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N I C O नीको  Be the shit without shitting on anyone. 🔮Yoga Teacher 500+, based in Bali Yoga Retreats 🌏 📍Bali ➳ Portugal ➳26.-30.7. Women's Retreat Berlin

There's a little gangster in all of us. 👹#gangstersparadise

Aaaand then pause, shut up, look around and pick the most beautiful thing or human being you see. Let its/his/her magic draw the right and left corners of your mouth upwards and feel those lovely serotonine and dopamine hormones (yes, the little guys that make you happy) creating a firework inside your body. Next time something or someone gets on your nerves, remember this image and legit feeling. Maybe life doesn't have to be so tricky sometimes. #amen #nicosmartypants #shantishanti

If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Yupp, there goes your excuse. #👹 #byebyeexcuses #yogaincrazytokyo 📸 by @tichgraphicxz

This one is for you @liorabels - girl, it's time for a Bali visit! Come on over! 😋 #balifoodporn #itslikeahmagaad #foodgasm @theloftbali #canggufood

Here you go - some yogic input so you can feel a little more enlightened: When you place your hands together in front of your heart in that thing called "Anjali Mudra" it usually symbolizes a saluting gesture (Namasteeee), honoring the person in front of you (if there is someone in front if you I guess, but you may also salute a tree or your cat, for example). If you don't feel like greeting anyone that day or you have isolated yourself for some reason or you wanna do your yoga practice, why not play around with that Anjali Mudra a little and see how this feels: create a little cave with your hands, just like a cute little flower bud, instead of pressing the hands firmly together. The fingers are gently touching each other. Maybe what my teacher Mark Whitwell points out resonates with you: "The cave in the hand symbolizes the cave in the heart [hridaya], where all opposites [male/female] arise and return". If you're not too familiar with yogic philosophy: let's just say the mudra is supposed to balance your body's inherent energies. Still too voo-voo? Alrighty, simply put: if you are open to it, this is where magic is happening in body and mind ✨ And some magic never hurts 🦄#anjalimudra #yoganerd #youenlightenednow @markwhitwell @hosalind

Yoganews: when you look around and let yourself be swept away and completely absorbed by all the awesome magic happening around you, appreciating the present moment WHICH IS ALL YOU EVER HAVE REALLY- in that instance you're likely to do more yoga than when you mindlessly force your legs behind your head because you may wanna impress that dude or girl on the Lululemon yogamat next to you. #amen #humancontortion #ahhmazing

This is me as a zombie. 🙏🏻 #THEWALKINGNICO #doyouseeit #frankenstein 😂

Ha! Sometimes I panic a little because there are so many beautiful places out there that I wanna see 😶 (I'm rolling my eyes even as I write this haha). Then I slap myself very very hard because I am already living on the best island in the world. 🌴Which is not what you see on this picture. This is Piss Alley in Tokyo. #didnotsmellthepart #tokyolovin #balilivin 📸 by @tichgraphicxz 🙏🏻i

I think this is worth another post. Even though I don't have a car. But hey, I'm renting a scooter long-term. So take this, Tweety 🖕🏻How do you like your eggs..? 😂 #ohshit #loveeveryone #scramblednotpoached

That yoga dude called "The father of modern yoga", Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, used to talk about "bhavana" in relation to our lovely yoga practice. "Bhavana" roughly means to bring about an experience during our beloved practice, which may be based on the breath (feel/ listen to your breath yogis and yoginis🤓). That awesome bhavana/ experience, which guides you towards that "sweet spot" during your moments on or off the mat, can then be remembered at other times throughout the day - so when you turn into evil Cruella de Vil because you think you lost your keys you may recall that legit bhavana thing, take a few sweet breaths, and remember that things could be worse. #balivibes #cruella #YAYFOUNDTHEM 😅🎈 📸 by the talented @nicosarani

The good old Yoga Sutra says everything outside of us is subject to change ("the only constant is change" blahblah - might have heard that one before). So if we hold on to what's happening outside of us and let those little and big factors determine our happiness and daily mood, we put the external in charge of our personal wellbeing. This sucks - why? Because we become a playball of outside influences, of other people's moods, of the circumstances we live in. Unfortunately, we don't have much control over those things going down outside and around us (ever tried to magically clear up a Bali traffic jam..? Yeah, not happening), but yes, we can influence the stuff INSIDE of us. Checking in and seeing how we react to certain challenges, finding that "calmness" in situations that trigger us (not that I always succeed haha), is something we can practice over time. Gaining control over our cheeky monkey mind or the crazy gorilla that is constantly jumping around in our heads, from one thought to another, influencing not just our mental and emotional but also our physical state (yaass it's all connected..). The more you become aware of what's happening inside of you and how you react to specific situations, the better you can control your response. Can you stay centered inmidst the chaos? Can you stay calm inmidst Bali traffic when some idiot (excuse me) pushes you off your little Scoopy (😩😪🙄)? AND YES YOU GUESSED IT THIS IS WHAT WE CULTIVATE IN YOGA - yeehah. Yogapromotion done for today. Yoga should pay me. 🙏🏻#pleasepayme #monkeymind #yogaad #trafficnutella

The universe is expressing its divinity perfectly in this completely flawless cup of cappuccino. Visualize yourself as that cappuccino. BE the cappuccino. #youreit #becoffee @streamercoffeecompany 📸by @tichgraphicxz

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