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Just how basic can I get...? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Miss New Jersey ➡️ Mrs. New Jersey #adiossinglesara #PPgirl #gammalambdadingdongs 💕

Y la cosa suena raaaa #scoobydoopapa 💥💥

Gamma Lambda Ding Dongs #adiossinglesara #frommisstomrsnewjersey 👰🏻💃🏽💕

Hopped off the plane at LAX, went to Malibu, basically let @mileycyrus dictate our weekend 🌴☀️👙🧗🏽‍♀️🏖

c’est chic le freak 💁🏻‍♀️

It’s nice to know a little hazing can’t scare them away. Happy shower day to the former Miss Teen New Jersey. So excited to share this special day with you 👰🏻💕 #livelaughloveliguori

Happy Father’s Day to the man who always loves me unconditionally, even during my straight bangs and velour t-shirt phase 👫💕 #papaelf

Backstory: When I first found out that @alexandra_nancy was going to be my little, I had a total meltdown. Not knowing her, I had already decided that we had nothing in common and would never get along. I even tried to trade littles which did not work (sorry @ccambio4 ). Fast forward 10 years and it’s honestly scary how alike Alexandra and I are. I could search the whole world and not find anyone more perfectly suited to be my little sister.
Today I got to take part in showering my little with all the love and happiness in the world. So honored and blessed to be part of this incredible wedding journey, bridezilla or not. Love you noodle 💙 #ready2cicchetti

Today marks the end of the #farewelltour and my liver, stomach, wallet, sleep, skin and overall well-being are thankful. It was worth ruining every organ knowing @nnolletti got a proper send-off with more happy memories than some people gain in a lifetime. 🌟

The west coast is gaining another one of the good ones. Good luck over there @nnolletti and always remember: there’s nothing a white guido clip, some Avicii, and a good martini (or 8) can’t fix. 55th & 5th will miss you.

Xoxo, Snooki
Official member of the MGC

I couldn’t have said it better myself... #Repost @kristiemuller with @get_repost
Hate to see her go but love to watch her leave... because if you know @nnolletti, you know she got a big ol bootay 🍑
We will miss you @nnolletti!!! Here’s a reminder of your LA to do list: find a good gym but know @solacenewyork will always be your home, heavy hip thrust with @brielarson, learn how to exist off air, take the music scene by storm, don’t smile too often, stay away from fillers, and keep being the queen b that you already are 🙌🏻
Xoxo The MGC

Things that were confirmed this weekend:
•Nashville is an amazing city, strong enough to handle the most savage of savages
•Pedaling a large bike while drinking and dancing to old school jams puts any Soulcycle class to shame
•You can never have too many laughs, pizza rolls or Krispy Kreme donuts
•I am the worst bowler in all of history
•I have the best little ever
@bigtonnn is the luckiest guy in the world

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