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Nicole  vegetarian 🌿 | animal lover 🐾 | Canadian 🇨🇦 | thrify thrifterson 💵 | foster cat guardian 🐈 | Pisces ♓

This is Waffles. He's the spazzy/schizo one. I think he's going to need the most love. I've you've ever seen a hedgehog huff, that's what it's like when this one gets upset.

Another one of the ferals. She's the boldest of the 3. I'm calling her Snickers.

Litter of 3 feral 5-week old kittens were delivered to my house yesterday. This little dude is the only one who will tolerate being handled. He's currently snoozing on my chest. I'm hoping I can recruit Auntie Doodles to help me out with the other 2 - the female kitten seems very interested in making friends with the Doodle cat.

Snuggling up to Poe's bum.

These two goofballs.

Tell me, again, why I'm not allowed to nibble on the flowers.

Pretty flowers from my sister @pyperjoy. Love them!

This afternoon's #cuddlepuddle after surgery. They're gonna love these next few days of downtime.

So I had a wee little carpal tunnel procedure done today. Pro: Cats are loving the cuddle time on the couch. Con: Learning how to do things with the weak hand.

Anyone want to guess what colour I painted the bathroom today? 😡

The old guy seems to have accepted the kitten as his buddy.

Poe Kitty is stalking a fly in the house. He tries to meow & chatter like the others but he doesn't make any noise.

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