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Niharika  Doing a photo series called #faceless to tell stories around the world using hands and feet. Follow along (no pressure)!

41. Around here, it's not the cold that has us frozen, it's the sun. #faceless

40. I like right now because right now, we make brownie cakes for our friends, and we surprise them 6 months after their actual birthdays. We drink cheap wine from fancy glasses and think we are adults. We burn our popcorn but we make great pasta (possibly the only thing we know how to make). I like now because for the first time in our lives we are out there all alone, but at least we are all together. Happy 20th (and a half). #faceless

39. When the muse is not amused. #faceless

38. Photographic evidence that sometimes taking the wrong turn can lead you to the right place. #faceless

37. Found a magical bookstore somewhere in Porto! How to get there - keep an eye out for a moustached man in a tailcoat guarding a doorway; blink and you miss, so DON'T BLINK. You could also just use Google maps. #faceless

36. I'm standing on the walk way that leads up to the Santa Justa lift in the heart of the old town of Lisbon. It's one of the few high(ish) rises in an otherwise flat city, and the view is beautiful. Is Lisbon on the 1000 places to see before you die list? Because it should be. #faceless

35. A good kind of lost at sea. #faceless

34. I met Lu in our first year of University, when we lived in the same student hall. I was walking towards my block, immersed in my phone when I looked up to see her holding the door open for me with the same hands she uses to hide her face now. We found out that we were on the same course, and decided to walk together to our first class the next day. It was awkward, because we had this big cultural difference staring us in the face. Three years on, she has now taken over my desk, waltzes into my room first thing in the morning (because our flat is one of the many things we share), and has an odd habit of spilling stuff at the randomest of places. From taking permission to call each other 'bitch', to cleaning up all our (literal) messes (I'm talking oil spill in a bag, tea on walls) together, we've come a very long way. #faceless

33. We've got deadlines and chores, but we've also got windows that open, and a sun that struggles to come out. #faceless

32. Throwback to when I could stand this close and take a picture of the most beautiful women in my life. #faceless

31. I'm sure the kid feels safer than this looks. #faceless

30. You say laundry day, I say art. #faceless

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