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Nigel Slater  A cook who writes. The Observer's food columnist. Programme maker. Gardener. Collector of ceramics. Author of Tender, Toast, The Kitchen Diaries.

Proof reading. The last few tweaks, corrections and cuts that I enjoy almost as much as writing. Glancing longingly at the kitchen doors, wanting to be out there, in the summer rain, soaked from head to foot.

Darkest green corner of the garden - ivy, beech, medlar and box - lapping up the evening's rich, sweet rain.

Crisp, fried aubergines, thyme, sheep's milk cheese, honey. Details

"Welcome home" says Annabelle.

Squid straight from the grill, chilled watermelon, cherry tomatoes. Details @obsmagazine Sunday 02.07.17

I fear I may have been a little dismissive of any hydrangea other than the bountiful white 'Annabelle'. But the softer pinks, in the right place, are beginning to appeal. The 'right' place may well be amongst white ones. The occasional, palest pink amongst a froth of white, lacy blooms.

Homemade cherry pie. Details @obsmagazine this Sunday 25.06.17

Ham, apricots, dill. A quick midweek dinner for a scorching summer's day. Details on the Guardian website. @obsmagazine

A frothing sea of hydrangea Annabelle. Early morning light. The fleeting days before her flowers open fully and the heads start to hang downwards with their own weight.

Food for the sunniest of summer days. Grilled chicken, peppers and cool labneh with mint and basil. Details in today's @obsfood in The Observer.

One of the quiet joys of summer is finding lush, green shade. My garden was bare when I moved in, a patch of rough grass, a space devoid of trees, hedges or leaves. It has been hard work and not without its disappointments and frustrations, but now at least I have the quiet green shade I love so much. I write out here too - my little green office.

The summer marches on. Summer squashes and borlotti at the greengrocers. Watermelon for breakfast. The brilliant green fizz of new growth in the garden turns darker day by day. My desk has temporarily moved outdoors, in the deep green shade of the medlar tree.

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