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Tiffany 🍳 ティファ  designer・travel・corgis・guinea pigs・eggs デザイナー・日本語・旅行・コーギー・モルモット・たまご 🌴 Los Angeles 🐶 @tenzin_kun 🐹🐹 @porthos_kun


二年前に今日はテンジンをゲットした!それで今日もテンジンくんの誕生日だ。🎊 Today is @tenzin_kun's Gotcha Day! I adopted this pup two years ago today. Some fun Tenzin facts:
1) I don't know how old he is officially since he's a rescue pup (from @sfanimalcareandcontrol, so bay area friends please support them!), so today also acts as his birthday. He is 3 years old today! 🎉
2) his favourite toys are his squeaky ninja 😎, his squeaky alligator 🐊, and his squeaky tennis ball 🎾
3) he has a severe flaxseed allergy, as well as a couple of other allergies. He ends up in a cone like every 3-4 months 😅
4) he is basically the best thing that happened to me in the last couple of years, and really is a very good boy 💙
#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel #tenzin犬 #gotchaday

#inktober day 7: shy.
Trying to get better at fast drawings. Sometimes what I envision in my head is too grand and I don't have time for it, so then I get discouraged and don't want to draw anything. So this is a quick one!
✒️ #inktober2017#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel#handlettering

#inktober day 6: sword.
For this one, I imagined that Colleen Wing had a date (not with Iron Fist, blah) but had to bail on her date to go fight some horrible evil. 😅 This is the outcome. ✒️ #inktober2017#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel#handlettering

新しいネイルをゲットした!ネイル・アーティストはとても上手だから相変わらずかわいい。💅🏼 I'm interrupting Inktober to show off my cute Halloween nails done by @naminailedit. 🎃 #vscocam #teampixel
#shotbypixel #madebygoogle

#inktober day 5: long
This one features @tenzin_kun (swipe left to see!) 😁 今回私の犬ね絵だ!左に〜👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼
✒️ #inktober2017 #vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel #handlettering

#inktober day 4: underwater 🐟
A day late but I was so busy yesterday! This one was inspired by Bioshock. What if a Little Sister put on a Big Daddy's helmet? I know this drawing is probably like...not physically possible, but it's creative license 😎
Also, PSA, never Google what's inside a Big Daddy suit unless you want nightmares. 😫
#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel#handlettering

#inktober day 3: poison
It's a guinea pig holding a syringe full of poison, of course. 💉 毒の注射器を持ってるモルモットだね、もちろん(笑)
#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel #handlettering

#inktober day 2: divided ✒️ So many thoughts:
1. I don't really like this drawing. I rushed it and wanted to hurry and post something so I don't abandon Inktober on day two, so here you are.
2. The Vegas shooting... This is not necessarily in response as I have no words to express that tragedy. But this concept of being divided is all I could think of. And it sums up the United States as of late. It's always been divided though, but it's much more elevated now.
3. I stretched out the country, I know. The USA's outline is very difficult to draw, and I was rushing on this one. But at least I didn't leave out Alaska and Hawaii. 😅
4. I actually like the composition at least.
5. I am a news junkie and IG is the one place I keep news free, so I'm pretty conflicted on posting this... I also think I could have done a better job, but oh well. Inktober day two, completed. 😖 #teampixel #shotbypixel #madebygoogle #vscocam

This year I'm going to complete #Inktober even if it kills me. 😅 今年インクトーバをやるつもりね!10月に毎日絵を描くつもり。頑張ってる!今日のコンセプトは英語の「swift」だから狐を描いた。英語て「狐っぽい早く、swift as a fox」という言葉がある。日本語でこの言葉もあるかな?
Swift as a fox! 🦊 I don't even want to look at the tag to see how many other foxes there are. I see myself as being very original and I shall keep it that way. 😚

#vscocam #teampixel #madebygoogle #shotbypixel #handlettering

I don't know if you all understand how much I love genmaicha. I also love working from coffee shops. Especially a shop like Document. 🍵 #vscocam

Post-Taeyang noms. 🍔 🎨 Art direction by @ly_im


So apparently it's #nationaldogday today! Although I swear it was just national dog day like a month ago. 🤔 But either way it doesn't matter because everyday is National Dog Day with @tenzin_kun.
#vscocam #tenzin犬

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