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Nicole Richards  〰Do what you LOVE what you do 〰 ▫️Hunting🏹 ▫️Pomskies🐾 ▫️Sitka Athlete 🔸 ▫️Travel/Adventure🏔 ▫️Youtuber 🎥 ▫️@skylerrichards1325 💍 Hunts/Sheds👇🏻

100 yard mtn goat! I love these long distance shots. This was one of my favorite shots! Move back to 60 after shooting these a few times and it feels like you're shooting 20! Lol

💥I need a little help! 💥I have a Colorado muzzleloader tag, and as you know, the regulations there are different. Open sights and no sabot on the bullet to name a few. I'm going to have to completely change my current setup 😢and was wondering if any of you have any tips or advice for getting the most accuracy and distance possible specifically from a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader and which bullets and powder you're using for the best results. I've heard some people use a peep sight instead of a regular sight for better accuracy as well. Thoughts?

It was so fun catching up with old friends and making new ones along the way! We shot the courses with a few different groups and had a blast hanging out with everyone! Until next year 👊🏻

Bend at the waist, level bubble, anchor points, align peep, squeeze, follow through... Smoked him!!! This is the famous "Cliff Shot". I honestly wasn't sure if I would hit the targets or not because I've never shot at that steep of an angle, but trusted the 14 yard angle compensated distance on the range finder and hit right where I was supposed to! The @totalarcherychallenge was a huge confidence boost to my shooting game. This kind of practice is invaluable to the serious archery hunter. I would highly recommend doing this shoot every year for the practice and confidence! Who else tried this shot and how did you do?! Someone dropped a bow off the cliff and I never heard anything about the outcome. 😬Anyone know anything?

Headed up to @totalarcherychallenge for my first time ever! I decided I needed to show up this year for the practice and realistic shots that you just can't get shooting a block target. It also sounds like everybody loves it that has went so I'm pretty excited!!! We will be at the @sitkagear booth tomorrow evening so come by and say hi if you're up there! We would love to meet everybody!

Got a bunch of @stealthcamgsm out and doing work! Can't wait to check them to see if anything good has showed up!!!🤞🏻🤗Scouting is in full force now and I'm loving it! We need some rain BAD though. Hopefully antler growth isn't going to be affected too much.

My favorite time of the year! I am lucky enough to work with some of the best guys guiding/spotting on some of the biggest mule deer in the world! This is the best practice for learning to make a move on bucks and executing a plan that ends with a BBD! @colorcountryoutfitters

Getting dialed in and ready for my first out of state early season archery tag! I'm not sure what to expect as far as the terrain goes, but have heard it could be some pretty nasty steep country. Possibly a high country type hunt and possibly a sit water in low cedars type of hunt. Either way, we are planning a scouting trip for mid July to go check out the unit and set some cams! It's always exciting exploring new places with the anticipation of finding new big bucks 🤗

I went to my first archery shoot today and had so much fun! This new Avail shoots like a dream and looks even better 🤤. I am loving the new setup @korbinsarchery sent me! I can't wait for the @totalarcherychallenge coming up to put this thing to the real test! We're fine tuning some arrows and last small details and then I will be 💯but so far, I have been shooting better than I ever have and only have had this bow less than a week!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! 😚🎊🎈Thanks to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday already!

I just got my custom engraved antler burr necklace from @bossman_loadedengraving and @tinedesignsbymindi and I LOVE it!!!! The amount of detail in this little burr is insane. He has such a unique style and an insane amount of talent. I asked him to do my biggest velvet archery buck and he nailed it. It is hard to see all the little details in pictures, but the burr combined with Mindi's beautiful necklace is seriously such an amazing piece of art. This is now one of my favorite possessions and has so much meaning to me. I cannot thank them enough!

Getting ready for this fall! I've got a bunch of archery hunts I'm really excited about like Nevada, Utah, Kansas whitetails, and Ohio whitetails. I'm going to be busy!!! Also, my new bow from @korbinsarchery should be here soon! I went with the Mathews Avail. So many things to be excited about! 😁🤗

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