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N I C O L E . K N I G H T  just another pregnant mum clogging up your insty feed 📩

Chip an dip whilst watching the sunset with my favs never gets old ✨

Nearly 19 weeks and finally got a belly! Hello little gal 👋🏼 it’s crazy, I’ve felt movements super early this time and I can already see little kicks from the outside 🙈 💃On a side note how good is my new active towel from @kobi.activetowels, I get so many questions about where I got it from!

My boy how did you get so grown up!
I’m beyond proud of the boy you’re becoming, always so happy and kind. You’re already stringing sentences together and copying everything I say. You’re kind and gentle to everyone you meet. My big friendly giant who wears size 3 clothing and size 8 shoes! You’re extremely cheeky and already so funny. It makes me sad to think how fast the time is going, but excited to continue watching you grow and learn every day. I know I say it a lot but gosh I love him! 💛✨🌾

Seriously obsessed with this little boy!! How lucky am I, I get to be his mumma ✨ 🌾

Yesterday’s incredible helicopter flight 🚁🙌🏼

Morning coffee with one babe while the other sleeps ☕️🤰🏻💤

17 weeks pregnant and still waiting for a lil bump! ✨🌾
I’m definitely getting wider and all my clothes are definitely getting tighter - hence my wardrobe choices only either being loose clothing or active wear 😂 I’m still experiencing bits of Nausea and exhaustion, but I’m getting there! I Can’t wait for a big bellyyyy🤰🏻💃

Good morning lil gal 💖🌺.
I’ve felt first kicks!! So exciting, I completely forgot what they felt like! Although I’m still feeling nauseas, tired and like shit I’m still loving the joy the of growing another little babe ✨

The cutest photo to ever hit your insty feed. It’s love! 💔❤️

My mini bff ⚡️
Re-uploading because somehow someone’s little fingers manage to delete it today... sorry not sorry if you’re seeing it again 🤷🏼‍♀️

When this bouquet of chocolate flowers arrives in the mail 🙌🏼💐
One lucky mumma thanks to @tastebudsgifts

Afternoon picnics with my two favourites, Aspen and @youfoodz 👌🏻.
Fresh healthy meals on the go with my big boy🍴🙌🏼.
Use the code YFLIFE for two free meals with your first order #youfoodzpartner #autumnisyoufoodz

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