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Super Freak Cosplay  Abi | 🇪🇸+🇨🇴+🏳️‍🌈 | UK cosplayer | next con: MCM London May 2018


Current progress!

ABADDON - all I need to do is dye my hair a more vibrant red, stretch out the top strap on the boots, and repaint then seal the angel blade I bought.

SAEKO BUSUJIMA - so much left to do so I’m just going to list what I need to buy/finish. Style wig, get contacts, finish sailor collar, add trim to shirt, make bow, get skirt and add trim, get suspenders and stockings, stretch out boots, get longer laces for boots.

IZUMI AKAZAWA - also a fair amount of work to do 😂 style wig, get contacts, get more trim for hair bows, sew trim to shirt, attach bow to shirt, trim skirt, get stockings, get waistcoat, add gold buttons to waistcoat.

#cosprogress #cosplayprogress #abaddon #saeko #saekobusujima #izumi #izumiakazawa #supernatural #highschoolofthedead #another #spn #hotd

//insert inspirational cosplay message here//

In other news, can’t wait to be posting some actual cosprogress photos! I’ve been so bored without any cosplays to work on over Christmas and now I’m making good progress with my costumes for May MCM! Watch this space 👏

#cosplay #cosplayer #tnbaivy #poisonivy #batmantheanimatedseries #batman #playboybunny #bunnyivy #playboybunnyivy

MCM London May 2018 cosplay lineup!

I’ll be doing Bunny! Black Widow on Friday with @bad_bunnies_cosplay , Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead on Saturday (black skirt sans protective gear version), and Abaddon from Supernatural on Sunday.

I definitely will not stay in my bunny suit all day Friday so I’ll definitely change after our shoots are done, but not sure what I’ll change into just yet. We’ll see.

I’m so excited to finally be getting back into cosplaying anime characters, truth is I’m not very interested in comics 😂 I hope to add many more anime cosplays to my lineup for 2018, and finally get to attend Hyper Japan which I’ve been meaning to do for several years.
We’ll see where this year takes us 👏

Thanks to everyone who has stayed by me so far! I know my follower base will change a LOT once I start the transition into anime, but I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the support over the past year and 3 months on this account. I hope you all have a great New Years (I’ll be working NYE and NYD ha haaaaa) and that 2018 brings you at least a few good things.

✈️23.11.2017 - 5.12.2017✈️

Thanks for the amazing memories, Sydney. Didn’t get to see all the people I wanted to see or do all the things I wanted to do, but now I know better for next time and I’ll be sure to have a blast when I get there next time!

Again, thank you SO MUCH to @violetbabydollsummer @jamaikamarie @kitteys_ @justacosplaygirl @spoiltrichcosplay @zipanator_cosplay @dustyvillaincosplay for making my trip down under so much fun!! I wouldn’t have had such an amazing time without you guys and it was amazing meeting you. To everyone I didn’t get to see, I’ll see y’all next time!

🦇November 2017 - Sydney, Australia🦇

Yes, I’m obsessed 💁‍♀️ I’ve read most of the series as a kid, but had never read the very first novel titled “The Bat”. I bought the entire collection of books that I was missing (including the ones I had on my kindle....) and decided to take a few with me to Oz for the flights. To my surprise, I soon found out that The Bat was set in Sydney, and not far from where I was staying! So of course when people cancelled on me or plans could not be made, I went around and took photos of the locations I could reasonably get to.
1️⃣. An aesthetic photo of me sitting in Green Park (no spoilers from me, but it’s a very relevant place)
2️⃣. Surrey Hills Police Station, where Harry Hole was stationed when in Australia
3️⃣. Gap Road leading up to Gap Park, where the first mentioned victim was dumped
4️⃣. The cliff where Inger Holter (the first victim) was likely thrown off of
5️⃣. The street where Inger Holter lived
6️⃣. The flat where Inger Holter would’ve lived (54 Hereford Street)
7️⃣. Kings Cross, where Harry was staying for the duration of his trip
8️⃣. Hotel that Harry Hole was staying in after.... spoilers
9️⃣. Bourbon and Beefsteak closed down/rebranded themselves into the Bourbon Hotel, but this would be the place that Harry would have gotten breakfast on the daily
🔟 another previously mentioned location in the novel.

