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Biz Coach | Food + Wellness  The Social Shift starts 9/10. The new way to grow your food/wellness influencer biz w/out counting pageviews, traffic or followers. Click link below.

The Social Shift is something I’ve been working on for years and it was so amazing to put it out into the world over the past two weeks. If you watched make sure you say 👋🏽 hai. Today video 4 came out and we opened the doors to the Blogger to Business group and biz pals are already forming. I’m psyched to have a new group of women who are ready to have a whole bunch of success. Come hang out with us, because it’s a whole lot better than doing it alone, on your own!
If you joined today, then 🤗! So excited to have you.
P.s. I do not have an insta husband. This is the best I get.

Summer 2018 was one for the books. Countless hours spent swimming, playing in the sun, eating too much pizza, drinking too many iced coffees. Our goal of the summer was to work less and spend tons of time at the beach. Goal ✅✅✅. We’re ready for some routine, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t sad. You’ll find us at the beach a few more times before it gets cold, so it’s not goodbye YET.

Let’s talk about a shift that’s happening. Maybe you’ve seen it…

Maybe you’ve been spending a lot of time trying to reach a bigger audience…

Or counting your pageviews or followers on your social platform…

Maybe what you used to do, isn’t working anymore…

Things in the blogger + influencer space are shifting.
Counting pageviews is the old way and if you want to grow, you have to change with us.
Why are some bloggers able to reach a big audience, work with people + brands they love and continue to grow steadily while others are barely able to keep up?

Why do some grow their monthly reach + income consistently while others stay stuck or never ever start making money?

And why are some people clear about how to start + grow their blog + business while others are overwhelmed + floundering?

If you’re new to blogging and you feel like you’re always scrambling, you aren’t getting the traffic you want…

or you’re an expert blogger or influencer that is feeling tired + stressed + overwhelmed because of all of the hours you’re working per day or tired of relying on ad revenue to bring in the majority of your income

You need to join us for the Social Shift.
You’re going to discover why bloggers like you and me can take what their doing and turn it into a profitable, happier, low stress business.
You’ll hear how bloggers + influencers that I work with are growing their businesses.. Like..
Dana from
Chrissa from Physicalkitchness
Jess from
Glenneth from…
Katie from
And more.
Join us for the Social Shift and find out how to REALLY grow your influencer business.

This is the NEW way and you’re not going to miss out.
Click link in my profile to sign up...and if you’re in already 💯👌🏽😝👍🏼✌🏽 tell me in the comments!

What was letting go of blissful eats like? It feels like being able to breathe again. Being able to take a deep breath, after not being able to for a long time.
I was asked this on a podcast interview today. That was my best explanation. Hanging onto blissful eats was something we did for over a year. We should have let it go way sooner, but it was part of our identity. So many people knew us as “the granola people”. So we kept at it. Sales were good. Revenue was good. What wasn’t good? Profit. What wasn’t good? The sinking feeling everything I needed to do a task for that business.
I had gotten so far off track with it. Fell so out of love with it. It was hard. It didn’t feel good anymore, but we still kept at it because of our identity.
Finally, Isabel was coming. When I have to choose between business and my’s my family every time. It shouldn’t have taken that long to close the doors and end the chapter, but it did.
Now it’s a great story to share. Seven years and thousands of granola bags later we have lessons that we share everyday with our clients and members of the blogger to business support group.
Tomorrow I’m opening up the registration for The Social Shift. It’s the new way of doing business as an influencer and blogger. Basically everything I’ve learned from seven years in business and working with hundreds of influencers and bloggers. We’ll be shifting towards the NEW way of doing business...and it has NOTHING to do with pageviews or followers. Get excited, because the shift is coming. Sign up starts tomorrow! 📸: @fitmittenkitchen

Blogger to business retreat is complete! So many breakthroughs, strategy sessions, laughs and even tears. Theme of the weekend: plan your business around your life, don’t plan your life around your business. I’m so freakin inspired by this group and so excited to see what growth happens over 3-6-12 months. Thank you for traveling and coming to hang with us for two days. Can’t wait until we meet again!

He’s been my date since 2003 and even though our dates are a bit less frequent now, you’re still the most fun. Best day to celebrate a beautiful couple @bethiecres with great friends.
Ps. We didn’t take a good pic yesterday so I may have made Dan re-put his clothes on and recreated yesterday. Photo credit: livi #bethandgarysayido

Surprise and delight. Something I picked up from @stumclaren in the tribe course I recently took. I started doing giveaways for my group and this month @jen_wanderlustandwellness and @suziconfesses were the winners. They are being sent a fun package plus they get a 1:1 strategy call with me to discuss their business. Super excited to continue this on this month while we focus on pitching for fall and holiday!

Yes...I bought a letter board because I’m basic like that.
Failures. Do we talk about them enough? Do I talk about them enough? Maybe not...but it’s probably because I don’t really consider anything a failure, but more...a test. I’ve had lots of “failures”. Shutting down a six figure (in revenue) business, because there were no profits.
Creating programs that didn’t sell.
Stopping my podcast because I didn’t love it anymore.
Or even Little ones like: Facebook group posts that got no responses.
What do you do after you fail? Do you keep going? Do you learn from it? Do you try to do better next time. Success is a super squiggly line. Up, up, up and down down. If you get up more than you fall down though...that’s where you have most people beat.
Quote by: Brooke Castillo on @amyporterfield podcast

My fav part of the day. ☕️ always hot coffee in the morning, no matter the day or season.

Time. Time is such a funny thing. After listening to a @jameswedmore podcast, I realized how much I say…”I don’t have time for that”. I caught myself saying it so many times a day, like more than 10. The thing is...I have time for anything I want to do. I have time to make my days however I want.
Instead of saying...I don’t have time for that, I changed it to “that’s not a priority right now” OR plain and simple “I don’t want to do that”. It’s actually really empowering.

I only have a few hours to work per day, so they better be impactful. My husband and myself are juggling three kids, our business and everything that goes along with it. In order to make the most out of my days, I make sure to prioritize what’s important to me.
Over the summer my priorities include more kid + friend time and less work, but you bet my revenue isn’t going to dip because of it.

Instead of extra TV time, I’m replacing that with work time to fit more in where I can.
Instead of scrolling on social media, I’m spending time at the beach with my family + friends.
Instead of sleeping until 6, I’m getting up at 5.

I make substitutions because I really do believe you can have it all and set up your life just the way you want it.

This right here is why I have my own business. Work in the morning, beach in the afternoon. Happy summer. Happy kids. Happy mom. 🏖

Big day today. My little doll baby is 3 months and Milas last day of 2s. I’ll just be sitting here wondering where the past 10 months went. Bring on summer! A few days of kindergarten left and we’ll be at the beach!

Isabel is growing super quickly. She’s mastered smiles and laughs and still is her big sisters number one fan. She’s sweet as ever and gets lugged around just about everywhere her sisters have to go. ❤️ she’s also great on zoom calls and Facebook lives and has been known to stay quiet when we need to chat. 😛

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