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Niece Waidhofer  Self-proclaimed mozzarella stick expert and accomplished napper 🥇 (See also: middle-shelf tequila connoisseur, semi-professional dog petter)


And here we have the cutest, fuzziest little side eye as my dog judges me for my latest drunk Amazon purchase. Sober Niece is judging Drunk Niece good and hard for this one too, Puff. This thing is a little much.

Also me: *has huge breakdown because I want chicken-fil-a real real bad and it’s Sunday*

Private Snapchat FAQ:
Q: “What do you post?”
A: Sexiness, goofiness, randomness, more “everyday life” stuff than modeling stuff. More videos than on Instagram. No nudes tho
Q: “Is this forever?”
A: Yes, it grants you lifetime access. 😊 Chatting included! ❤️ No nudes tho
Q: “wtf is Holonis?”
A: A bitchin new social media platform that makes it easy for me to sell you guys stuff you’ve been asking for, like this snap. I also post some exclusive content on there, so be sure to follow! ❤️ No nudes tho
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to block your bitch ass if you show me your genitalia

No need to zoom, I lost both my nipples in a tragic wet jazzercise class accident back in 2013. Or maybe I’m just wearing nipple hider things. Very few people know for sure.

Y’all this ring I got says it attracts good fortune and increases wealth which is nice because yesternight I sat at the wrong table coming back from the restroom at dinner (although tequila may be to blame for that one more so than bad luck) and I blew my entire paycheck on lingerie and now everyone I know is getting empty boxes for Christmas. #IOU1gift
Anyway, thank you for the gorgeous ring, @eliteandluck! 😘 #eliteandluck #luxury #ring

Y’all okay I am so sorry, but apparently there was some confusion... I meant I would post my private snap code on Holonis for a limited time so you could grab free access (think of it as a flash sale type of thing), not that I would keep it posted forever. I really am super sorry if you missed it ☹️ I’ll be posting it again when I hit 10k, so be sure to grab it then! If you got it and added me and I didn’t add you back, that means you added while Snapchat was freaking out and not letting me add any more people. Please add me again and I’ll gladly accept. Again, super sorry if I wasn’t clear that the link would only be posted for a limited time. Let’s all stop biting my dick off via DM, please haha

Y’all I have been trying to make Christmas cookies for the past week and a half but I keep eating the entire roll of cookie dough before I get around to making actual cookies. This has happened three times. Why do I have no self control

OH SHIT Y’ALL WE’RE AT 3K ON HOLONIS! I’ll be posting my private Snapchat link on there for a limited time, so be sure to follow so you don’t miss it.😘
Post Script: it’s free, ya cheap asses going full Mr. Krabs and biting my head off via DM

Ordering sweater dress on Amazon cons:
Material so thin you can see right through it 😑
Pros: material so thin you can see right through it 😏
So basically I just got this kind of cool picture and will probably never wear this thing again. 3/5 stars, would recommend to a slutty warm-natured friend

Things I have done today:
✅ Clean apartment
✅ Mirror selfies
✅ Laundry
✅ Christmas shopping
✅ Reorganize entire kitchen
Thing I needed to do today:
❌ Make a phone call

Follow me on Holonis to see more 😘 Not more as in nudes though. Same level of sluttiness as on here and Snapchat, just different sluttiness. 🙃 link in bio, loves ❤️ edit: it’s free, ya cheap asses coming into my DMs to bitch. Jesus Harold Christ

Sneak peek from my shoot with @thechive for @thechivery’s cyber Monday sale tomorrow because it’s finally past Thanksgiving so it’s socially acceptable to post Christmas stuffs ❤️💚🎄🎅🏿even though I’ve had my Christmas tree up since before Halloween.
Check theCHIVE tomorrow for the full gallery with my beauties @umm.did.i.stammer and @audreysmithatx 😍
Edit: and @johnresig sorry I forgot you John, you’re a beauty too 😘

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