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What do you all think of my Lucina costest? I haven't been this excited in a while to cosplay a character!! *flaps cape*

long time no cospay, lucina is still wip, but i wanted to costest her v quick! happy with how i look yey. time to work hard again, hue hue.

potential anime next line-up! i haven't been active, but it doesn't mean i havent been working hard xP. look forward to a lucina costest this weekend kayyy~~ artwork for pharah bunny suit ver. by liang-xing on deviantart!

All cute and pretty to see waifu @shincoser

Hello to all my followers & cosplay community. I've mentioned before I had some unfortunate events happen to my family.. my father passed away last month & just a few days ago my brother passed away due to a horrific car accident. I don't ever share too much personal info here, but more than ever do I need support and support for my family. My mother was also involved in the car accident and has sustained injuries. She is unable to work for some time and I've set up a gofundme to help my mother's financial burdens. It would be amazing if anyone can contribute or even share our cause. Thank you, love you all. .. link will be in my description as well.

some really unfortunate events have happened to my family in the last couple of months. i'll be on a semi hiatus until i'm feeling better. i'll probably still be lurking about tho.

i had a family emergency, so i haven't been active. to those who have stuck around, thank you v much, i have such great followers. i don't share much here on my private life but if you can keep my family in your prayers/thoughts it would mean so much to me. i'll be around 💛

when hanzo looking elegant but angry at the same time, thanks @ramnaught 📷 edit by nico

it's starting to feel like spring 🌸🌸 high res set on my facebook, hope you all love it, we worked v hard heh, but mostly b/c we love rem! hope to edit more vks photos this week & completing's headset ^^ 📷 @thegreatsaiyan; edit by nico ♡

rem is best girl and deserves all the love 🌸🌸 📷 @thegreatsaiyan; edit by nico ♡

@elfelied drew my oc mello-chan 😍😍 i screamed when i received this b/c it's absolutely adorable !! thanks waifu \(^3^)/

"when you said that you hate yourself, it made me want to tell you all the wonderful things i know about you" 🌸🌸🌸 📷 @thegreatsaiyan edit by yours truly 💙 you can support my cosplay through my wishlist st

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