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Nico नीको  Enlightenment is overrated. ✖️Yoga Teacher RYT 500 ➳ Next retreats scheduled for 2018 ✉️ hellonicosarani@gmail.com

That thing is called "chaturanga" (no idea what it means in proper translation #sorrynotsorry). Btw. ☝🏻it's an asana that was not (!) part of the traditional yoga postures but became integrated into "modern yoga" sequences only in the 20th century. Many of the asanas that we practice in the "West" today, like downdog or updog or even the typical warrior postures ("feel the great force of the warrior that you are deep within"😂 as some put it) -aren't even mentioned in the old yogic texts. You think you're doing an ancient, sacred practice, like the rishis have done hundreds of years ago..? Haha nope. Think twice - Yoga has been distorted, transformed, misinterpreted in manifold ways throughout the years; how could it not, coming from the Indian culture into the West about a hundred years ago - a time where Westerners couldn't even grasp the philosophy behind it (also due to language barriers). Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it - the essence is to become present in whatever it is you do, be it asana or meditation or making scrambled eggs 🍳; to not let thoughts and habits sabotage your badass future plans. That's what will lead you to better health and much more awesomeness in your life yay! #lookhowwiseiam #🤓 #superenlightened #tb

In Yoga, focusing on and deepening the breath helps you optimize your oxygen intake - super awesome for pretty much everything in your body and mind that may not run as smoothly as you'd like (illness, mental clutter, giving a fuck about other people's opinion etc. 😀). Concentrating on the breath also "fine tunes" your perception regarding your bodily as well as mental sensations, so that in everyday life, you know what's going on when you're tense or agitated or excited. Based on that superhuman awareness you can then consciously choose how you wanna react 🙌🏻. Focusing on your breathing strengthens your allover awareness - and we could all need a little more of that (like, much more). On the other hand, the breath can be used as an ideal object for meditation: While you focus on the process of breathing, you give your monkey mind something to do, a focus point to celebrate with all those smart brain cells of yours, finally being used (😘). This is what meditation is. This is what yoga is. No focus - no yoga - no shit. #noshit #forrealtho #truedat

When Nico was still lil' Nico she always wanted to live in Paris, have a beautiful apartment there, drooling at all the beautiful buildings, sit in French cafés and look at art and other human beings. But times have changed. Now I want an apartment in Paris, in London, in New York, one in Venice or in Rome, one in New Zealand, in Japan, a house in Fiji, and definitely a Villa in Bali. Just give me a few more years - who wants to house sit? #justwait #almostthere #caretakerapplicationsopennow

Something to chew on🤓- Are memories something we hold on to or something that we've lost? #chewinggum #deep #ponderthat 📷by @endles_smiles

"...Sometimes I've believed as many as ten impossible things before breakfast." (Nico in Wonderland) #beforesunrise #beforesunset #beforebreakfast 📷by @endles_smiles

Marseille so far: Encounters with croissants: 2. Attempts to speak French: 10,5 (1 of them successful). Lost fingers while screwdriving: 1. Encounters with potential pickpockets: 521. Enjoying safety in hotel room now. #licensetoscrewdrive #nineoutoftenfingers #lebaguette #eeh #ööh #ouf

I N D I A 🙌🏻 #sweat #digestion #magic

Time to fly South. It's getting too cold in Berlin 🙄 Off to Marseille tonight 🔥 #tschau #okaybye #ifyoureabirdimabird

We seem to assume that all problems must have a solution; just as we think that fragmented things need to be put together again (why?). Why do we expect that when there is a problem there is always a solution? And if we eventually realize there may be none - how do we deal with that? @thepracticebaliyoga ("practice" in Berlin ;) )
#mindfuck #endoflane #sackgasse

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