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Nicole  🔨✂️craft enthusiast ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️ ☁️☁️☁️🐑

The mum met very big cat and was quite unsure about it at first but they became pals in the end.

A JOLLY EVENING with my new @madelinetosh yarn (in Marfa) that matches my favourite jolly rancher flavour (cherry).

Variation on the sugar rim. Make the hangover worth it!

I love you but you’re trash. @sarahguacamole @dom_giaco

Finished Cloud Quilt, hand dyed + pieced and stitched and very warm, just in time for sweaty summer. #quiltypleasure

#quiltyascharged #modernquilter #modernquilt #improvquilt #quiltersofinstagram #naturaldye #indigo

My almost completed wavy mitts atop my wavy quilt. Different colour mitts cause I lost my skein of Richard Devrise ‘urban casual’ whilst running for the bus. Lol. •

Mitt pattern is Waves Mitts by Emily Wessel of @tincanknits from @makingzine no.3
Yarn by @rhicharddevrieze -two mini skeins (colourways unknown), and part of one ‘urban casual’.
Plus some Amerco Fine Tweed I had kicking around
#knittersofinstagram #sashiko #makingzine #tincanknits


Small rasp and lemon, jam/buttercream sandwiches 🥪 and a still life that would make your grandma swoon

Rasp, black and blue-brie

My business card. Looking forward to never having to verbally introduce myself again.

Dinner of four raspberry cream cheese turnovers and a classique Pimm’S

Cheerful half eaten ground foods representative of my spring feelings

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