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Nico नीको  ✖️Yoga Teacher RYT 500 ✖️M.A. Asian Studies ✖️Currently: Fiji ➳ Next retreats scheduled for 2018 ✉️

"Each of us is required to pay careful attention to the direction we are taking so that we know where we are going and how we are going to get there; this careful observation will enable us to discover something new." (Heart of Yoga book/ T.K.V. Desikachar) 🙏🏻 Do you know where you're going, peeps? Because if you don't know which way you're heading, the universe can't deliver 🤓 #lessonswithnico #whereattentiongoesenergyflows #focusonyourshit

I tried to convince one of the Fijian women to show me how to climb a coconut tree but she said women don't climb up, only men do. That's when I made an attempt to crawl up myself but without a special coconuttreerope I looked more like a disabled monkey from the zoo on its first freedom trip in the jungle (not very elegant and far from successful) than sexy Jane (Tarzan's chick). I think we need a coconut tree climbing training for women here - wait, i will set one up next time! Who's in? "Want some nuts? Just dance up the tree and catch 'em yourself!" "Show him your balls!" "Yes - also you can be coconut boss!" "Having a fight with your hubby? Just throw his nuts at him!" 😂 haha. Am I in funny land today. #womenempowerment #coconuts #gotnuts #gotskills

Get out kids! Listen to mumma. Greetsfromseoulairport. #newrules #spreadthosewings #chickenwings #wildthang

Uui - yesterday was apparently Indonesia's Independence Day! Heard about it and threw me back straight away to memories of Bali times - to Bali bellies, fake tans and superior sunsets 😄missing the Bali fam. Missing home! ❤️ #homesick #balisick #tribe #tissues #firstworldproblems

One of the aspects and interpretations of yoga includes the notion of being present and directing our attention towards whatever it is that we are presently doing or what or who we are engaging with (fellow human beings, pets, other species like aliens or family members). You see, yoga does not just mean "performing" asana but translates into everyday life big time! Give it a go: can you be super present when you do the dishes? How present are you in this very moment? Give the crazy monkey in your head a break from time to time and he might thank you with yummy banana bread🍌🐒#bananabread #monkeybusiness #lessonswithnico

Someone's just had a coconut.😌 #itsmeihadacoconut #andpapaya #deathbymosquitos

What you face on your pretty little yoga mat (here seen underneath dirty but happy Fiji feet) is likely to confront you in daily life. Similarly, what you learn on the mat you can then translate into everyday situations. Like a tiny foldable personal classroom without the annoying maths teacher. Yay! #paperplanes #backtoschool #practicealoha

Yoga is making love to life. And yes it sounds like an esoteric cliché but - once you get your practice "right" you sink into the moment and experience yourself as an intrinsic part of life itself. Your body is the vehicle and your breath becomes bliss. Life happening within you, as you. Just shared my practice here by the ocean with one of the most awesome women I have met on this planet so far, while looking at the rainbow over the water. The more I get in touch with myself, with life, the more magic everything - everything - becomes. Nowadays we are so disconnected to our bodies, our Selves, our surroundings that life becomes an internal and external struggle. Yes, life is not always a unicorn bubble but once you find a practice that connects you back to your Self and the present moment, you can stand your ground and keep your balance. Yoga is participating in that moment, in life and once you have really, really internalized this, life will thank you and magic unfolds. Sounds cliché or esoteric blah blah but I'm telling you - once you really get it - life becomes beauty. And you do, too. #ramblingonandon #makelovetolife #foundya

"The teacher helps you find your way home." That way has just been lit up and set on fire like a spacecraft. #mindblown #outofwordsonceagain #magic

If I arrive at all, I'm gonna arrive on the very last ship. I know they say Germans are always on time but I don't think they've met me yet. #alwayslate #alwaysexcuses #thosegermans

Life knows exactly what it's doing and it is doing it in perfect harmony and with powerful intelligence. You are part of that. In fact, you are it. All is well. #yogatalk #lessonswithnico 😆 #wannacometomyclass

Babe day ❤️thanks for giving me a hug and an umbrella when I need one, and being there when I want a giggle or a piece of banana bread. You've enriched my life in ways you might not even be aware of @annikavss. Life is about intimacy and connection with yourself and others - and we've bonded the hell out of the universe. Cant wait to have you back soon Miss! #lytaab #sisters #givemebananabread

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