyramids” battling to see who is frank oceans best song and I’m crying real tears. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

The selfies were A1 today ✨

You know what when drake said “I hold back sometimes I won’t, I feel good sometimes I don’t” that has been my mood for the past two weeks on god 😂

I said you’ll see me when it gets above 60 da grease outside and here I am because it’s a high of 65 lol

‘Twas a good day to be cute

Today’s mood✨

Me @ the gym 😒😂

This is me. This is why it takes me 2 hours to get ready for literally anything. This is why I play music when I’m in the bathroom because I’m talking to myself in the mirror l. This is why I’m sometimes late for things. This is also why I’m the best tho. Self love on a mil. 😂

Why the long face potato?😞

Busting all the pipes with the high levels of pressure Jesus girl @badgalriri

You know what I’m so sick of myself. I made a pact to not bop on New Years and I’ve bopped four times since then. AND HERE WE ARE ON JANUARY 67TH of 2018. Me @ me in the mirror: what’s wrong with you *bursts into tears and slides down the wall*

*sings in big punisher* it’s sooooo haaaarrrd the bop demon won’t leave me alone she keeps making me leave the safety of my home.

A message from the glam potato ✨💕

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