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NICOLAI® - handcrafted bikes  Made in Germany. Since 1995

POWDER COATED, ANODIZED or FACTORY RAW? // Which frame #color do you want?

You decide what your frame looks like. Powder coating is a melted plastic coating that is significantly more resistant to scratching and impact than conventional paint. Anodising is an electrochemical process used to color the surface of aluminium. The oxide layer is even harder and more scratch-resistant than any powder coating. Additional weight is not applied during anodising. However, the thin oxide layer can be penetrated more easily. With a powder coating or lacquer you can hide flaws in the surface. Scratches, scoring and tool marks can be filled and smoothed like skin folds with make-up. An anodizing does not hide anything, reveals every flaw; the brighter the anodizing tone, the clearer. This is why different colors are produced on welded frames during anodising. However, the current trend is towards frames which are delivered “factory-raw”. The frames are not coated after production, but move directly to assembly. You get your frame without coating (also no clear lacquer). Over time, an oxide layer/patina forms on the frame, causing the shine of the raw aluminium to fade slightly. With the help of a polishing fleece, however, the old shine can be restored in a few easy steps. In addition to the unmistakable look, the “factory raw” look best reveals the manufacturing quality and technical charm of the frame.

On our homepage you will find the color samples! 🤙🏽 ⠀ ⠀

Time for a NICOLAI #EBOXX ⚡️

Discover the Nicolai ION G16 EBOXX E-MTB now!

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ☠️ Ab heute erhältst du einen GRATIS @rockshox Dämpfer zu jeder G13 / G15 / G16 Rahmenbestellung + 11% Rabatt auf alle G13 / G15 / G16 Rahmen! Auch auf #SALE Rahmen!

Bis zum 04.11.18 ✞

🇬🇧 As of today you get a FREE ROCK SHOX shock for every G13 / G15 / G16 frame order + 11% discount on all G13 / G15 / G16 frames! Even on SALE frames!

Until 04.11.18 ✞

WHARNCLIFFE WOODS // #wharncouver line is a work of trail building art! So Much work must have gone into this! - @jack__redo

Photo: @adam_mrsdn

THAT VIEW // Whistler mountains with @samrobson02 and his ION #G19

Show your #NICOLAI. Tag us in your favorite photo of your N-Bike 🤙🏽 #rideanicolai

TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZED STRUCTURE // A bicycle frame and its components are exposed to extreme forces during use. In order to develop a durable, robust but also lightweight bicycle frame, all components are designed at #NICOLAI using topology optimization. Topology optimization is a computer-based calculation method by which a favorable basic shape (topology) for components under mechanical load can be determined. This text from the textbook abstractly but aptly describes which processes we use to develop new components. In topology optimization, an algorithm calculates the optimized mass distribution in a component based on defined installation spaces, defined forces, material properties and component geometries. Thus, lighter and stiffer structures can be developed. However, these procedures are only a tool and one of many. However, the most important tool for an engineer is professional experience. The combination of many years of professional experience and computer-based optimization software creates components that are second to none, both technically and optically.

Photos: @niko_grobe

OUT NOW // The 2019er ION #G16 GPI 🔥

Based on the ION-G16 there is also a GPI version of the Enduro. With its unique combination of our groundbreaking #GEOLUTION geometry, the integrated pinion gear and a maintenance-free GATES @carbondrive timing belt drive, the ION-G16 GPI is a dream come true for all those who no longer want to adjust and screw and simply want to drive. But be careful, the bike is very fast… And because the GPI glides so quietly over the trails without a chain and with its performance suspension, the competition may not notice you until you have already passed the inside line. By the way, even if its true strength lies where gravity pushes downhill, you will be amazed how safe and confident you can overcome even the steepest climbs with the ION-G16 GPI – thanks to the 600% ratio bandwidth in the Pinion gearbox and GEOLUTION geometry.

DE: Auf Basis des ION-G16 gibt es auch eine GPI Version des Enduros. Durch seine einzigartige Kombination aus unserer bahnbrechenden GEOLUTION Geometrie, dem integrierten Pinion Getriebe und einem wartungsfreien GATES Carbon Drive Zahnriemenantrieb ist das ION-G16 GPI ein wahr gewordener Traum für alle, die nicht mehr einstellen und schrauben wollen und einfach nur fahren wollen. Aber Achtung, das Bike ist sehr schnell… Und weil das GPI ganz ohne Kette mit seinem Performance-Fahrwerk auch noch unverschämt leise über die Trails gleitet, kann es sein, dass die Konkurrenz dich erst bemerkt, wenn du auf der Inside-Line bereits vorbeigezogen bist. Übrigens, auch wenn seine wahre Stärke dort liegt, wo die Schwerkraft bergab schiebt, wirst du verblüfft sein, wie sicher und souverän du mit dem ION-G16 GPI selbst steilste Anstiege überwindest – der 600% Übersetzungsbandbreite im Pinion Getriebe und der GEOLUTION Geometrie sei Dank.

Photos: @niko_grobe

IN PRODUCTION // who‘s next?

#GOODTIMES with @jan_feyser x @ronny_racing69 🤙🏽

ENDURO RACING // @jack__redo on his ION #G15

📷 @adam_mrsdn

What’s your next #PROJECT ?

Photo: @photo_one_vs

WHISTLER // with @samrobson02 x @mojo_risin96 x @geometronbikes

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