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nico cosplay ♡♡  grumpy princess 💀 🌹 nj cosplayer ♡ crossplayer 🌹 eng ♡ español ♡ twitter: niicodesu next con ➡ ?


i try and look moe sometimes :3 ♡♡ i feel more confident cosplaying cooler/icey charas if you don't already know, but let's try some cute charas once in awhile nico!

d.va won lol. idk how to act moe, and my inner dork comes out when i cosplay d.va xD. what do you all think? this is my 2nd d.va wig & i'm still not happy so i'm waiting on another one lol. i won't be able to cosplay for a lil while b/c of my surgical procedure, but i still have some backlog of photos. 💖💖. also headset made by me !!

i bought too much yoi goodies during anext, but no regrets 💙💙 2nd ita bag fufu, my other one is kagehina 👀 @shincoser & i will be attending yoi cosplay cafe next month. much excite !! can't wait to spend more monies on yoi goodies lmao. ps we have matching vikturi bunny suit charms xD

lucina is one of my fav cosplays so far !! i'm going to make her actual shoulder armor soon & shoot her again ^^. also most of you asked for more wips & costests so i'll try my best to give you good content 💙💙 thanks for the suggestions (^__^) CN: Nico Cosplay 📷: @thegreatsaiyan

#fireemblemawakening #fireemblemawakeningcosplay

i ended up reading yaoi all night instead of editing so here's an old vks that i never posted :') .. btw anything you'd like me to post more of?? progress photos, more casual makeup styles? costests? i feel like my account is getting boring LOL. i would love any suggestions !!

all i have are selfies to post bc i'm too lazy to edit photos.. i'll try & change that tonight ;; BUT look how handsome Robin is ahhh~ (^///^)~♡♡ thank you @shincoser for being my cosplay partner uwahh~~

Anime next was so fun~ but also feels like a blur TT thanks to my friends for coming a long, I had such a great time !!

change of plans, i'm Lucoa today !! dealer's room & artist alley to go shopping fufufu~ #animenext2017

with the waifu as phamercy ❤❤ @ anime next ^^

all set to slay you all. just kidding xD. will be heading to the con soon #animenext2017

I'm in the game room @ animenext playing one piece xD

it's best friend day & i wanted to show off my waifu @shincoser 💍💐 also tomorrow makes one whole year that she's been in my life TT thanks to @jeragon for setting us up !! look how cute we are. anext is this weekend and we'll be cosing together most of the time !! thanks bby for being the bestest waifu ever 💛💛

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