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Stephanie Nielson 

General Conference is in 2 weeks and for me to prepare to be taught and receive guidance, I am going off all social media for awhile.
It's a cruel world out there, and I need to find the good now- and it's not here. It's in my children's eyes, it's around the dinner table and in my home. It's greeting Lottie off the bus, it's worshipping God how I want without backlash. It's following the Prophet and keeping the commandments. It's in my husband and it's making real-life connections. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

We match tonight...except for that dang pinkie.

Dinner was gross. Dessert was grosser, but a night out together was quality.

Who wants to come visit?

She knows who she is, she knows where she's going, and she knows how to get there. ❤

Happy birthday to my nephew @clark.check He'd be the first to say I taught him everything he knows. (I was the one interviewing him on the lift, 1997)

A rainbow is a welcomed sight right now in North Carolina.

"Be still, and know that I am God"
-Psalms 46:10
We had 1 hour church today so we can plan to spend the rest of the day finding opportunities to help serve and clean up, as the hurricane's wrath continues to hit North Carolina. (I love having my two missionary daughters with me too).
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Reason 5,456 why having the sisters stay with us while hurricane Flo roars outside: they dont complain when I ask them to play school with Lottie.

Rain or shine the work moves on!
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Go away Florence!

With hurricane Florence approaching, over 30 missionaries were evacuated and relocated to homes more inland. We are the lucky hosts of Sister Smith and Sister Nicolosi for the next few days--or who knows when.

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