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Nicole Rivera  Los Angeles, CA Dancer - Movement Talent Agency My page is basically all dance & cat. I'm pretty dorky.

Forever wishing it was appropriate to have champagne with every meal...πŸ₯‚

So incredibly happy with my footage from this past weekend's @thegalenhooksmethod intensive! This was my first heels intensive, and I was so freaking nervous as I've never felt comfortable or very good dancing in heels. I hadn't felt this vulnerable in a long time but I am so happy I put myself in this position because I've come out of it feeling more confident than ever in myself and my capabilities. I love to learn!!!!
Thank you thank you thank you to @galenhooks. I have a completely new mindset and approach to heels and being confident in who I am & what I have to offer as both a dancer and a strong woman! All of your intensives I've taken this past year have really resonated with me in different ways, and now compiled all together have me truly feeling like I'm growing into my best self. I appreciate you so much πŸ’—!
#thegalenhooksmethod #freestyle #mtaagency #heelsdance #dance #iamwoman #hearmeroar

Here's a rare photo of me and my cat! Her name is Belle - I know I don't really post about her often...😽😬

Part 2 @sleepingatlast improv. Was very sad from hard drive dying on me 😭 still emotionally recovering...πŸ™„#dramatic

Giving you some emotional improv on #NationalDanceDay. Thank goodness I have dance to keep me sane, and help me through all the ups and downs. Really needed to let some feelings out today (ugh which I hateπŸ™„), and dance had my back…As always. 🎼: @sleepingatlast .
Grateful for a lot of things, but extra grateful for being able to do/share the thing I love most, every single day! #NationalDanceDay #dancer #contemporarydance #freestyle #improvisation

The most amusing animal...its hard to leave the house tbh...@belle_the_cat__ πŸ“Έ by @lanedizon ❀️ #catlady #cats #meow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL @angelacifone!!! Thanks for being my fake girlfriend every time weird dudes approach us - That's a true friend ;) This 10 photo limit sucks because there are 2 million more memories I want to share on this post and relive with you!!! Hope you're having the most amazing day and I can't wait until you're home so we can celebrate πŸΎπŸ’‹πŸŽ‚ missing you always! Sending you a big hug!

Papa bear is in town and ready to take on LA πŸ’ͺ🏻🍾 #headshots2017 #workingoutinstyle

πŸ’„πŸ’‹ #vegas

Got to visit the fam in vegas today - it's been too long! My heart feels full ❀️

#tbt to after show performances with @tam_rapp247 - this is really what we were doing in China πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ #professionals


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