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Stephanie Nielson 

Dusk at the park.
I love these cold overcast days.

This morning Christian and I went into Lottie's class to talk to her classmates about our airplane crash. I told them all about our accident, and why my skin looks the way it does. Since the accident, I've noticed that once kids are informed they dont really stare or care anymore.
I figure if I'm going to be in her classroom to help out occasionly, a little information goes a long way.
That's the beauty of children! They are so forgiving and innocent and so good! I choke up everytime I talk to kids about these things because I just love their inquisitive minds and thoughtful questions.
After the presentation was over and I was walking out the door, several of the children came up to me to thank and hug me. They also wanted to touch my skin and my absente pinkie.
These kids will meet people all their lives who look different than them, believe differently than them, and act differently than them.
But there is one thing can bind us all together; and that is the light in each of us, our love, kindness, and respect.
And the best time to teach this to our children is now, when they are young.
I asked the kids to raise their hands if they knew anyone who was in a wheelchair or disabled, or was maybe missing a hand or a leg, or knew someone who was deaf or blind. One kid raised his hand and said that he knew a vegetarian. I said "you mean a Veteran?" He shook his head and said very sympathetically: "no, he seriously doesn't eat meat." I told him that I knew a few of those guys too. 😘

This looks like it could be an album cover.

I was looking through old photos and found this beautiful one of my childhood home at Christmas. I hope I can make this time of year as bright as my parents did for me.

"You and I have faith that the way to rise through and above trials is to believe that there is a “balm in Gilead” and that the Lord has promised, “I will not … forsake thee.”
-Henry B. Eyring
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Custard & fries with Claire & Jane

Happy weekend!

It's starting to feel Hygge-y over here in the Harlow House.

Autumn in our woods.


I drive this everyday.

"Obedience to His commandments is not blind; we knowingly choose God and His pathway home."
-Dale G. Renlund
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