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Bex Scott  22 ⚔️ ad creative | jack of all, master of puns

and she still isn’t 21 yet.... @indicaindacutt happy bday bbygrl

the gang goes through a denim craze

@a.j.hlavac is prob responsible for half the content on my insta at this point 👏👏👏

we aren’t alone in this universe

after brunch slump

I helped myself to another serving of shelby surprise!! cut + color @glambyshelby_

bug bites + good nights

Waking up at 6 a.m. has never been easier

veinticinco de abril

I only brunch with you @glambyshelby_

this level of grandeur ✨

the only socially acceptable way to drink in a public park 📷 @kalisutra

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