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DJ Nicole Hyala  90.7 Love Radio DJ, Endorser, Digital Influencer, Vlogger, Adik sa Asawa, Certified Mommy and God's Work in Progress! FB : Nicole Hyala #NicoleHyala

A breastfeeding mother is basically meals on heels. :) I love that there are many online shops which make breastfeeding outfits. This jumpsuit is from @bfeedingmum. Rarampa nanaman si nanay.
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Happy 1st Month of life our dearest Prince Claren! We love you to bits!
Onesie : @zirkybaby
Boss Baby cake : @andrewbornay
Breastfeeding wear : @kaypeebaby
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Exactly one month ago, I gave birth to Prince Claren. I haven't slept since. Hehehe. Happy 1st month of life anak!
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We are rock solid. We got married THRICE - Church Wedding in 2010, Hello Kitty Wedding in 2012 and Las Vegas Wedding in 2014. Swipe left. #ThrowbackThursday

Checkup time of Prince and Princess. :) Disclaimer : Hindi po ako payat, naka-black lang ako at tinago ni Prince ung puson ko. Yan ang sikreto para payat sa picture. Hahaha.
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LOVE lang. Salamat kabisyo. #AlwaysYourNumberOne

This is how Ate Princess pacifies her baby brother.
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The Love Radio DJs are ending 2018 with a shining, shimmering, splendid BANG!

Yung namimiss ko na ang umadlib sa radyo, pero hindi pa ako handang bumalik. And seriously, my Nicolehyala voice puts him to sleep.
#MaternityLeave #PrinceClaren

At 3 weeks post-partum, my hubby forced me to get out of the house, so I won't go crazy. Hahahaha. Nababaliw na daw ako sa loob ng bahay. E ang sa akin naman, may itotodo pa ba ang sapak ko? Matagal nanaman akong baliw. Hahahaha!

Hello Ate Princess.
I know it has been difficult for you to adjust that you are no longer an only child. I know you are confused with all the attention being given to your baby brother. All of a sudden, you had to share our love, time and energy with someone else. I know it's hard for you to wrap your brain on that. But also know anak, that you will always be my baby. I would like to reassure you that you could still fit in my arms, that there is room for you still.
XOXO, Mommy