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Nico नीको  ✖️Yoga Teacher RYT 500 ✖️M.A. Asian Studies ✖️Travel Junkie ➳ Next stop: Bali🤘🏻 Retreats scheduled for 2018 ✉️

Ladies & Gents, this impressive piece of architecture is called the "Shivatempel" of Varanasi. It seems like many sadhus - and also male Western yogateachers 😂 - have some sort of affinity towards the sympathetic god with the blue glowing skin. Shiva is oftentimes portrayed as the "cool, hash-smoking dude" with the dreadlocks and a holy cow he's riding on. As a matter of fact, many so-called yogis these days "justify" their cannabis consumption with Shiva's common representation. A very kind Brahman just told me however, that this is a massive misinterpretation - Mister Shiva is actually portrayed as hash-smoking because the drug symbolizes him drinking the world's poison to save it once again from its destruction (as Shiva is the guy having the power to give life as well as destroy it/ the world) - not because it's supposed to help you expand consciousness (as many proclaim 😁). This also explains Shiva's blue skin color; it stands for the intake of that nasty poison. There are, however, quite a few stories out there as to why Shiva's skin glows in pretty blue (so no need to put a halt on your cannabis passion, yogis! 😂). Nevertheless, in Varanasi Shiva is definitely the star of the whole god-gang and his dominating male energy is really all around 😅 #shivalingameverywhere #noescape #hash #dudecity

"The world is the gym we come to make ourselves strong". (Swami Vivekananda) A little twisting and bending never hurts. #gymtime #eaglepose

The famous "Golden Temple", place of worship for the Sikhs (the guys with the cool colorful turbans - seriously, they can look real smart 😍). In contrast to Muslim culture, in Sikhism it's the men who "hide" their hair and not the women (at least the ones not baptised). Rule for both sexes though: They are not allowed to cut any of their hair (I think, ever)☝🏻️. And for some Indian reason, their ends don't split 😡 #howdotheydoit #cinderella #turbanation #hairjourney

...For that holiday feeling 🌴 #palmtreesforever #coconutfalling #riskofdeath

Hair everywhere..! Btw, many Hindus shave their heads before taking a bath in the Ganga - why? Because they believe your past karma, good and bad, is being stored in your hair. Since you wanna get rid of as much karma as possible in your present life (as karma keeps you in the cycle of reincarnation) many Hindus also get rid of their hair before dipping into the holy waters. Fun or not-so-fun fact: if your family doesn't have enough money to let your corpse burn at the so-called "ghats" here in Varanasi (their favorite/ most holy place to die - shoots you right outta that reincarnation game), they may just throw it into the river in one piece. So dipping into the water with a corpse chillin next to you is definitely in the cards in case you wanna make that encounter. #corpseparty #poolfun #hellodeath

Waiting for my bae @natalia_atkins to hunt down the best place for South Indian food in Varanasi. Been waiting for her for 1,5 hours now🤔. If I die here of hunger at least they can burn my body directly at the ghats or throw it into Mother Ganga. Byebye reincarnation! ... Miss Atkins, where are you?? 😬#starvingtodeath #rightplacerighttime #hangry #thehungergames

"Life is very simple. It is a joyful dance." Osho ❤️ Remember to dance. Even if the music is just in your head. You can never jiggle enough. #ॐ #downwarddog #dancefloor

Throw out the crap you hold on to and invite the good stuff in. In some places in India they also say "inhale the good stuff" 😅 #goodstuff #inhaleexhale

Holla at my sister @annikavss 😂 Those were the days... can't wait to have ya back soon ❤️ #baringosisters #freethenipple

One of my Indian yoga teachers, A.G. Mohan, always compares the "yoga search" of Westerners coming to India to a "blind man looking for a black cat in a dark room that is not there" - implying that India, although the birthplace of the yogic practice, is not as cray cray about yoga as many Westerners would assume. In fact, i may even claim that there are more Westerners "practicing yoga" these days than there are Indians practicioners. If the yoga/the asanas, however, which most of us pale faces practice, can always truly be called "yoga" is another issue to be addressed though 😅. In any case, it is said that about 95% of sadhus that you see on the streets here are "fake" and not real practicioners, and in it for the "free goodies" from karma crazy donors (money). With or without the yogis, to me India is a little bit like disneyland with better food and fewer trashcans. A rollercoaster that shakes you up thoroughly, but if you go with the flow, there's a warmth, deep trust and intense belief to discover that brings about the most magic moments. #whereisthecat #asana #messedup #disneyland

Byebye Himalayan hills - who would've thought you had to teach me so much. Met the most wonderful people here - stepping out of fheir way to help you whenever and however they can. The oceans calm the mind but the mountains calm the soul. #himalayanhorst #byebyeshiva #offtovaranasi

One of those days 😄 #canigosleepnow #loser #loveu

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