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nicolpaone  Director. Writer. Comedian. Italian debutant.

Night shoots! With my brilliant DP (Neil Shapiro) and incredible producer @sonicboon. #friendsgivingthemovie

Friend @aritibi and her band @lovelucimusic opened for Pat Benatar @benatargiraldo tonight and killed it. Then Pat and Neil Giraldo, her guitarist and husband of 36 years came out and destroyed us. #epicevening #thrreechordbourbon #patbenatar @threechordbourbon

Anyone wanna take a dip with me?#fridaynight

Amen. Glad I’m not a Cowboy fan. This debate is ridiculous. Taking a knee is a peaceful, respectful way to protest that both Ghandi and Martin Luther King supported. Some of the loudest voices with this issue wear American flag bathing suits around their balls, which not only is unconstitutional, it’s gross They share fake outrage that is nothing short of racism. This issue should be over. We should thank these men for peacefully stating their intention and not inciting violence against white people, while our president does the opposite. Jerry Jones should take a knee and shut his mouth. He knows nothing about what these men are even protesting. This is the same as telling @kingjames to “shut up and dribble.” No sir-ee, Bob!!! Jones should shut up and try making the playoffs. Cowboys suck. Steeler fan forever. #takeaknee #jerryjones #blacklivesmatter #IprobablyspelledGhandiwrong #steelernation

These two! ❤️💜💚🧡💛

#Nanette should be required watching for everyone. Thank you @hannah_gadsby for your beautiful brain, heart, soul and story. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

First meeting with my composer #CaptainBillAppleberry for #friendsgivingthemovie and it’s in a studio that was built for Karen Carpenter. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

First day in the editing room and my assistant is tired already. Somebody’s getting fired. Photo by @Sonicboon #friendsgivingthemovie

Not the whole cast but pretty much the whole crew. Except for the medic who I accidentally cropped out. #friendsgivingthemovie #sorrydude

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