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N I C O L E •• S C H U S S E L  •• collect moments, not things •• 🌎✈️🌍 📍: Azores Islands 🇵🇹 Christ-follower 》SLP 》blogger + co-founder at LocalLove805 》traveler 》wordsmith

celebrating the beautiful @krj1022 in the weeks before she's #KJoNoMo! 👰💍💒 // love these friends of mine, and how we've celebrated so many big life milestones together 💕 we've come a LONG way since the days of wine tasting in Santa Monica, crushing 20 pours for $20 🍷😂😬

✖️ N I N E • Y E A R S ✖️ .
in the era of pre-Pinterest, pre-hashtag weddings, this night was put together with the help of lots of friends + family, a borrowed wedding dress, and a grad school shoestring budget... but none of that seemed to matter when we were partying on the dance floor all night with the people we loved the most 💃🕺 we were babies when we got married, but I wouldn't have had it any other way @schussmania -- so thankful for all of the life + adventures that have filled our marriage over these past 9 years! .
. #everydaywereschusselin #happyanniversary #LL805 📷: @jdlaskeproductions

T A C O 🌮 'B O U T the best celebration everrrr // it's an incredible feeling when you realize that your friends and family •really• know you [hello, taco truck + churros + lawn games 🤩🎉🇲🇽] .
Truly can't express how grateful I am for these four ladies @tanishalaree @heyyyhay @taylornaltizer @alliealti 💞 who hosted this amazing #CincoDeMilo fiesta! My heart is brimming over the top [+ @schussmania obvi loved his first baby shower ever] ••• thank you to all of you that made the day so special by coming out to celebrate Schussel Sprout, round two! 🤰🏼🌯👌
#Schusselsprout #MiloMyLove #fiestathensiesta #SipSipOlé #dueCincoDeMayo

HE • IS • R I S E N 🙌 // .
There in the ground His body lay,
Light of the world by darkness slain
Then bursting forth in glorious day,
Up from the grave He rose again!
And as He stands in victory,
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ. 🎶✝🕊️
#happyeaster #easter2018

unbelievea-BOWL that this babe @sorenaolsen is 32 🎉🎈🎂🎳 // so grateful for your friendship over the past 14 years 👭💜 love you SorFace! •••
#smugglingabowlingball #VIPatabowlingalley #🎳

I am so fortunate to come from a line of strong, motivated, kick-ass women 👩🏻‍⚕️👩‍🏫👩‍🎤 // #internationalwomensday
my mama @mkayalti is an insanely talented and smart musician prodigy, while being the most humble person I know. She successfully raised 4 kids (I mean, look how great I turned out 😉) while excelling at her career, getting her Master's degree along with multiple other certificates, is a total #girlboss, and was just notified that she is being honored as a Distinguished Almuni at @apualumni for her "innovation in teaching and learning" 👩‍🎓📖🎹🎼
My Grammy is cool in so many ways, not to mention that she had traveled and lived ALL OVER the world 🌎, had her pilot's license, is also a musical talent, and just recently retired from many years as a speech-language pathologist (for like the 6th time because she kept being asked to come back) 🗣️💡👊 oh and she's fun to hang out with, too!
My Grandma Annie is no longer with us, but I have been proud to wear her name as my middle name >> she was loving and kind, while also being a nurse for many years, with wit and humor and strength that would knock any man off-kilter. She was the perfect match for my Granddad, and didn't take any crap from anyone! I miss her so, so much. 💕💕 Here's to honoring and cherishing the women in your life -- and even though I don't have a daughter, you better believe I will be raising my boys to respect and honor women as equals 👭✊

when your kid's kitchen is nicer than yours 🤷🤔 // thanks to @schussmania, the most #handymania husband EVER, for bringing this "remodel" to life [and for braving the assembly of an @ikeausa product 🙃] 🛠️✊💥
S W I P E ➡️ for before/after #duktig #diy #kitchendesign #ikeahack

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood 💙🐻💛 #schussbruins #ucla #lecturetime #fakeittilyoumakeit

there's nothing QUITE like swimming in a volcanic hot spring fueled by a waterfall in the middle of the rainforest 🌿🌋🛀💧 Graham especially loved the "hot pool" and I especially loved feeling weightless ⚖️ // #schusstravels #babymoon #açores #azoreswhatelse #schusselsprout

ready for adventure 🏞️👊 // {reposting bc what the heck, this pic somehow got deleted?! Wahhh.} Anyways, this vista was worth the grueling hike up and out of the crater 🌋 #schusselsprout #schusstravels #mommyandme #sharetheeverymom

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