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Nicole Kay Clark  • FOUNDER @COOLGIRLCONNECTION | Photo + Video Producer | Model | Stylist | 🗺NEXT: Jan 7-21: HI Feb 11-19: FL Feb+Mar: PR🇵🇷 📧

We sped past the storm, ran out of the car and managed to snap a few shots before getting poured on. ☺️ These are the moments that I live for. 🙌💙 #hawaii #CoolGirlConnection
Photo: @mr.mcfly1 for @soberjaneclothing

My least favorite part about this time of year is how white I get. 🙈 I’m in need of some serious sunshine(or a spray tan 😉) ASAP! What is your least favorite thing about winter? ❄️ #CoolGirlConnection
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If you need me you can find me at @thejoshuatreehouse. ✨ This magical desert @airbnb is the perfect place to escape society and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. 🙌✨🌵#lazysunday #joshuatree #airbnb
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Weekend wandering with and @hallaxhalla. 💙 We just booked the flights for our first trip of 2019, can you guess where we’re going?! 😁 #travel #wanderlust

Using this rainy weather as an excuse to relax and unwind for the first time in weeks. 💙 ⛈
photo: @danielhartmann for @koreswim

Spending the next few days working in #LosAngeles, if you live in the area and want to link up DM or EMAIL:
UPDATE: it’s raining cats and dogs all across SoCal. We’re heading home early due to the storm. ⛈ be back soon!
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We went from the coast to this cute little cabin in the woods in less than 3 hours! I can’t imagine living in any other state. ❤️ #California #CoolGirlConnection
Photo: @mr.mcfly1 for @shopcosabella
Featuring: @sandiegohatcompany and @mukluks

We spent our #SundayFunday pretending to be tourists in our own town. From the beach to the bay we adventured on boards and bicycles in our bikinis. ☺️🙈 San Diego is the perfect place to #staycation. 👌❤️ #CoolGirlConnection #HallaXHalla
Video: @mr.mcfly1 for @hallaxhalla

I can’t believe that today is December 1st, where did 2018 go?! Anyone else feel like this year FLEW by? ✨ #CoolGirlConnection
Photo: @mr.mcfly1 for @brigitteandstone

We live in a world where everyone is trying to be like someone else. I feel like we’re all blending into each other and becoming one person; people are losing their individuality. We watch IG stories, pick up on the characteristics that we like in other people and adapt them to our own personalities. It’s WEIRD and kind of CRAZY. How many times have you said or done something online only to see a handful of people attempting to do something eerily similar right after? As individuals we need to remember who we are and stay true to that. Do not become a replica of the people that you follow on the internet. The are over 7 billion people on this planet and there’s only one you, my advice is BE YOURSELF. 👌🌸 #beyourself #selflove #originality
Photo: @thehouseofivy x @kristinvvelch

I just checked my countdown calendar, the bad news is that it’s been 115 days since we were last in Puerto Rico. The good news is that we’ve only got 82 more days to go until @coolgirlconnection is back on the island! We’re spending this rainy afternoon locking in dates and destinations for the first half of 2019. Are you a brand or babe that’s interested in being involved?
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I woke up this morning, packed a bag and asked @mr.mcfly1 if he was down to do a little weekend road trip. It wasn’t until I was half way out the door that he decided to inform me that today is Tuesday! 🙈 Anyone else lose track of time during the holidays? Can we just pretend it’s Saturday instead? 😁 #roadtrip #CoolGirlConnection
Photo: @mr.mcfly1 for @shop_miashoes

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