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Nicole Janelle  ⋒ small lady with big feels ⋒ wife to @sanka_ya_dead + mama to be!✨ my pup is my best friend 🐶 living life with intention, soul + spirit 🌿

Love love love you 💋

Mornings with hot coffee and this weirdo who sits on my table ❤️

Slowly but surely, this little bump is growing 💗 I’m so in love already. #15weekspregnant #firsttimemom

Marv and I are so excited for you to be earthside, little babe 💫 Looking forward to sharing this journey with you guys 💗 I’ve had a few people ask, I’m #15weekspregnant ! It’s insane that in five weeks we’ll be halfway! 😱😂 want to help a mama out? Tag your favorite baby brands (clothing, toys, necessities etc) 👶🏻❤️✨

Hello world! My good friend Anna @family.folk, is starting an amazing project that will be a beautiful, creative community space for families. Family Folk will be a place for play, family wellbeing, workshops, classes and talks in the heart of East London. •

I am so proud to back this beautiful project. 😭 💕To quote an excerpt taken from their kickstarter page “Family Folk want to offer support to local families in all stages of parenthood. The vital role of parents is often overlooked in our society today. The transition to parenthood is a time of massive change for mothers and fathers, and also lays the foundation for the long-term health and well being of children. This emphasises the importance of a solid support system and generally being rooted in a community of other parents.”

If you believe in family, community and love - backing this project is a great idea. Check out the @family.folk Kickstarter page (link in bio today!) In order for this fantastic idea to come to life, Anna must raise the entire Kickstarter amount to be successful. Thanks for reading! 💗

Oh! Baby, baby!!! Do you guys EVEN know how hard this was to not shout out to the world? ✨💕Our little peanut is due January 5, 2019! We love you so much already little babe. We cannot wait to meet you! 👶🏻

If I’m being honest, these past few weeks I have been pretty unwell. Every time I feel too weak to push on, my family is always there to lift me up. My husband Dan has been so supportive and loving that I swear it makes me feel physically better. Thank you so much babe for all that you do for me everyday. I love our little family. Thank you for loving me. #sappypost 📷 : @felixrussellsaw

Sort of wishing I was at/in the blue lagoon right now ❄️ #iceland🇮🇸

The best boy. I love you so much. 💛

#healthyish eggplant parm in the making! Super easy to make on a weeknight too, promise! Check out my post about my method and how to! It’s two photos back 🍆✨

Okay I know I said I was gonna take a break from da gram, but look at this #healthyish eggplant parmesan I made us for dinner. 🍆🤣 ✨I started with two lil eggplants and luckily they didn’t have loads of seeds, seeds make it so bitter! 😝 ✨I cut the eggplant into 1/4 in slices and salted both sides and left on paper towel for about 30 mins to get the water out! (Also helps with bitterness) ✨after that, brush off your salt (don’t rinse) and put some gooood olive oil on a sheet pan and put those bad boy slices on there. I throw a little pepper on them here too and kinda smush them around in the oil to coat lightly. I hardly use any oil here just enough so they don’t stick. I used to bread and fry my eggplant slices and have found this is much easier on my tum!
✨bake for about 20 mins. ✨Once there all golden brown, take them off your sheet pan and get a deeper pan ready to layer your slices! I put about 1/4 cup of tomato sauce at the bottom of my pan (enough to cover) ✨start to layer! Eggplant, grated Parma or n.yeast, some chopped fresh basil, and then top with a little more tomato sauce! Then add your mozz or vegan mozz on top. Repeat until you’ve used all your slices! ✨put back in the oven until bubbling and cheese is melted! About 15-20 mins! ✨In the meantime, heat up your pasta sauce and boil your spaghetti! I used gluten free spaghetti 😊(Time this up so nothing gets cold!) Alternatively, use some salad on the side to make this even lighter! ✨eat it up!!😍😂❤️

Arguably this could be my best hair length yet 🤔😂 should I keep it, cut it or grow it? // edit: I’ll never be content with my hair btw 😅

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