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nicolettelucas  I'm like a free range pony that can't be tamed [pony clopping sounds]

"Wow, that's quite the transition"
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Doing all of the Phoenix Open things with the best crew
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Wednesday has me wishing [shocking enough] that I was still doing yoga things with my friends.
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You know you're an ass hole when you sign up to run a half marathon the day before the race and then PR. You know you have ass hole friends because they sign up the day before and also kill it.
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I've spent a year with my Alliance marketing family and I can't mean it more when I say that I wish I hated them [I actually love them, a lot] because it would make leaving easier. Today marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another at Alliance Residential. As much as I can't wait to nerd out over everything economics, I'll miss my colleagues, mentors and friends. Thank you for making goodbye so hard.
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Read more. Write more. Pet more dogs. Send more thank you letters. Put the phone down. Learn the rap verse in Waterfalls. Take better care of my body. Lift more weight. Say no more. But most importantly, this - love myself and what my body can do more.
Side note: thank you @theblondebun16 for posting this article
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He's not happy because we went hiking, he's happy because he ran through the mud and then jumped on me. Finishing out the year hiking my favorite trail with one of my favorite humans @awhit14 and the man child @mr.luckylucas

I love that I still get to be in the lives of my favorite (not so little anymore) soccer players. Life just isn't the same without being around the Legacy 01's all the time. Side note: Galena JV played a wicked good game, so proud of @maddy_laird @mckharmon @shea_sundali_2 @ellie_sundali
Not pictured: @ashleybower156
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Ten hours later we'd be sitting around a campfire singing along to songs played on a ukulele with a bunch of Canadians we met while getting wet woodys at Garwoods - oh how I love the little adventures that life takes you on
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