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Nicole Mejia  @getfitandthick Workouts + plant-based meal plan 👉🏼 search “Fit and Thick” in the App Store! - 28 day lifestyle program starts 1/7! Join us here 👇🏼

“Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams,
telling myself it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems.”

Yesterday was magic on so many levels!✨
Being around women who are fearlessly “figuring it out” inspires the heck out of me.
To give you a bit more info on this bikini collab...
I met @rebvazquez and @elisaface separately over a year ago and immediately jived with them both. You know when you meet people and vibe on an energetic level? Magic.
Then, they recently started working together and we began brainstorming on a way to all work together.
It’s been a free flowing creative passion project for all of us.
And now, a little on my vision for the collection:
To create 3 staple bikinis that I think every woman should have in her collection!
👉🏼1 tanning bikini (itty bitty but still classy and flattering)
👉🏼1 pool party/vacation bikini (think #vacationgoals pics worthy- it’s a must🤷🏼‍♀️)
👉🏼1 fuller coverage kini (for family gatherings or when you’re feeling the need for a bit more modesty. This was the bikini that you all helped me pick!)
I’m starting to get UBER excited about this project and the people that I’m fortunate enough to create alongside. Truly can’t wait to share it with you!
Happy day, y’all!🙂

Who’s joining me for JUMP in January?
-28 days
-30 minute workouts each day
-2 simple meal preps each week
-plant-based menu
-weekly live-streams
-daily intentions, resources, and journal prompts
A few things:
☝🏻On the workouts:
-there will be a portal on that you access for videos each day. There will be video demonstrations that contain equipment prompts, form explanations, and modifications for fitness levels.
-There will also be dynamic warmups and post workout stretches that I will take you through in video format on resistance days.
-There will be (2) lower body + plyos days, (2) upper body + abs days, and (2) yoga days.
-yoga videos provided by @adrienelouise on YT 🙏🏼
-as far as equipment goes, all you need to complete the workouts is a pair of dumbbells, a mat, and a bench or sturdy chair. If you have a variety of equipment available to you, I will be cuing you to use it in the demo videos!
- all workouts are 30 minutes!

✌🏼On the meals:
-meals for each day are about 1800 calories. We do not customize meal plans but you can search online for the amount of calories that you need in a given day and adjust accordingly dependent on your goals. (I’ll be unpacking this more on the first live on 1/6)
-it’s not just for vegans! If you’re looking to reset your body, detox from processed foods and meat, or even just sample a month’s worth of vegan living, this program would be great for you. Apart from a few processed foods, like organic tofu, we’ll be nourishing our bodies with organic, Whole Foods. (Whole Foods are living Foods! Which makes them more nutrient dense and bioavailable than processed foods!)
-there will be 4 meals each day: breakfast (overnight oats), snack (protein shake), hot meal (Buddha bowl, pasta, stew), and a big green salad.
-for soy and grain allergies, there are substitution recommendations!
Any additional Q’s you can drop them in the comments. If you want to join me in Jan, click the link in my bio!

“When building a business, it will not always feel like a “state of flow”, but often times, like a “state of grow.”
Words of wisdom from @healthade founder and CEO @dainatrout during last weekend’s @createcultivate panel on marketing, media, and managing your biz.
Still soaking up the nuggets of wisdom that I heard during that panel but this one stuck immediately.
Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all figured out while most times I’m just figuring it out as I go.
Woke up this morning in a bit of a funk, went for a brisk run to clear my head, fueled up with oats and berries, and now prepping for my morning meeting.
These are the days when you want to roll out of bed, go to work in your PJs, eat like shit, and skip your workout.
#pityparty 🎉
Even though I got a slow start this morning, I’m focusing on doing the things I know are going to help shift my funky mindset:
Moving my body, eating colorfully nutrients dense foods, and dressing confidently. 🖤
Out here just growin’ through what I’m goin’ through. 👋🏼
I know so many of you feel me on this.
If that’s you,
I feel you.
I’m with you.
Sending love,
Nic ✨
For those asking!
Hat: Nordstroms
Top + pants: Zara
Shoes: Diesel

