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Nicole Mejia 📩 - 📲Search "Fit and Thick" in the App Store! NOW AVAILABLE FOR IOS AND ANDROID

Had such a great time teaching a plyos + yoga fusion class alongside @nakedalmond this afternoon!
Thanks to everyone who came out to flow with us!🌴
#findyourflow #fitandthick #31daypbpu

Sipping on @healthade after Plyos + Yoga flow at @tropicalvinyasa 🌴
Thanks to everyone who came out!
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All 31 Day Restart Plans have been sent!
Check your inbox, spam, and junk mail boxes!
If you signed up for the plan and you didn't get the email, please email us at
I am so excited and grateful to all of you who are going to be rocking with my team and I next month.
Seeing so many people who are trying a plant based lifestyle for the first time inspires me. I can't wait to connect with all of you!
Bathing suit from @bluebodybrazil_fit who is celebrating 5 years in business today! Congratulations my friend!💙
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Living a plant based lifestyle has brought such vibrancy and happiness into my life, and honestly, all I want to do is share that with you!🌞
There's about 24 hours left to sign up for the 31 Day Restart!
How to sign up:
1. Download the Fit and Thick App on your apple or android device
2. Go to and register!
💫The program is only available to anyone who is subscribed to the app with no additional cost.
Registration ends: Friday, April 28th at 11:00am EST
Program starts: Monday, May 1st
Program ends: Wednesday, May 31st
Let's create new habits and step out of our comfort zones over the next 31 days!

What's included:
• weekly workouts •weekly menus
• weekly grocery list
• meal prep guide
• weekly check-ins with the team
• weekly foam rolling and stretching videos
#31daypbpu #plantbasedpowerup #fitandthickapp

Can you guys believe May is right around the corner?! With the new month means NEW CHALLENGES and NEW GOALS. In honor of that, we've structured a 31-Day Restart: a 100% plant-based meal plan to reboot your system, keep you on track, and lay the groundwork for a new relationship with food.
We'll be using this guide + consistent #fitandthickapp workouts to push ourselves while holding ourselves (and each other! accountable for the entire month.
- 100% plant-based weekly menu
- Meal prep guide + recipes
- Weekly grocery lists
- Weekly foam rolling/stretching videos
- Weekly check-ins with Nicole
📲The 31-Day Restart Guide will be available to paying subscribers of the Fit and Thick App. Head over to the Google Play or App Store to download and sign up before registering for the 31-Day Restart!🙌🏼
Registration ends: Friday April 28th at 11:00am EST
Program starts: May 1st
Program ends: May 31st
Register on
#31daypbpu #plantbasedpowerup

Hey guys!
This Saturday, April 29th
I'll be co-teaching a Plyos + Yoga fusion class with @nakedalmond at @tropicalvinyasa
From 2:00pm - 4:00pm
✨FIND YOUR FLOW - where strength meets fluidity✨
Space is limited! Sign up through the link in my bio!
Come hang with us and get your flow on🙏🏼🌴💪🏽🌊
Big thanks to our sponsors who are making this event so much better: @healthade @almaaromatherapy @babymommafit @bohemianriot @tropicalvinyasa @getfitandthick
Suit from @bluebodybrazil
Photo by @13o5
#findyourflow #positivevibes #gohugatree #fitandthick #treehugger

Let the good vibes flow this week🌀

There's something about the sound and sight of rushing water that keeps all of my worries at bay.
Turn the sound up and experience what nature can do for you.✨
Repost from the insanely talented @iuriebelegurschi
#earth #godsfilter #iceland #goodmorning

I got these salts in a pack off of Amazon and I've been having so much fun playing around with them in the kitchen.👩🏼‍🍳
The different trace minerals in them make them taste slightly different!
•Grey French Salt: this is traditional Celtic Sea Salt
It has a mild flavor, ideal for a variety of dishes including meats, chowders, shellfish, soups, pastas, and sauces.
French grey Salt is lower in sodium chloride (what table salt is made of) than the average sea salts- anywhere from 83%-87%. That means the other 13-18% is packed with minerals.
•Black Lava Salt: contains coconut shell charcoal which pulls toxins out of the body, helping with detoxification and digestion! Use on salads, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, sandwiches, sushi, seafood and meats.
It also makes a beautiful garnish😻
•Red Algaea Salt: Contains red algae clay and has up to 80 minerals! Used as a gourmet sea salt, for seasoning meats, and for preserving.
•Himalayan Sea Salt: great for seasoning meats, grilled vegetables, a variety of salsa, soups, and steers and is also a flavorful salt for baking.
This salt as a similar mineral content to gray salt but is much more dry which makes it a great staple salt!

📍stepping out of my comfort zone and into service.
Speaking to a group of high schoolers this morning about self-love and body image.❤️
#feelthefearbutdoitanyway #selflove #fitandthick

💭You don't have to wait until you reach your goal to love yourself.
👆🏼That was a lesson that took me 28 years to learn.
Let's be real, goals are FOREVER evolving and changing.
My self-acceptance used to be contingent upon reaching the top of a never ending staircase.
The further I climbed, the more I aspired to achieve.
But then I started connecting dots on true love and how different my relationship had always been with myself:
Do I only love my parents when they reach a goal or get a promotion?
Do I only feel love for my boyfriend when he buys me gifts or compliments my body?
Do I only have love for my siblings when they talk about what I want and do the things that I like to do?
I love them all unconditionally regardless of where they're at in life or what they're going through.
In their beautiful imperfections, they are still more than worthy of that.
Is this the type of love that I've been depriving myself of all these years?
Why was the love I had for myself based upon accomplishments and merit when I was able to love those closest to me without boundaries or contingencies?
When one of them is having a bad day, do I kick them while they are down or shower them with support?
💭Imagine what you would be able to let go of and move on towards if you were to love yourself that unconditionally.
Suit by @bluebodybrazil_fit
Shot by @13o5
#selflove #fitandthick

With extra emphasis on the ABS today!😅
I want to thank the ladies who come out and give it their all with me every evening and all of you who are at home or in the gym grinding it out with us through the app.
Give yourself permission to feel proud of how far you've come and for the fact that you've started on something that you put off for so long: YOU.
You don't have to get to your end goal in order to feel accomplished along the way.
Trust the process but remember to enjoy the journey too.💫
1 week free trial available on Google Play and the App Store 📲
#fitandthickapp #createnewhabits

Note to self:
Stop resisting and just feel.
Every emotion that comes to the surface is trying to teach you something.
Pointing you in a new direction.
Uncovering another wound.
Exposing a life changing revelation.
How will you ever learn if you won't give life the opportunity to teach the lesson?
Sit down.
Accept the anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness, grief or shame.
Give yourself permission to feel the emotions that you've been trying to deny ownership of.
You've been aspiring towards "the point in your life" when you'll be in a constant state of joy and comfort, surrounded by the people and things that you love.
Look around.
You're already surrounded.
And what is this unrealistic expectation of endless happiness?
How would you ever know pure bliss if you never experienced anything else?
Isn't it the contrast in your life that gives you that immense gratitude for the happiness that you're blessed to experience regardless of your struggles?
💭If every emotion is a lesson, then every situation that caused it is a blessing.
When I read this quote, I interpret "rising up" as the mindset of welcoming the future- regardless of whatever fear we have about facing it.
To "rise" is to realize that the point in life that you've been trying to reach is
The joy you've been waiting to experience-
look, it's right here.
If you'll only RISE to see it.
Repost from @wearesoulsparks
#idareyoutomove #embraceitall #riseup

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