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I wish I could say that this prompted some flux of new ideas but the forced air vent is the real star of this show.

long walks with kindred spirit @kitchenoperas result in #accidentallywesanderson

the leftovers.

what do you do to feel out your feels? do you make things? do you watch things as a means of catharsis? do you take a meisner class?
tell me everything.

will forever be in search of the perfect @blondieofficial lyric to accompany this photo
HMU @kellydavidson_mua , goddess of all the tools n’paints ⚡️

2019 will be the year of finding glitter in crevices I didn’t even know I had.

my silhouette this week. without the skirts. I should get some writing skirts...
where can I find writing skirts...?
writing skirts is not even my most absurd thought of 2019 so far...
try saying writing skirts 10 times fast...

quiet yer boots, we’re tryin’ to read in these here stacks.

thanks to @neweroticaforfeminists my 2019 standards are soaring. you’ve been warned.

merry everything and all things.🌲🖤
rg @bettytompkinsart

the average heart is only allotted 2.5 billion beats in a lifetime. sobering.
things I’ve learned from @with.outpretend ‘s “You Care Too Much”.

let’s talk about sex.

so freakin’ proud and excited for the fantastic humans of @soupcantheatre and #ThreeShipsCollective who put on such a marvellous performance of #AChristmasCarol this evening at The Campbell House! I would tell you to get yourself a ticket .... but ... they’re sold out for the rest of the run. YERP!
HUGE congrats to my two bestest @rubbish.and.kitsch and @justin.haigh on this absolutely perfect production 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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