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Nicole Kinzell  Cats, mostly

Shout out to #worldbreastfeedingweek
Some people make it look so easy. I was not one of those people. It was really tough for me. I had a colicky baby with GERD who threw up half of the milk I fed her, which meant even more feedings. Literally every 45 mins. I felt the social pressure to persevere through it even though I was becoming a tired, emotional wreck of a person. After weeks of working so hard at it and Polly not gaining enough weight, I went against what my dr/ lactation consultants/ peers told me to do and I started supplementing with formula. That night Polly slept for 4 hours in a row! I slept for 4 hours in a row! I had a full and sleepy baby who started gaining weight practically overnight. It made such a difference in our lives and for my emotional well-being.
I continued to nurse Polly for 10 months, supplementing with formula when needed. I have a lot respect to all the mothers who nurse full time. It’s a shitload of work. For all of those moms who choose not to or can’t for whatever reason, you’re doing great and you are enough!
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Getting summoned for jury duty is pretty cool when you get to hang out in a frank lloyd wright.
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Happy Fathers Day @dittos_dad!
Polly, the cats and I all love you very much!

I’m pretty biased, but this is the sweetest face in the world.
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Pollys face says “Mom, just because there’s someone with a cat on a leash doesn’t mean we have to stop and talk to them...”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

Found this while poking around in my grandmas old photos today. My great-grandmother is second from the right.❤️

We found some goats today.....and learned about electric fences ⚡️🔌 #pollyannajune

Babies + bell bottoms for instant cuteness
Video cred @dittos_dad

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