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Who else should probably take a quick 5 right about now??😅
Currently en route to Chi-town for tomorrow’s #womenempowered tour as we put the final touches on our new 28-Day Lifestyle Challenge, JUMP!
We have a very limited amount of space available for this challenge and are opening spots up to our Vibe Tribe and mailing list so if you’re part of the Tribe, look out for it!
This program will include:
- 30 minutes of movement each day
- 2 simple 1-hour meal preps per week
- weekly grocery lists
- daily intentions and journal prompts
- TONS of resources
- Community support!
🏃🏽‍♀️Program price: $60
JUMP will be available through (not in the #fitandthickapp this go round!)🏃🏽‍♀️
Repost from @superspiritual
Artwork by @natalyalobanova

An honest before and after:
My body, eating habits, overall approach, and relationship to heath and fitness has changed since I first started @getfitandthick, and I want to share a huge driver of that shift.
When I entered the fitness industry, I felt this pressure to be lean. I began counting macros and training harder than I ever had before in an effort to achieve my ideal aesthetic.
What you see on the left is a body hovering somewhere between 14 and 15% body fat. Crazy enough, I still had cellulite, which I was trying desperately to get rid of, and I was obsessed with achieving the bigger butt-smaller waist look.
I was consuming loads of protein, training for an hour 1-2x/day, and working a TON.
What you can’t see from the photo was how incredibly unhealthy and imbalanced I truly was.
Because my body fat was so low, I had lost my period and along with it, my sex drive. I also had trouble sleeping and was dealing with multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
(Let me caveat by saying that although there are women who can get down to 14% and even lower without any negative effects on their hormones, bones, and organs, it is more likely that the ideal range for you is probably somewhere between 18 and 24%.)
Today, I fluctuate between 18-20% and have fully embraced this as my ideal range. 💕
On the right is a woman that’s stopped trying to fit herself into a stereotype and started focusing on quality and variety of movement.
Yoga, running, swimming, walking, lifting weights, and plyometrics are now what make up my fitness regimen rather than only doing certain things because they would help me achieve physical results.
On the right is a woman who eats plant-based and intuitively. I’ve learned to trust the intelligence of my body and feed it what it needs rather than force protein down my face or withhold certain things from my life.
On the right is a woman who’s learned to embrace the changes of slightly a softer body, realizing that it doesn’t have to come at the cost of my strength or self-love.💕
Focus on what feels right for you instead of what looks good on others.

Throwback to our last tour stop in Los Angeles!
We’re heading to Chicago tomorrow and Jersey City the following weekend!
Hope you guys are ready for hugs because I love to give (and receive) them!!!💕
The chi-town event is sold out but there’s still tickets left for the JC stop. If you missed our NYC stop last month, come spend the morning with us.
I promise you, wherever you are in life, it will breathe inspiration into you.💫
We’ll be rounding off this year’s tour on October 13th in San Francisco. Tickets are avail on

I am learning to be gentle with this body
which is both soft and strong.
And after almost 30 years
I am realizing that no matter how it changes
it will always be enough.
Photos by my friend @touchandno 🖤

Sound on 🔊
If you haven’t connected with nature in a while, make some time this week to do so.
I sometimes don’t even realize how uptight I am until I start seeing green foliage or hearing the flow of water.
It’s a total cortisol drain and it feels hella good.
The team and I have been behind the scenes working on a new 28-day challenge that is aimed at solving your “lack of” pain points.
“Lack of time”
“Lack of knowledge”
“Lack of energy”
“Lack of variety”
“Lack of BALANCE.”
Balance has been a major theme in my life this year and I’m excited to share everything that I’ve learned with all of you through this program! ⚖️
A quick update on the app:
1. Videos are rolling back temporarily! Because there were still some of you who were experiencing glitches in the app, we've decided to remove the exercise videos until we get that taken care of, so you can use the app hassle-free!
This change is already live.
2. The Plant-Based Power-Up (Our 5-Week Plant-based Nutrition Plan) is getting a makeover! We're taking out some of the more difficult recipes + ones that require an large number of ingredients, and replacing them with simpler recipes that use much of the same oils, vinegars, & spices that we use throughout the other meals (and more importantly, making it much, much cheaper!). We're also going to be changing the flow around a bit to make it more intuitive + easy to use.

