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Heaven is a community of neighbors with beautiful, generous souls like @mamamulholland that invite you to stop by on the way home from work and pick up a warm loaf of homemade sourdough bread after you offer to be a taste tester for the next batch! 😂 Not pictured: me devouring a very large slice and making uncomfortable noises of bliss with every bite. Thank you, Chelsea, for a little bit of sunshine and reminding me that even though we’re barely surviving this relentless and unfriendly weather right now, seeing a friendly face for a quick hug and a few minutes can brighten up the coldest day.

Find yourself traveling along a sun-streaked road beneath the open sky, surrounded by giants of old. Feel blissfully small, unabashedly carefree, and gloriously renewed. The magic is never lost, enveloping me like the presence of an old friend.

Happy place.

Fresh to death. Cold air (-21C, feels like -29C) and warm sunshine is good for your headspace, your circulation, your vitamin D intake, your heart, pretty much all the things.

A perfectly contrived Saturday morning vignette (order, control) to balance saying goodbye to two people in my life this week (disorder, chaos). I’m going to sip my tea and leaf through old copies of Uppercase magazine from a friend to cure this emotional hangover. It’s ok to cancel plans sometimes (sorry friends, you know who you are, I love you) and just be.

#bellletstalk about how people who experience mental illness can do incredible things like conquer mountains, brave the deepest vulnerability, and grow endlessly and boundlessly despite their challenges. Even more impressively, let’s talk about how they also manage to do incredible things like go to work every day, show up in their relationships even when they’ve got nothing left, and take care of their brains and hearts and souls even when it’s fucking hard work. You are not alone in it, you are loved, you are worthy.

Mop chop via the lovely @hairbystephkro! In this past week, I’ve been called a unicorn, bubbly, engaging and outgoing. I think it’s safe to say I’m feeling more like myself these days, and that feels hella good after a rough December. Also, nothing like a hair refresh to put some pep in your step. Thank you, @weeklyyeg 👌🏼

2018 top 9! How can one possibly contain a years worth of memories in a handful of squares? At the beginning of the year, I identified 12 core value words with my psychologist which became a guiding force for the reality that I created for myself. What were the defining words of 2018 that shaped you?
I started a new job after almost 9 years at my last one. This was huge for me. I recognized the inherent need to grow in a new direction, to expand my capabilities, and to try something new and outside of my everyday normal. Living my core values of CHANGE and TRUTH.

I shared more about my mental heath and anxiety journey on my blog, and went on medication which was big and scary and so very worth it. I opened up to my family and friends about my experience and leaned on them for support. Living my core values of OPENNESS, UNDERSTANDING and SELF EXPRESSION.

I spent time with loved ones exploring #yeg, including the corn maze, streetcar, AGA, RAM, Whyte Avenue, Highlands, 124 St, the River Valley, Funicular, new-to-me walking trails, dog parks, and festivals. Walking around this incredible city with a fresh perspective and warm company led to a full heart. Living my core values of FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, and LOVE.

I adventured to vineyards in Kelowna, watched dance in Calgary, snowshoed in the Edmonton River Valley, ice walked in Jasper, camped and Nordic Spa’d and climbed (2!) mountains in Kananaskis and Banff, relaxed with friends in Canmore, dinosaur day tripped in Drumheller, and celebrated a wedding in BC. Living my core values of ADVENTURE and FUN.

Lastly, my two core values that I felt were missing from 2018, that I’m very intentionally going to focus on this year, are CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION. It’s time to rekindle the fire.

Bring it, 2019. 2018 threw a bunch of curveballs my way and I swung for the fences for each one of them, sometimes falling so far short, yet sometimes running, breathless, sliding into home with pure joy. I say that like I play baseball...when in fact I’m awful/no good/terrible at it (all sports, really), and would rather take more shameless selfies when my makeup is 👌🏼 and my hair is 💁🏼‍♀️. Happy New Year everyone, we made it!

Worry less. Quiet anxiety. Rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Build a positive and happy mind. 35 days of #MindsetReset. Ready, set, go.
First step is a loaded question—How did I feel about each part of my life in 2018? My body | work | money | love life | friendships | self worth.
This is the stuff that I love talking about. Let’s not discuss the weather, or a sports team, or the surface level labels that we drape over our real selves. Let’s pull back the heavy drapery and let the sunlight reach the dusty corners of our thoughts. Let’s realize that none of us are alone in our insecurities or vulnerabilities. If you’d like to join me, send me a DM! I’m excited for this.

Master Strokes: Dutch and Flemish Drawings from the Victoria and Albert Museum—My mama and I had a lot of fun (swipe for shenanigans), and obviously we’d continue the party in Amsterdam, the land of our people! #agaamsterdam #youraga #artgalleryofalberta #winnerwinnerchickendinner

When you feel heavy, where do you find light? It was hidden in photographs, sketches, watercolors, sculptures, a wishing tree, tapestries, engravings, and my mama’s company. I leaned in to the heavy, almost put my nose to the glass, and found light in the smallest of details. Pardon me as I dust off my art supplies from high school and fill my soul with the magic of hand to paper again. You could say, a promise for 2019?

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