Not making a decision is making a decision.
You’ve probably heard my ranting on stories about this new program on @getfitandthick called JUMP. If not, it’s 28 days and contains:
• 30 minutes of movement each day that you can do at home with a few pieces of equipment
•2 simple (but delicious!) plant-based meal preps each week
• Daily intentions that contain a daily passage from me, affirmation, resource and journal questions for each daily theme.
Every week has a focus which we dive into on the group live, and Week 1’s focus is DECIDE.
I won’t lie, this is my favorite part of the program. It’s really where all of the magic happens.✨👌🏽
Anyways, we’re starting #janjump on January 7th. Signups are open now and close on the 21st.
If you have been feeling stuck, or want to pivot in a new direction, I would love for you to join us.
I named the program JUMP because it’s action oriented and has the potential to send you off in a new direction.
Should you decide to.
Sign up in my bio 🖤

Gloomy day in Savannah ☂️
We’re spending the day touring the historical houses and going on a ghost tour. Any recommendations for food in the city?

How does this make you feel?
I got so many DMs asking me to post a longer version of this so here ya go!
Save it for a meditative moment- sound on. 🔈
Have a great day everyone 🖤

Hiii guys👋🏼
We just wrapped the warmup, stretching, and workout demo videos for week 1 of #JANJUMP!
Because safety is the #1 priority of any new fitness program, the videos will have modifications and demonstrate proper form and technique for each exercise.
JUMP is a 28-day lifestyle challenge which includes:
• 30 minute workouts every day
• 2 simple, plant-based meal preps each week with detailed prep guide + grocery lists included
• Mindset training with daily intentions + journal prompts
• weekly check-ins with me on the Facebook group
• community support- a whole lot of it!!!
This program is specifically designed for those of you who need a jumping off point into a healthier lifestyle. If you busy, health conscious, and ready to make a change, this one is for you!
Click the link in my bio if you want first access to our limited January run of JUMP!
Also, I’m putting designs together for a January merch drop as well.. talk to me. What are we looking to see!? Hoodies, joggers, and what else!?

A moment of unbridled gratitude:
I woke up this morning and looked out the window and the first thing that popped into my head was “I’m so grateful to be alive.” Actually, that’s not true. The first thought was “omg where’s my phone I need to capture this sunrise!” But then it quickly turned to gratitude.
I sat for a bit on the balcony and read, (it’s a crisp 50 degrees in Miami this morning❄️) stopping every few minutes to ponder things that I’m grateful for- specifically those that many of us take for granted.
The heart beating in my chest.
The brain buzzing in my head.
For the legs and arms that allow me to move.
For the digestive system that keeps me fueled.
For the power of love.
For the privilege of choice.
For the gift of sight, both literally and figuratively.
For the healing power of understanding.
For faith.
I’m grateful for my life.
What we think, and feel as a result, is the lense through which we experience our lives.
I’m really trying to take this truth, that most of us conceptually know but seldom put into practice, and make it a more fundamental part of my life.
The more that we show gratitude for what we do have (or what’s coming to us), the more abundant our lives become with those things.
✨👌🏽(this is me sprinkling sparkles on your day.”
Also! Since we’re on the subject of gratitude, I want to express how much I appreciate all of you- for supporting my business and me along this journey. Know that I have learned so much from all of you at events and classes, in DMs and emails, and the private Facebook groups that we complete our challenges in. Seriously, y’all inspire me so much.
Much of what I’m grateful for in life right now wouldn’t be possible without you.
Oh and speaking about challenges, we’ve been working in the background on the January JUMP content.. we have all new and improved workouts, a revised menu, and daily intentions that will provide the JUMPstart that you need right now to shift your energy and established healthy, balanced habits.
Click the link in my bio to sign up to get first access when registration opens next week.👆🏽
Challenge starts 1/7

✨ Good morning ✨

If you workout at home, these bands will take your fitness to the next level!
These full-body resistance bands are 30% off today! 🤟🏼
Fix them in the door, select your desired resistance, attach the handles or ankle straps, and get moving!
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Workouts using the bands on👈🏼


Hey guys 👋🏼
Coming off of a beautiful long weekend feeling so grateful.
When we went around the table to say what we’re thankful for, I said “togetherness”.
Distance from loved ones has taught me how precious the moments that we’re able to spend together truly are.
And how when you’re reunited for those few days, your heart is whole.
How was everyone’s holiday?

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