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Call Me Nebby/Bluto/Nebula  Hi I’m Nightmare Nebula Age:15 🎨furry artist🎨 🐻Nightmare Freddy fangirl🐻 ☠️Undead Army!☠️(from18.11.2) ❤️Taken❤️ Request: open Goal-500 From Hong Kong

The art that I made from yesterday and today :3
Haven’t draw for quite a while, and so I started practising the body part.

Second one, don’t mind me, I draw Nebula pregnant(???) Third one is a new OC design plan
And fourth, just Nebula in bikini =w=✨✨

520 reads like I love you in Chinese
I made a small comic with Swift and Alston’s OC, Nightstar(who recently turned into a wolf lol) also, Nightstar is a boy okay.

Backstory working again. I’m definitely proud with this one.
#ocxcanon #furry #nightmarefreddy #cyborgcat

Happy Valentines Day?

Update on the small story I’m working on. Cuz I just wanna make novels so I used a cosplay prop to write stories inside.

‘Behold...the ultimate power...of Chaos CONTROL!!’
Did a small drawing, speaking of which, haven’t made a detailed one like this one for a long time....
Art block is painful.

Anyways, have my fursona Nebula, wearing Shadow the Hedgehog jacket..?(since I’m going to cosplay as Shadow at July...) #fursona #furries #shadowthehedgehog #chaosemerald #furryjacket

Now VS June 14, 2018
Sorry, I misunderstood someone, I cannot forgive myself for this. I have to draw something depressed.

I’m trying to stay positive after what happened in my mind last night.
So I watched that

Here is a #sonic06fandub clip by snapcube on YT

I don’t own anything of this video, just resharing.

[Vent/ Negative]
never know I was so lovesick, until recently.
You guys are right, when that guy wasn’t it, then he wasn’t.
I just have to let it go..
But I can’t.
He’s so meaningful to me.
Not only he’s my second boyfriend, there even a guy that loves the same thing as me? Sonic? Fnaf? Those old game stuff, also cosplays! He never tried cosplay but he’s willing to accept my face! Even tho I’m so ugly that no one will ever love me.
...sorry....I can’t.
I have to rethink, I don’t wanna hurt him.

All my old art from 2016 March to 2016 November
there’s only one recently artwork which is the last picture
I was like, are those art even made by me??? Why they are so strange.

Mep, sometimes I like the art style I have(the first picture) and I want it back.

Suddenly realise due to some reasons, my sweet girl Patran turned into a main Male OC.

‘‘Hmpt. Pathetic.’’
Personality twist, let Nebula became edgy(cuz now I think I’m edgy also.)

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