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Niece Waidhofer  Self-proclaimed mozzarella stick expert and accomplished napper πŸ₯‡ (See also: middle-shelf tequila connoisseur, semi-professional dog petter)

For a limited time ONLY, I will be replying via video snap to any and all snaps containing a photo of you with 14+ UNCHEWED twizzlers* in your mouth (that's my record 😏) *red vines will do in a pinch
Username: niecewaidhofer

We sold our sectional because we're in the middle of moving so I made a nest and I live here now.

Meanwhile, on Snapchat... We follow our hero's progress as she races against time to find a cure for cancer, volunteers at the local children's hospital, and benefits society as a whole by being a tax-paying citizen. JK I took selfies in my panties all day
Username: niecewaidhofer πŸ™ƒ

Hey you guys, I made a Snapchat that I'll probably end up only using to send pictures of my dog. But like. Why would you not want that? Hehe scroll hehe "chihuahuas are ruining this country" hehehe scroll again hehe "yer a hairy wizard" hehehehehe ...I need friends πŸ˜”
Snapchat username: niecewaidhofer

Whaddup to the people using nasty words like "Photoshop" and "filter" πŸ‘‹πŸΏ I prefer the terms "makeup" "angles" and "lighting" thank you. My ratchet ass nails could use some Facetune, I'll give you that though #dasjustmyfacethough

Oh my goodness y'all, I am so sorry for the confusion, let me just take a moment to reiterate: I am NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING sugar daddy applications, thank you. It was a joke, you guys... Thank you for your interest; I shall keep your resumes on file in the event I make a hot friend with low standards and high aspirations. (No offense, sugar babies, you do you, babes) #notaboutthatlife #mostofyalllookmorelikesplendadaddiesanyway
Photo by my good buddy @relayze ❀️

Dream occupation: one of those Instagram models who no one knows what they actually do, but they travel constantly and post pictures from incredible destinations. Like what do I have to do? Get more followers? Find a sugar daddy? Sell my soul? Because I'm not above that last one. Would anyone like to purchase a gently used soul. Like-new, no visible damage (only psychological), owned in a non-smoking home. Selling for a trip to Mexico OBO
EDIT: read carefully, my loves. Not actually looking for a sugar daddy; thank you for your kind prostitution solicitations though 😘😘

I don't even know y'all. I got hungry during my selfie shoot so I tried to be cute with a strawberry before throwing it in the trash and eating an entire pint of ice cream and half a box of cheez-its (you know, for protein πŸ’ͺ🏿) #whydoitrytobuyhealthyfoods
Gorgeous #bralette by @shopmodernboho 😍 #modernboho
Booty by cheez-its

I went outside with the intention of cleaning out my car, but I got overwhelmed and took selfies instead. In other news, if anyone needs approximately $18 in sticky change, a lifetime supply of used hair pins, a broken shoe (size 6.5), and 374726 empty water bottles, I'm your girl

Thank you for my super fancy robe, @audreyrosecollection 😍 I feel like Hugh Hefner minus the mansion, fame, sexy ladies, and millions of dollars. But I have a robe 😍 #ifancy #AudreyRoseCollection #robes
Get 25% off all orders over $30 with code Niece25 #omgimacode @brandsnob

My view on the issue of my savings account versus buying that 5837th black bra: sounds like a problem for future Niece πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ #addtocart
But I mean ohhh myyy goddd look at the back of it 😍😍😍 #bralette @shopmodernboho #modernboho

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