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Nicole Parolisi | Boston, MA  The best core exercise is laughing💗. ExercisePhysiologist. Nutritionist.🎓PersonalTrainer. Group ex instructor💪. Health enthusiast💃🏻

Running into Monday uphill full speed 👊🏻 Chances to sweat with me this week💦
Monday 3/12 12:15pm Total Body Strength, Tuesday 3/13 7:15am Triple Threat,
Wednesday 3/14 6pm Bootcamp (Huntington ave YMCA)
Thursday 3/15 7:15am Total Body Strength 7pm Floor WOD
📸: @mattxdavey

Crushin these.. uh.. attitudes (ballet term for this move- I think) 👯‍♀️ Clearly need to take some more @barregroove at @lynxfitnessclub 🔥🔥🔥 📸:@robertomatteophotography

Pretty thankful everyday for my #blessed life 😜 Today I’m especially thankful for these amazing people! “Working” on the holiday doesn’t seem so bad when you get to spend it doing what you love with people who make you smile! 🍁🦃

THANKSGIVING WORKOUT MENU 🦃 Beast-mode before feast-mode 💪🏻 So many opportunities to come sweat with me this week before and after indulging in holiday treats! DM me for a guest spot! • Monday 11/20 6am Burn 7am Build 12pm Lift @ bsc lab• Tuesday 11/21 7am Endure 12pm Endure @ bsc lab• Wednesday 11/22 6am Build 7am Lift 12pm Lift @ bsc lab 6pm Boot camp @ Huntington ave YMCA• Thursday SPECIAL 8:45am Endure @ bsc lab• Friday 9:30am Burn 10:30am Build @ bsc lab•

SWEAT CRAWL SUCCESS 🔥👊🏻 Shoutout to all the badass crawlers who came out for today’s classes! So happy I️ got to be apart of this awesome event @sweatconcierge @reebok can’t wait for next year.

|Forward thinking Friday| —> looking into the future like “When can I go back to Hawaii?” Having something to look forward to definitely helps keep me motivated! Not only in the gym and kitchen, but in life! Winter in Boston is NOT FUN (2015..❄️🙅🏻) As we approach the inevitable, I like to look ahead and focus on a few goals to get me through the short, cold, dark days. My favorite to look forward to: vacation ☀️🌴 I’m more of a beach and palm tree kinda gal, but even a simple stay-cation can help relieve stress, make you happier and more productive. So, if you’re anything like me, plan your next getaway now and please- PRAY for a warm winter 🙇🏻‍♀️

What are you doing Saturday, November 4th?? SWEAT CRAWL, that’s what🔥🔥 join me at @bsc_lab for a quickie before heading around the city with @sweatconcierge to some of the best classes with the best instructors in Boston 💃🏻 Don’t wait- get your tickets NOW at @reebok before they’re sold out.

I almost didn't post this picture because I felt self conscious. I thought I looked "fat" or "not toned enough" and then I said fuck it. Yes, I took this picture after being on vacation for 7+ days. I had been drinking and eating pretty much whatever I wanted, as I should've. In that moment, my body is the strongest, most athletic, slimmest version of myself. At the end of the day, it is MY body and I love ALL it has done for me.
I used to suffer from an eating disorder and honestly, there were times when I couldn't name one part of my body that I even "liked." Today, I am so blessed to be on the other side of that self hatred. I can not only say I love my body, but I love myself - fully and truly, every part of who I am. I am confident in the strong, independent, adventurous woman I am. I look back in that girl I used to be and I do not even recognize her.
So today, when I had that moment of self doubt, I had to remind myself to thank my body for all it does for me; my heart for beating strong everyday, to thank my legs for carrying me 26.2 miles, and my body for lifting heavy weight.

So thank you self, thank you body, for being all that you are and doing all that you can. I love you.

{Coast}ing through this week 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️🤙🏼 •Bucket list item: surf in Hawaii ✅
•To do on the rest of vacation: relax, focus on what makes me happy, how can I carry these blissful feelings back across the ocean with me.. oh and become a mermaid 🐬

Feelin the good Aloha vibes ☀️🌺

Only sun and smiles- no scaries on this Sunday ☀️🌺🤙🏼

Duces Boston! Aloha Maui 🌊🌺🌴 Vacation has officially begun! ⚠️ WARNING: I will be posting an obnoxious amount of Hawaii related posts including insane beaches, volcanos, and other awesome stuff that will most likely cause you book a flight here ASAP 💃🏻 Already in love with this island and may never come home.. Anyone have any good Hawaii vaca tips!? 👇🏼👇🏼 Share below, we all want to know!

Throw back Thursday to marathon training in the dead of winter 😷Do not miss running in the snow! So thankful for warm sunny days and long summer nights. It's so much easier to get outside for workouts, runs, or any physical activity. I try to hold on the this feeling all though fall and winter. What's your favorite summer activity? Let's enjoy the last weeks of summer to the fullest! 🌸🌞 •sometimes it's hard to image the summer in the depths of winter. Take the good times with the bad, and hold on to those happy moments to take with you wherever you may go•

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