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Nico Wilkinson  genderqueer performance poet trying their best. parent to goats, chickens, dogs, cats and bees. member of @quaillclub.cos

Today was a long, hard day, but I am incredibly grateful. Last night around 3 am Susie and Kodi (Chicken Saviors of the Night) heard screaming from the chicken coop and ran to see what was happening. All of the chickens were crowded around Marina (the chicken in this photo) and an animal (maybe cat, raccoon, we're not sure) was running away. Marina sustained some really rough injuries. Once morning came we made an appointment at the vet. It's been a day of cleaning up wounds and sewing chicken bandages and fixing chicken coops. The Quaills have been so supportive. Susie has taken on the role of head chicken nurse and has been tending to Marina so well. Marina has been a sweetheart through all of it. Even at the vet, she just wanted some pets.

She might get stitched up on Monday. We'll see if it can start to heal on its own. Please wish our little feathered friend well and send any advice you have. Thank you. ❤️

what a gorgeous view

Two of my favorite beings on one couch. #wcw #queerswithcoffee #theimportanceofbeingearnestthecat

What a day! Pueblo Pride is so rad and we've got a mighty crew of supporters who marched with us! I'm so glad to be here with PPRM and @hearherepoetry. @mackenziewritespoems and I will be going on stage soon to share some queer poems and talk about Hear Here and we've got a table here signing up tons of new PP activists and sharing activist and education opportunities! A beautiful day overall.

Thanks to @pueblogaypride and all the organizers of this event! We're so glad to be here.

Queer open mic and book release of "Orphanism" by Devin Walker! @_escapetheasylum_
A truly lovely evening surrounded by lovely people. Thank you Devin for allowing Keep COS Queer and @quaillclub.cos to be a part of this event.
#queeropenmic #queerart #queersofcos #lgbtq #poetry #spokenword #chapbook #thedominotag

3 CC alums and the current Planned Parenthood CC intern all convene at Power of Pink, Planned Parenthood's massive organizing conference! 💖💖💖 @coloradocollege should be proud to have fostered the education of such passionate activists and organizers. I know that I am happy to know them and glad our alma mater and passion for equal rights brought us together! #coloradocollege #cc #powerofpink #powerofpink2018 #powerofpink18 #plannedparenthood

Went to the Fine Arts Center yesterday with @enemystarship and Ethan. We went to see Year of the Dog which was so good but the John Frame exhibition has been one of my favorites by far. I recommend everyone go check it out and marvel at the tender, beautiful sculptures.
By the exhibit they had a space to make a little stop motion video and I took advantage.
#fac #coloradosprings #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #johnframe

Y'all I can't even begin to express how proud I am of this group of poets on this year's @hearherepoetry youth team. Over the last few months we have had the pleasure of watching them grow as writers, teammates and citizens who are willing to speak their minds and make a difference. I feel lucky to have been let in on their worlds through their poetry. I'm telling you: they're part of a movement that's going to change the world. Seeing them and other youth at #BNV2018 has brought me a new hope that things can change as long as we have people like them leading the way. A future in which all people are respected, all voices listened to. One of empathy. One where love is a verb we live in every moment.
They did all their competing yesterday but we've still got one more day of BNV! If you wanna see their poems, go to the HearHerePoetry's IG. They are still available as stories! We also have chapbooks still available for sale. 💖 Either way, you're going to want to experience their words if you haven't already.
#bnv #youthspeaks #poetryslam #poetry719 #coloradosprings #cosart #spokenword #hearhere

@joyyoungpoetry and @briananoonan are visiting from AZ! We went to the Penny Arcade and they used the wheels of love to ask pertinent questions such as "How Strong is your Power of Attraction?" and "How attractive are you to the opposite sex???"

lately I've been feeling like a sad mess with absolutely zero idea what I'm doing or how and with very little ability to take care of myself topped with a bunch of dysphoria/dysmorphia, but I'm learning new things every day and sometimes that's enough. yesterday I did my first solo hive inspection at @quaillclub.cos. #queerswhofarm #beekeeping #bees #selfie #queer #nonbinary #trans #queersofcos

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