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  17. just a small tinapay

roberts: this was lame
me: tHiS WAs LAmE



hindi ako fluent sa tagalog okay?? pero salamat sa lahat ng sakripisyo na ginawa mo para sa amin. especially for me lol. alam ko na hindi ako "the best daughter" at maraming mali akong ginawa at minsan (lagi) hindi ako makinig sayo. despite all that, mahal mo ako. lagi akong nagpapasalamat sayo kasi minamahal mo ako 😭 mahal na mahal kita nanay labis labis ❀️ (sorry if any of that is wrong)

luv roses

took my senior pics today lol i didn't wanna wait until tomorrow to post them 😭 #ut21 #ayylmao

OKAY heather appreciation post because i am so proud of her i remember her stressing every day bc she was scared she wasn't going to get into a&m but LOOK she got in and is going there next semester plus she's accomplished and overcome so much idk i feel like a proud mom even tho i'm younger than her and we're basically rivals now 😀 SO congrats twiggy i love u so much don't forget you can do anything you set your mind to!!!!


i already posted the cover but i just read through it and decided to share a few of the poems that touched my heart basically? there are so many gems in this book and i really recommend it!!

OK this is about to get hella sappy so please don't read if you cringe easily hahahha
I remember my friends and I talking about prom as soon as homecoming ended. We were all so excited about the fun events we would participate in to make our senior year memorable! I guess I can't really speak for everyone else when I say this, but this year has honestly been the best school year by far. From homecoming, senior class council meetings, visiting each other in our fourth period A day classes, weekends spent hanging out, crying over our college acceptances, going to visit UNT, birthday parties, the decades dance, and finally to prom, my friends and I have shared some memories that I know will stick with me forever. Last night was so fun and I'm glad I was with my fav people to experience it!! Someone I used to know told me that some people are blessings and others are lessons, and all of the friends I've made this year have been blessings to my life. I'm so happy that I got to know them and be their friend because they have made me happy on my worst days and have never let me go to bed feeling as if I wasn't enough. Because of my friends, I feel like I can accomplish anything :) I know it's kind of ridiculous to be so emotional over relationships I formed pretty much just this year, but I'm really so thankful for my friends. If any of you guys read this, know that I love you all so much! Thank you :) (I'M DOING THIS NOW BECAUSE AT GRADUATION WHEN IT'S ALL OVER I WILL BE TOO SAD TO MAKE A POST ABOUT HOW MUCH I LOVE MY FRIENDS LOL)

im awkward but hello

ur gonna live forever in meeeee

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