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Nico नीको  ✖️Yoga Teacher RYT 500 ✖️M.A. Asian Studies ✖️Travel Junkie ➳ Next retreats scheduled for 2018 ✉️ hellonicosarani@gmail.com

I believe in the good things coming ❤️ #loa #loveoverload #ibelieveinmagic

Tantric lesson: Tantra philosophy is actually closely connected to our hatha yoga. "Ha-" und "-tha" standing for the male and female forces present within all (!) human bodies, which are unified through regular yoga practice. There can't be no unification without having "yin" as well as "yang" (pretty much the same thing). As within, we humans naturally also seek external physical union with another person. In one path (!) of tantra this mutual external unification is given utter importance to and understood as a sensual and sacred experience, as well as an inherent part of human nature that shouldn't be denied or suppressed. Eventually, this act may or may not look something like the above carving. 10th century or 21st, naked we all still look the same 😀 #tantratales #listenup #humancentipede

Today I am Madonna, post "Like a Virgin" time 🙆🏻💃🏻. Who are you channeling today? xD

Definitely had a few rainbows and unicorns coming my way today 🌈 As they say, what you put in is what you get out. And I put a whole lot of glitter in my happiness box recently. There's some left, if you want a few flakes...? #thänkyou😘 #snowwhite #wannabuyshampoo ?

I call this reverse chair pose 🤓Keep your core engaged and your arms stretched, and don't collapse with one arm, as I did right after this pic was taken. Because then you will fall on your head, as I did, and end up with a big headbump, as I did. And you don't want that. #headbump #inversionfail #bybyebraincells

Mornings in Baliland ❤️ I keep falling in love with this island over and over again. Head over heels. Heels over head. With a twist and a forward bend. #nonstop #onetruelove #islandofgods

There's a reason why yogis, yoginis (female yoga practitioners) as well as Tim Ferriss and Master Tony Robbins crawl out of bed a little earlier than the average earthling: If you set yourself up for the day with a consistent morning routine that nourishes body, mind and soul, you'll feel more grounded and energized during the day, and are, in fact, more productive (finally getting that shit done hey💪🏻). Why not use those early morning hours to your advantage..? Do your workout, your yoga and meditation practice, or finally pet your plants for as long as you'd like when the rest of the world is still in dreamland fighting dragons or boom gates. #thatearlybird #gdaymate #morningglory

Balinese temple towers serve as antennas for the divine. No antenna, no reception. #badconnection #scottybeammeup

Palmtree and me we had a moment there. 🌴 #giggles #besties #plantbased #ohstopit 🙈

Your life is what you make it. If you're too scared to face the challenges presented to you, you'll miss out on sparkling rainbows and crazy unicorns. And nobody wants that really. 🦄 #unicornpower #rainbowparty #lifeisgood #lifeontheisland

When you're scared, that's when you jump. And I jumped down 12 f***in meters 💪🏻😎 When was the last time you did something you're scared of?;) #highfive #faceyourfear #peeingmypants

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