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Nicole Crank  Mom | Wife | Pastor |Author of 'Hi God, It's Me Again" book & journal/study guide for the somebody-tell-me-I'm-ok-and-going-to-make-it moments. #HiGod

Surrounded by giants.
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Today is the day! Are you ready to RISE with us this weekend?! It’s not to late to be a part. Join us at Palm Beach Lakes High School and get your tickets at the door! See you there! #iamwomanconf

I don’t think I will even be able to sleep I am so excited! I will see you there! #iamwomanconf

When Ashtyn was four years old, she had a big, blue Siamese betta fish named, “Cinderella”. We never made any money off of that fish, and she certainly never helped us pay for her special fish food or any of our taxes.
We would never look to a FISH to solve any of our financial problems. That’s probably the LAST PLACE we’d look!
But sometimes, we feel like we need money. We would give more, do more, help more, start that business…IF ONLY we had more money!
God wants us to keep our EYES OPEN and our expectations HIGH. Allow Him to do our financial miracle any way He wants to!
That’s why, when Peter needed money, Jesus caused a fish to RISE UP and provide the coin for the taxes. (Mathew 17:27)
Haters might say, that it’s TOO MATERIALISTIC for us to expect an increase in our own personal finances.
PROBLEM SOLVED. Just give it away. Help OTHER people!
• Build houses!
• Buy meals for the hungry!
• Dig wells!
• Start churches!
• Send missionaries into all the world to preach the gospel!!!
The fact is, we CAN’T HELP people with money we don’t have. We need to believe that God will send money TO us because He knows He can get it THROUGH us.
If God caused a fish to RISE UP, then God will cause us to RISE UP to new places in our finances, our relationships, our careers, our peace and in our happiness!
God has NO LIMITS!
Believe THAT…my fishy friends!
What are you believing that God will do in your financial future? Have you taken the limits off?
The 2018 “RISE” Women’s Conference in West Palm Beach is just days away! I’m looking forward to a refreshing time of fellowship, just hanging out with all my girlfriends!
They tell me, there are LESS THAN 100 tickets and gift bags, remaining. Don’t miss this! Get your ticket, TODAY, at

@davidcrank is preaching here tonight! See you at the chapel at 8pm or come early and hang out with us!

Are your ears 👂 inclined to listens when Jesus is speaking? HE IS SPEAKING!

I don’t know about you but I am soooo excited to have @lisabevere with us for the #iamwomanconf this weekend in West Palm Beach...
PS - tickets are almost complete sold out!

There are so many different times in our lives that we need to RISE. Sometimes, we have to rise out of a bad circumstance.
Others times, we just may be living a “VANILLA” life that’s just plain DULL! Nothing is really wrong…. but nothing’s really right, either.
In the Bible, Nehemiah had a comfortable job working for the King. His life was FINE, (vanilla) until he heard that the walls of his capital city were crumbling. He knew he was CALLED to do something about it.
(Isn’t it interesting, how our MISERY is so often a sign of our MINISTRY?)
So, he headed to town to get to work.
But, everywhere GOOD tries to flourish…evil is always there to try and stop it. Nehemiah was threatened from every direction.
In essence, his enemies were saying to him, “Just WHO do you think you are?”
When God calls us, it doesn’t matter who WE THINK we are. It only matters who WE KNOW we are! We’re called and we’re qualified to accomplish ALL things!
Let us RISE UP and BUILD!
Nehemiah didn’t rebuild the wall in just a day or even a month. But with supernatural help, he did finish the job in just fifty-two days!
What if, God calls you to build something BIG? Just keep moving forward. ONE STEP forward is twice as good as one step backward!
God believes in YOU! So, you have all heaven and earth on your side!
Even if it takes YEARS before you can stand on top of your wall and claim victory. Don’t stop!
RISE UP and BUILD…and never give up!
Are you building?
Are you working on something BIG?
Girlfriends…get yourself to West Palm Beach for the 2018 “RISE” Women’s Conference, this Friday and Saturday, June 22nd and 23rd!
We are so blessed to have two dynamic, nationally recognized speakers this year, @lisabevere and @lysaterkeurst . And of course, I’ll be there, looking forward to hanging out with you and all our friends!
There are still tickets available online at

It’s THIS FRIDAY!!! The @iamwomantv conf is coming to #westpalmbeach 🎉❤️🎉 I can NOT wait for @lisabevere and @lysaterkeurst to be here with us!!!!!!!!!
There are a FEW tickets left! Do you have yours??

Not a new pic, but a true pic.

If I had to line up ALL the dads in the world and choose one to father my children - there is no doubt who I would choose.
He loves with no boundaries.
He married me and I already had @austincschuler - and he loved Austin as if he were his own.
Austin married @mojenni - he loves Morgan as if I had given birth to her.
@ashtyncrank was the last one born, but got just as much love as the first.
He’s faithful. He’s fair. He SPOILS us ALL by giving up what he wants so that we can have what we want.
He’s a selfless leader and mentor.
Thank you God for giving me such an excellent example to follow!
I love you @davidcrank ❤️

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