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Nicole Kopchak 🦂  📍 NJ | 24 ✖️ Business graduate | Aspiring model | Gamer grill ✖️ Twitch - kopchakk ✖️ My doge - @shibarebel

Pew pew 🔫

Me and Reb have been loving our extra space on our @Lullbed mattress 💅🏻👑 Get $150 off your Lull mattress with my link:! #Ad #GetYourLullOn

Stream soon 💅🏻 who’s coming ??!:!/!!:! 🤪

When you’re a pleb and get excited over any snipe u hit 💀

Slowly getting better at this game while on stream :-) ALSO guys I finally got affiliate on twitch 😭 #wemadeit

Hi sweaties 💅🏻 Finally had the time to unbox my new Lull mattress 🤩 Me and Rebel had to upgrade to a king since we are both bed hogs lol
Get $150 off your Lull mattress with @lullbed #getyourlullon #ad

My whole world 💗

Streaming forknife again tn😬 gonna try to actually get better at the game and focus on solos

Hemlo ur fav doo doo gam🅱️er girl is going live on twitch tn and I got my hair done today so I wanted to take a pic ok thx bye

Might stream in a little bit. I’m thinking of playing either fortnite or destiny 2 campaign idk - my twitch is in my bio


You got my soul

Hey @victoriassecret can I have a job ??