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Niels Koschoreck  Inspirational Human Being. Professional Weirdo. #Thinker. Artist. #Entrepreneur. Coach. Consultant.

Work your way up. Start now. Start every day.

Because people pleasers are unhappy.

Don’t let “them” tell you what do do. Make your own choices.

Go play. Go win.

On a London rooftop with all I really need to run my OnlineBusiness: A smartphone. I wouldn’t even need to wear the shorts, but that‘s another story... 🤣

Practice beautiful living.

Aim extraordinarily high and then do out of the ordinary work!

DO confidence.

What is the essence of your individuality?

Ruminate less, think more. Set yourself free.

Represent something. Live according to your values. Choose your core principles.

Be strong, get stronger.

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