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Tiffany 🍳 ティファ  designer・japanese (language)・corgis・guinea pigs・eggs デザイナー・日本語・コーギー・モルモット・たまご 🌴 Los Angeles

little gems like this are what makes LA so great #vscocam

California knows how to poppy. #vscocam

My first trip to Portland in 5 photos. I'll be back to visit again. 初めてポートランドに行った。いつか帰るつもりね。#vscocam #ポートランド #portland #keepportlandweird

I was pretty set on moving to Koreatown next month for a fresh start, but I went to Venice this weekend and it's so cute. Too bad it's also expensive. 😫
I guess that's what weekend trips are for! 🌴 #vscocam

When the view from the parking garage at the office is better than the view from your apartment. 😅 #vscocam #ティファのsunset

California, born and raised. 🌴 カリフォルニアの犬 🐶

皆、こんちゃ〜今新たな人生を始める。毎日頑張ってる!よろしくね ❤ Hello again, Instagram. I took some time to reassess things and I'm feeling ready for a fresh start. ✨
#tenzin犬 #vscocam

秋の清水寺で〜at Kiyomizu-dera in fall


Sorry for all of the sadness coming out of my feed and stories lately. In an effort to practice some self-care, I'm taking a social media break. I didn't want my last posted IG image to be as depressing as the last video I posted, so here's an image from a happier time. 😅 🍁 It's also a reminder of the direction I want to move in going forward. Hopefully I'll be ready to share photos again soon.

I am Andy Dwyer. 😫

失恋の結果した気持ち。😶 When your dog looks as sad as you feel.
#vscocam #tenzin犬

My mom sent me a postcard. I love my Activist Mommy. ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏿✊🏻 This one is going in the window. お母さんから絵葉書をもらった。活動家の母を大変愛している。

#useyourwords #vscocam

I made soboro-don. Recipe from the always delicious @justonecookbook, although I used ground turkey instead of chicken. Melodramatic dinner for one, please. 😥 そぼろ丼を作った。悲嘆に暮れる料理…😢 ロスに住むとき、性格が変わってしまった人になれる。
#vscocam #ティファのキッチン

最近過去を考えてる。I wish I could just go back in time.

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