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Nico नीको  ✖️Yoga Teacher RYT 500 ✖️M.A. Asian Studies ✖️Travel Junkie Currently levitating in India ➳ Next stop: Bali Website coming soon🤘🏻

How to manifest the shit out of the universe: Set your goals - be clear on what you want, believe it exists with all your heart, pretend it's already yours and hand the rest over to universal power. See magic happen. 🔮🔮🔮 #hexhex #lawofattraction #magic

Mujhe bhārat pasānd hai 🙏🏻 ॐ #om #obligatorypalmtree #apeinvasion

Woke up so angry this morning, I almost kicked the wall (would've hurt). Luckily decided to roll onto the mat (lower risk of injury), have a workout (stared to death by Indian boys - gosh they really know how to make you feel uncomfortable - anyone know what I'm talkin about?😂), take a stroll in nature, have amazing food, and eventually ended up having a pretty awesome day that ended with a headbump by my favourite street cow. Being in India though, Indian food only probably would've done the job 😂 #howdotheydoit #foodmekka #angrybird

Letting that hair down at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai so all the monks can climb up. Did you know you can also do Vipassana there (that meditation retreat where you neither speak nor look ppl in the eyes nor write nor go online etc. for several days - aah) keep that spot in mind @officeflucht ?😀 #letyourhairdown #superpillars #tempeltussi

...because it's what keeps that piece of consciousness, that you are, connected to your body <3 Pretty awesome. Ever realized that the Sanskrit word for "soul", "atmān", is related to the word "Atem" (German for "breath")? And that the word "prana" (generally translated as "life force") is hiding in "pranayama" (yogic science of the breath)? Coincidence? Nope, don't think so. And you can really do a whole lot of cool stuff with your breath! I used to have a row of panic attacks a couple of years ago, and as I know there's quite a few of us out there, I wanna share a little secret: focussing on your breath and simultaneously relaxing your whole body while feeling a potential panic attack arising, can help you avoid it in the first place - big deal. If you lengthen and deepen the exhale, potentially introducing counts to help your body reestablish a balanced breathing pattern (calming down the whole nervous system!), relax your core muscles and try not to let the panicky thoughts take over your mind, you can prevent an arising attack in its initial stages and possibly "slow down" or even stop an ongoing one. Since I know about pranayama and how cool and powerful this practice can be, I haven't had a single attack ever since. Touch wood! ✌🏻️🌳 #panico #panicatthedisco #brelax #nopaniconthetitanic

This is the most aesthetic smoothie bowl I've ever seen. Thank you @veda_bali #smoothiebowlporn #canihavethisasaposter #foodart

One of my faves in the Hindu pantheon: The Hindu goddess Kālī (from Sanskrit "kālā" - "dark" or "black"). Kālī is often depicted with a bloody knife (see above), a demon's head in her left hand (she's fighting them to keep the world's balance between good and evil), a lolling tongue and a necklace of skulls (symbolizing worldly impermanence) around her neck. She is seen as the goddess of destruction but also as the transforming power of time, able to guide humanity into a new era of joy and light (what we need when the shit hits the fan- like, uhm, now..?). Kāli is an incarnation of Parvati (Shiva's beloved wifey) and is in fact intrinsically connected to the yogic practice, as it is said that the Kundalini energy or shakti (serpant power dormant at the bottom end of your spine) only rises up through Kālīs mighty power. What many people don't know: according to Hindu myths, the initial energy out of which everything in this universe was born, was FEMALE ("Maha Devi"). Every god has to have a shakti; because without their shakti male gods don't have any power (aha!😌). Couldn't Kālī's image of strength and courage therefore be used to empower women in and out of India to realize their female strength? I'd quite like that. Go Kālī, go Kālī ❤️ #feministmonday #girlspower #somanyarms

Mum doesnt know about this yet 😂 #oops #inked #sorrymum

Life is a dream. Don't make a nightmare out of it. 😄 #byebyedrama #dreamingaway #snooze

Those gym times, I'm telling you... 😆 what always helps: a little bit of stretching and walking the imaginary dog around the block. #nopainnogain #wauwau #hungover

Did you know that ananas and papaya contain a whole bunch of healthy enzymes that can help your digestive system break down nutrients? One more reason to enjoy our tropical friends 😀❤️ whoop. @milkandmadu #yummy #breakfeast #ananasallmighty

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