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N i n a ✨  ☼⠀ ♀ 𑁍 ⠀ॐ ⠀☾⠀☯ ⠀ ⠀ 25ᵞ/ං ༶ Ᏼerlin ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 𖥸 ⠀ In some other life we are standing side by side and laughing that, in some other life we are apart.

I love you. I really love you. I love you more than anything. You’re the most beautiful girl and the most beautiful bride for ever. Whenever I needed you; whenever I found myself shattered; whenever I lost all hope; you took my hand. Whatever happened, you stayed. You still stay. You still take my hand. You’re my soulmate.
There‘s no one like you. 🌹
Kein Mensch, der so viel über mich weiß; kein Mensch, mit dem ich so viele Stunden gelacht habe; kein Mensch, der schon so lange an meiner Seite ist; kein Mensch, dem ich so grenzenlos vertraue; kein Mensch, dem ich so sehr dieses Glück wünsche,
wie dir. 💚 #youretheone

And maybe
that night was a forever because
I haven’t stopped thinking of it since. 💫
📝 @bnmxfld

Someday, you will be
life-changing to someone. 🌹
*anzeige 📝 @farawaypoetry

If you could do it again,
would you meet them again
for the first time,
or would you walk away?
Repost - because it‘s my forever favorite pic of myself. ♥️ By @anafernweh 🎞

If two people can‘t stay away
from each other maybe they aren’t
meant to be apart. 🕊
captured by my love @melzuckerherz ♥️
Poem by @invastel 📝

I wish I saw you more than just in my dreams
I don’t want to believe that‘s the only world
where you can exist with me. 🥀
Shot by @anafernweh ♥️
📝 @s.l._gray

Looked into your eyes
and found my favorite color. ✨

Don‘t hold me back from
loving you. An ocean will always
find it‘s way to shore. 🌹
🎞♥️ @melzuckerherz
📝 @gemmatroypoetry

Somewhere in between
our talks I felt in love with you.
🎞♥️ @melzuckerherz
📝 @aagpoetry

Why are these parts of the female body sexualized when the same exact parts of the male body are not?
- Every nipple should be treated the same. Stop sexualize the female body! 🖤
Captured by my babe @melzuckerherz 🌹

Issa me 🦖 da weirdo
@ Kotti with my 🌺 #thirdpicfavo

Drunk text me. Let me know
that when you’re at your most vulnerable,
I‘m the one on your mind. 🍷🌙
Shot by @anafernweh ♥️
Still so in love with your work. 🌹

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