#book #reading #jonesbø #jonesbo #thebat #jonesbobatman #jonesbothebatman #jonesbothebat
#holiday #summerchristmas #sydneyaustralia #sydney #australia #thebat #nemesis #cockroaches #theredbreast #harryhole #harryholeseries

☀️ 3.12.2017 - with family ☀️

Turns out I had some relatives from Colombia living in Sydney, so the final meet up with anybody was with them! Don’t have the pictured for privacy reasons. The beach trip was super spontaneous and it was such a lovely day I am so sad I didn’t get to go into the sea 😭
My final post about Australia will be me visiting some key places mentioned in Jo Nesbø’s first Harry Hole novel “The Bat”. I’ve been obsessed with the series since I was about 12, so it was amazing to get to visit all these places and walk in his footsteps. Then it’s back to cosplay progress! Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through my little hiatus holiday thing 😂❤️

#bondibeach #beach #summerchristmas #holiday #sydney #australia #sydneyaustralia #gappark

🐨 27.11.2017 - with @kitteyscosplay 🐨

We also payed a visit to the zoo!! I forgot to save the video petting the kangaroos 😭😭 but some of you will have seen it on my story hehehe. Again with Kira, seriously how beautiful is this girl 😩❤️👏 •
#sydney #sydneyaustralia #australia #holiday #summerchristmas #zoo #kangaroo #koala

🐳 26.11.2017 - with @kitteyscosplay 🐳

Aquarium time! I actually lost over half the photos of this aquarium trip I’m so sad 😭 I’ll just have to drag Kira along with me next time too 😈 spent the day with this stunning girl going to the aquarium, grabbed a couple drinks on Darling Harbour, then we weebed out in the manga section of a book store 😂 this was her first time touching anything in the pool! Also real MVP right here who took me around several times 🎉❤️ thanks so much for hanging with me! ❤️

#sydney #holiday #sydneyaustralia #australia #summerchristmas #aquarium #darlingharbour

☀️ 25.11.2017 - with @justacosplaygirl ☀️

FINALLY sorted my photos for Sydney! The first day that I met up with anyone there was with this gorgeous girl Charlotte. It was incredible to finally meet her after so long, we started talking over a year ago! Took a stroll through the botanic gardens, the Sydney opera house, ate some sushi, and went to get some bubble tea. Thank you so much for hanging with me, I can’t wait to see you after Xmas here in London! ❤️❤️

#sydney #holiday #sydneyaustralia #australia #oz #summerchristmas

That’s a wrap on Adelaide!

It was so incredible meeting @spoiltrichcosplay @dustyvillaincosplay @zipanator_cosplay @jamaikamarie and @violetbabydollsummer that I didn’t even get pics with any of them 😱😱 it’ll have to wait for next time hehe.
Thank you especially to Violet and Jamaika for taking me around Adelaide and taking time to spend with me! Can’t express how much it meant to me and how awesome it was to hang with you two ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m missing you both already and I can’t wait to see you guys again! Sorry I’m french 😂😂

I actually arrived in Sydney on Thursday (it’s Saturday as of posting this), so the next posts while I’m in Oz will be all about Sydney!

Hope everyone is having a great day 🎉

#adelaide #holiday #australia #aussie #ozadelaide #oz #summer #summerchristmas

Visited my first cat cafe EVER in Adelaide! Thank you so much to the gorgeous @violetbabydollsummer for taking me and general showing me around Adelaide hehehe ❤️
The kitties were gorgeous and friendly and they had a whole mixture of breeds (I’m really against the whole concept of “breeds” in animals tbh but it’s nice to see a balance of pedigree and regular kitties!) and they all seemed really well taken care of.
They have two babies up for adoption, one of which was my best friend the first day they are both such charmers! Please go check out @hashtagmeowadelaide for more info and to book a visit! Show the babies some love ❤️❤️ you can also donate to both a kitty rescue charity and the cafe itself.
Thanks so much for making my first cat cafe experience so wonderful and memorable!
#catcafe #adelaide #australia #holiday #catcafeadelaide #meowcatcafe #hashtagmeowcatcafe #charity #support #kittiesforadoption

Dusk on Brighton Beach, Adelaide yesterday with @jamaikamarie , @violetbabydollsummer , and her sister! It was beautiful and warm and I couldn’t have asked for better company ❤️
#holiday #adelaide #australia #southaustralia #adelaideaustralia #brightonbeach #adelaidebrighton #adelaidebrightonbeach

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