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Nigella  My eating updates, and other occasions of joy...

So lovely to be back at @casitamiro. As ever, kicked off with Cat’s homemade bread - this time with a romesco dip, as well as olive oil and sherry vinegar (and just olive oil for me), a plate of Iberico ham, and a tomato salad with goat’s curd cheese and caper vinaigrette. Then (pic 2) the most wonderful goat’s cheese croquetas with honey and almonds; pic 3 is of lamb ribs with baba ghanoush and ancho chilli, and some gorgeous green beans with a cashew purée and sherry-steeped raisins; pic 4 is of the beautiful Blueskin Bay cockles (what I’d call clams), perfect for dunking more of that bread in. Finally, to catch the mood: sunhat with rosé; what better emblem of summer?
While I’m always sorry to leave the paradise of Waiheke, I’m very excited to be kicking off my Antipodean tour tonight in Auckland. For full details of my tour, go to #waihekeisland #waiheke #staywaiheke #newzealand #Aotearoa #casitamiro #foodim #latergram

Tomato Curry with Coconut Rice is #RecipeOfTheDay and it’s glorious. It also happens to be easy, speedy and #vegan
Photograph by Lis Parsons
And you can get the recipe by clicking on link in profile

If you’ve never cooked lamb ribs, you must must now! Not for fatphobes. #recipeoftheday is lamb ribs with cumin and nigella seeds
Photograph by @nordljus
And you can get the recipe by clicking on link in bio

Melbourne is a great city for eating out in, and I’ve been to some restaurants I’ve really loved, but nothing beats a home-cooked meal. And this was a particularly delicious one! My lovely friend @natalietric invited me over for a family dinner at her parents, and it made me so happy. This was a proper Italian-Australian evening: kicking off with antipasti - culatello and salumi cured by her father, aubergine and sweet peppers from the garden cooked by her mother (pic 1); as were the home made ravioli, with sugo made by her father from home-grown tomatoes, turned into sauce and bottled in the garage (pic 2) and calamari ripieni with beans picked from the garden (3); then Nat’s pav (pic 4); plums that the children got up to pick from the garden (5) and crostoli with honey made from the bees in the garden. And there was beautiful wine, too, also house made. This was such a special evening. Thank you Anna and Nat (and Nat the second and George) #dinner #melbourne #italyinaustralia foodim

Get the maple syrup out! American Breakfast 🍳l Pancakes are #RecipeOfTheDay
Photograph by @petrinatinslay
And you can get the recipe by clicking on link in profile

Only one picture from the wonderful Tulum, Carlisle St, Melbourne @tulumrestaurant as I just gave way to the magic of dinner and Chef Coskun’s kitchen. This is of the cold almond soup with dill, smoked almonds, pickled grapes and kohlrabi. But I want to tell you, too, about the Turkish bread with smoked date butter (sublime) and pistachio mousse; the calamari, cut like noodles, with harissa, parsley, feta and lemon chilli breadcrumbs; the Turkish fried bread with crab, lemon, pickled cucumber and rosewater olive oil dressing; tahini ice cream with caramel and eggplant/aubergine mousse (sounds weird but tastes wonderful); and a dreamy grilled strawberry and sumac sorbet with a gently cinnamon ice cream and crispy barley. Chef Coskun is such a special person too: this is elegant food, to be sure, but with real heart and soul #tulumrestaurant #melbourne #melbourneeats #eatmelbourne #australia #seeaustralia #eataustralia #foodim

I’ve just added a new recipe to! It is for Chocolate Tahini Banana Bread, and I am very happy with it. I hope you will be too.
To get the recipe, click on link in profile (tap on little pic of me and you will go to page where link is)
#bananabread #chocolatetahinibananabread #recipeoftheday #chocolate #tahini #foodim

The utterly luscious Chocolate Olive Oil Mousse is #RecipeOfTheDay. And it is also happens to be #dairyfree
Photograph by Jonathan Lovekin
And you can get the recipe by clicking on link in profile (tap on little pic of me, and then on link) #chocolate #chocolatemousse #chocolateoliveoilmousse

Highlights from the utterly wonderful Annam Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne @annam_melbourne, a place I loved so much the first time, I had to go back two days later! If you’re in Melbourne, you have to go. This and @tulumrestaurant (and I’ll be posting pics of that a bit later on) and @Congress wine (pics posted last week) are the restaurants that have made my soul sing in Melbourne! Anyway, to get back to my post now: Pic 1 is of the waffle-fried ice cream, with a crust that tastes, actually, of treacle tart; pic 2 is their tamarind caramel sticky pork hock, and in pic 3 it is squished into a Vietnamese hollow doughnut bun; pic 4 is barramundi with watermelon and green tomatoes with chilli jam; pic 5 is the braised pork belly hotpot; pic 6 school prawns with lemongrass, chilli and garlic; and pic 7 is of the unmissable squid ink cuttlefish. You also have to order the oxtail sarsaparilla dumplings. Chef Jerry Mai, you have made me very happy! #annam #annamrestaurant #melbourne #eatmelbourne #australia #seeaustralia #foodim

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