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Nicole Crank  Mom | Wife | Pastor @yourfaithchurch | Speaker| Author of Hi God, It's Me Again for those somebody-tell-me-I'm-ok-and-going-to-make-it moments #higod

Everybody wants to be going around crushing it in life but instead, we often feel crushed. I wanna talk this weekend @yourfaithchurch in St. Louis about PRESSURE. The enemy wants to use it to make us bitter. But God wants to use it to make us BETTER. To pull the best out of you. I know this is what you need to hear this weekend some come on out TONIGHT!
Sunset Hills @ 5 PM
Earth City @ 9 AM / 10:40 AM / 12:30 PM
Weldon Spring @ 10:40 AM
Sunset Hills @ 9:45 AM / 11:35 AM
West Palm Beach @ 10 AM / 11:40 AM

Can I just be honest? Sometimes you have a certain expectation for something and then you get in the middle of it and it’s so much better than you could’ve ever imagined!!! Last night was STUNNING!!! >>swipe for more pics >>
More women showed up then we had chairs. We had to scrounge around the church and find more chairs to put out! But no one was rocked. Everybody took it right in stride… The energy was electric, the creative was so cute see and on point, all of the picture photo opportunities were beyond what we could’ve expected and The cake smash was epic. A huge mess… But epic!
I just have to say thank you to all of the amazing staff and dream team that made the @iamwomantv Ooh La La night in #stlouis one for the record books!
I went home on a high! -PS WAY more pics on my instastory —And the crazy amazing thing is that we get to do this again THURSDAY night and #WestPalmBeach.

Were you there? 🍰
Will you be there in West Palm Beach? 🌴

Don’t be afraid of the craziness in your life. EVER wish your life was as put together as all those Pinterest pictures 🖼? Most of life isn’t picture perfect! Matter-of-fact? Every Pinterest moment took hours of mess to make one pretty minute. Life gets messy in order to make a moment. Enjoy the mess.

Today, we had a personal baking FAIL that I can’t wait to tell you about tonight! 🤦‍♀️Talking about my failures in public? Trust me, it’s not easy. But it helps other people. So grab your girlfriends and let’s get real and then console ourselves with cake! 😊

Finish baking your cake (or, just get your taste buds ready to eat ours) and get to our Earth City Campus at 7:30 PM TONIGHT!

West Palm Beach ladies…you can laugh at all our #PinterestCakeFails this week, but next week is your turn and I want you to bring yours on THURSDAY! 😉
#iamwomanconf #faithchurch


When our imagination takes over, anything is possible. THINK BACK!! What did you dream about when you were a kid? Have you stopped? Or even forgotten what it was that captured your attention in such a grand way that the world melted away and took the shape of what was inside your mind? You have to see it on the INSIDE before you can see it on the OUTSIDE. Tell me about that fantastic dream and let’s start believing together that it will come true!!

TODAY IS THE DAY… I can not wait to see all my Saint Louis sisters and have a sweet time together tonight at 7:30 PM at Ooh Lala! There are so many amazing little details we’ve prepared for you and everyone you bring with you to enjoy that I’m practically counting down the seconds until you all get here. I don’t want any ladies to miss tonight, so why don’t you tag someone below that needs a night out and invite them to come along?
WEST PALM BEACH SISTERS, I’m looking at YOU 👀 … our Ooh Lala party is less than a week away, so get yourselves ready for a cake smashing time together next THURSDAY! 🍰
#iamwomanconf #faithchurch

It may have been a little salty of me to cut the video off like that... 😉To get the sweetness and rest of the video, go watch my latest video on IGTV.
Speaking of sweet, ladies, there's gonna be all kinds of sugary sweet cake for all of us tonight at Ooh La La! There will be cute photo opportunities and we'll even be smashing some cakes after we've licked all the sweet icing we can! Bring a friend and I'll see you tonight at 7:30 at the Earth City Campus.
#WestPalmBeach, we'll be bringing the 'sweetness' your way next THURSDAY night, September 27th for an Ooh La La night of cake with you! Don't miss it!

I cannot WAIT to stop and take selfies in front of ALL the cute photo ops in #StLouis at @iamwomantv Oo La La! Aw snap, I’m gonna have to do my hair and find something cute to wear!
Who wants to pose with the pretty, tasty cakes you all are making and bringing? If you’ll pose with me - show me 🙋🏽‍♀️🎂🍰
#iamwomanconf #faithchurch

Last night, I could barely sleep because I was so excited about Friday night! I can’t believe how cute everything looks. There are going to be so many photo opportunities for cake smashing, icing licking, and just cutie pictures of cakes. But that’s not all we're doing! I’ve been cooking up a recipe for success that I can’t wait to share with you! I think you’re going to think it’s ‘sweet’ how we root out those ‘salty’ moments in life.
While you’re on social media, go ahead and shout out a friend to invite her to come. It’s at 7:30 PM on Friday night and it’s free! And don’t forget to bring a cake with you. You don’t have to… But the more cakes, the more we get to eat!
And, hello all my South Florida girlfriends! As soon as this event is over, we head to West Palm Beach to start putting everything together for your fantastic THURSDAY night on September 27th at Palm Beach Lakes high school. It’s not too early to make plans. Why don’t you ask somebody at work to come with you?

The promise never leaves you. You leave the promise. "Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you." Genesis 28:15
Say "YES" if you're sticking with God's promise!

In TWO DAYS I'll be eating cake and spending time with the family @yourfaithchurch. Pack your bags and grab your passports, we are going on an adventure together. Just us girls! Ooh La La – A Parisian Cake Party – because what girl doesn't love cake? No need to find a sitter, there will be free childcare for children ages 0-4. Not to mention incredible worship + photo booths + conversations + stunning French desserts that make you say “Ooh La La”. The table is set; we just need you + your tres chic crew! I can't wait to see you here!
And #westpalmbeach we are coming THURSDAY sept 27 to you!!!!
#iamwomanconf #yourfaithchurch

Jesus' grace covers us from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. God wants to take the stains of the hurt away. Are you willing to show him your hurt so he can cover it in His grace?

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