Our developers are testing that now, and the changes should go live in 1.5-2 weeks! We'll keep you posted when the updates are available :) **If you've already purchased the PBPU, you will not have to re-purcahse it to see the updates. The $10 is a one-time charge!
If the purchase window pops up, just click "Restore". 👌🏼

Answer these honestly:
How often do you complain about things?
Would people describe you as a “negative” or “positive” person?
Are you more focused on the problem or the solution?
When you talk about people, do you constantly highlight their problems or negative qualities?
These may be difficult and sobering questions to answer, but they could provide the reality check you need to recognize habitual, toxic mindsets in your life.
Recognition is the first step towards change so if you felt one of those questions in the gut, lean into it and start to self-assess on how you can shift your perspective.
About two months ago, the @getfitandthick Team made a conscious decision to become more solution-oriented.
Prior to this, we were stuck in “victim mentality”, turning the issue over so much in our minds and in conversation, that it was preventing us from troubleshooting solutions.
Since we’ve made this shift, we’ve been more productive and proactive in our personal and professional lives.
We air our thoughts and feelings on a matter and then start moving towards a viable solution.✔️
I’ve seen my team flourish more in the past 2 months than I have over the past calendar year, and I know that this simple yet crucial shift in mindset has been a huge part in that.
☝🏼We all have the same amount of time in a day.
You can either spend that time feeling bad about your body or working on it,
scrolling mindlessly or consuming intentionally,
engrossed in other people’s lives or creating your own.💫
You only get one life.
What are YOU doing with it?

Hey there 👋🏽
Happy Thursday!
I’ve officially joined the 4-eyes club and I’m pretty excited about it. When I was in 4th grade, I wanted glasses so badly that I lied to my parents and the optometrist during the eye exam so that I could get a pair. I then ended up suffering from horrible headaches because, well, I didn’t need them!
Anywhooooo, we’re picking back up in Chicago for the Women Empowered Tour on September 22nd and then Jersey City on the 29th. Tickets are available on👌🏼
Also, @noelle_m just published a beautifully written blog about vaginas on
Since half the world population has then, we don’t think it should be taboo to talk about them.
There’s info on anatomy and useful nuggets on how to care for your sacred flower down there. 🌸
Bravo Noe!

“If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and that there is no time for hate.”
- Sandy Dahl (wife of flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl)

I love me a challenge. 🙌🏽
It’s when I turn on and come alive.
I had planned to lead a workout at #plankkapalooza today but at the last minute got asked to switch to a speech.
Got a quick workout in, had coffee and oats, and now getting ready to crank this thing out.
I sometimes get asked about how I had the courage to drop out of nursing school and start my business with no backup plan.
Because they see other people doing it with an all-or-nothing approach, they assume that that’s the way it must be done.
I say that there’s no one right way to pursue your dreams other than the way that works best for you.
☝🏼Learn how you perform under pressure-
Some people freeze, others rise.
Neither are right or wrong, just different.
When you know your strengths and weaknesses you can then leverage them to position yourself to achieve your goals.
If you don’t thrive under pressure, or in sink or swim scenarios, you’ll know that a backup plan or a slow switch into starting your own project is right for you.
If you come alive in the final hours of adrenaline and inspiration, then take the leap and embrace the risk.
Ps. The gym at the Standard Downtown LA is hella retro!
Wood panel walls and red flooring- hello!
You can purchase tickets at the door of the Globe Theatre in Downtown LA if you want to join us today!
Hope to see you guys there (men and women both welcome :))
Ok diving in✌🏼

I just realized that I won’t have a weekend off at home for at least the next 8 weeks.
**grabbed @blissrejuvenation 24k gold patches out of the fridge, placed under eyes, and got back into bed.***
Needed a mental minute!✌🏼
If I’m traveling to your city, I’d love to meet and connect with you while I put you through a mental and physical workout.😉💪🏽
SEPT schedule:
➖September 8th: LA Plankkapalooza fitness festival
👉🏼 (
➖September 11th: NYC Butt + Legs class at @neoufitness
➖September 13th: NYC Plyos + Abs class at @neoufitness
➖September 22nd: CHICAGO Women Empowered Tour @getfitandthick
👉🏼 (
➖September 29th: JERSEY CITY Women Empowered Tour @getfitandthick
👉🏼 (
OCT Schedule:
➖October 13th: SAF FRANCISCO Women Empowered Tour @getfitandthick
👉🏼 (
➖October 19-21st: WEST PALM BEACH @districtfitwpb
👉🏼 (
➖October 23rd: NYC Butt + Legs class at @neoufitness
👉🏼 (opening soon!)
➖October 25th: NYC Plyos + Abs class at @neoufitness
👉🏼(opening soon!)
NOV schedule:
➖Nov 6-11th: GUATAMALA trip with @rippleffect_
And since I know you’ll ask, I got the Scorpio constellation necklace at a street fair outside of Washington Square last weekend in NYC. The company that makes it is @vivisunjewelry ♏️

Then love.
I give my energy to L❤️VE.

🌶**Wears red lipstick**
**feels like a spicy ting**

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