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Nicole Padua  24 | brazilian | creative | kinda crazy Vancouver, BC 📍

#tbt to one of the best trips ever.
📷 @albuquerque_ba

you can’t even tell i’ve cried 37294082 times today
edit: guys i’m ok. everybody cries.


Fridayz #dominospizza

Making “sushi” rolls every day ❤️ swipe left to see the steps. I made this one with homemade mayo, cauli rice, leftover sweet and sour chicken (recipe from @iheartumami.ny), and carrots. #homemadesushi #sushiroll #caulirice

TRY NEW THINGS more than once! I always give things (especially food) several chances before stating that I don’t like it. I try to cook it in different ways, with different seasonings, or even just try it again in a different time. A lot of times I’ve found that I like foods I didn’t like when I try them again, and again, and again. And that’s what happened with matcha! I didn’t like it at all, and now I love it. I’m here enjoying this almond milk matcha latte in a cloudy day ⭐️ #matchalatte #matchamornings

#tbt in Portland ⭐️ #mutnomahfalls

I’m sorry if I’m posting too many photos of food! But seriously, try this: seaweed + homemade mayo + cauli rice + almond flour breaded chicken + carrots. It’s so delicious! #paleorecipes #dinnerideas #homemadesushi

I made this amazing sweet and sour chicken for my lunches this week! And it’s freaking paleo, like... how’s that possible? I love Asian cuisine so much and I’m loving eating this dish I cooked myself 🥡#paleofood

I make this green juice almost every day! It’s already part of my routine. Especially now that it’s summer and all I want is a cold drink!
It all started with me trying to find a way of getting vitamins in my body (without having to take them in pills). And I found it was way easier to drink kale than eat it! Don’t we all agree? 😂
And the best part about this juice is that you don’t taste anything but the fruit.
If you want the recipe, follow the link in my bio! #greenjuice #summerdrinks

I know, we’re all still learning.

It’s only been 19 years since that photo. happy birthday to me 🎈

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