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Thank you everyone that has reached out to me about our beloved Cake. I truly appreciate the support this community gives me. I read each & every of your comments & it brings tears to my eyes. You are all so kind in this time of sorrow & loss. Cake will be forever missed but not forgotten. I am going to make shirts w her face to raise money for a bench w her name on at her favorite dog park. & also I think I'm going to write & illustrate a children's book on putting your puppy to sleep & dealing with the loss. Titled: "One Year Of Cake" 💕 I hope to always to preserve the memories & light she brought to us & so many others💕🐾

I never thought my heart could break so much for someone so small. On Tuesday October 17th which happened to be my pug, Cake's first birthday, we started noticing she was acting sick & not walking properly & were going to take her to the vet. I jumped in the shower really quick when Jake started yelling "Cake is foaming at the mouth!" I put clothes on then ran to the vet. She had 2 more seizures in the car. The vet said take these pills & it should be fine in 3 days. We got home fed her the pills then 10 minutes later she started having seizures over & over & I just held her balling cus I could do anything. They wouldn't stop for over an hour. We rushed back to the vet. They gave her Valium but nothing was working. She was diagnosed w pug encephalitis, the brain swells causing seizures & only 1% of pugs will get it. It's fatal & there is no know cure. We had to put her down. I held her in my arms while the vet gave her the shots. I felt like my baby was dying in my arms & I couldn't save her. We buried her under my favorite oak tree at my moms along with her pink bone & stuffed bunny that she loved so much. It was also 6 months since my dad passed as well. It's been the worse days of my life. I can't express the pain I feel for losing her. She was my baby dog. I'm glad we could give her the best life she could have in her 365 days here. She was taken too soon & I will never fully heal after losing her. To me she's not just a pet or friend. She was so close to Jake & I. I miss her so much already. It pains me to write this because everything happened so fast. She was here then she wasn't. She was a glimmer of light in the world if only for a short while. She took some of my light w her. Jake & I miss her so so much. She was our baby dog. We all loved you so much & always will.💕🐾

2 years💙💕 I know everyone says this but this guy is 100% my best friend! He supports me like no one else ever has. I can't even express the gratitude I feel for Jake. He cosplays with me even though he had never before. He's my manager so I don't lose my head! He's my cook so I don't burn the house down. He's my editor so all the tech stuff looks professional. He's my gaming buddy so I have someone to always co op with. He's my everything I could ask for. I can't wait to marry my cospartner in crime! He's truly a best friend for life🍻#anniversary #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #costume #cosplaygirl #cosplaying #bloodborne #darksouls #princessmononoke #cosplayers #cosplaygirls #cosplaylife #royaltenenbaums #vapenaysh #h3h3 #ironman

I love these contacts I received from @ttd_eye they are seriously the comfiest pare I own!!! They are gradient star black! You can use promo code nighingale_vixen to get 10% off ⭐️☠ #contacts #cosplay #eyes #elf #darkelf #darksouls #elven #creepy #starry #starry #stars #makeup #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaying #elfs #cosplayer

I made the gold collar out of worbla for a commission! But I had to try this ancient dark elf look before I gave it away! The contacts are starry grey from @ttd_eye ⭐️ use promo code nightingale_vixen for 10% off contacts! #contacts #cosplay #eyes #elf #darkelf #darksouls #elven #creepy #starry #starry #stars #makeup #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplaying #elfs #cosplayer #ttdhalloween

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