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Celebrating the start of having my boys home for next 10 days with a meat feast BBQ! It's going to be pj mornings, gyms sessions and helping with revision!
#workfromhome #lovebeingamum

IN LOVE - FRESH BEACH BOB❤️❤️ Thank you @christopherdeanhair #simplythebest #bobhaircut #blonde

HAPPY FRIDAY = pamper and treats day!

Loving yourself might sound cheesy or even selfish but that’s really the opposite of the truth. Going through this life without liking yourself makes everyday a struggle. In addition to this you can’t really love others when you don’t love yourself so relationships are likely to be challenging as well.

I spent many years watching many friends and colleagues suffer with poor self esteem and it held them back in so many ways.

From the opportunities they didn’t seize to the relationships that suffered because of insecurities. Today I can say that we worked damn hard to get to a place of self acceptance and yes, self love. It might be corny or cheesy to talk about this but it's something close to my heart, self love and acceptance is the worlds greatest secret. It unlocks the door's to live life to the FULL.

It’s the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves if they want to make this one life matter and live up to their full potential.

Summer is around the corner and whether you think it’s just a going to be another holiday or your looking to enjoy celebrating it, why not take this opportunity to focus on love a little more.

Take better care of yourself (body, mind and soul) and see that love expand towards others.

#loveyourself #friday

with this superstar @jamgul ! Building one of the largest businesses throughout Middle East, she's my partner in crime and love her too bits ❤️ best bit about this business meeting amazing people who become life long friends ❤️❤️ #eaglesteam #lovewhatyoudo #global #mentor #coach

#coach #mentor #lovewhatyoudo #eaglesteam

at my house today! Global team's logging into LIVE webcam working together no matter where we are in the world. I just love it.... #teamwork #eaglesteam #lovewhatyoudo #global #mentor #coach

OMAN we love you even more ❤️ Check out our incredible #eaglesteam cake baked by one fabulous team member and mum entrepreneur Aiman marketing guru whose is building a phenomenal business and income and whom I am privileged to work with and an asset to the team.
Ghazala Rafiq our English lecturer and like a sister, making us laugh and have fun whilst ready for her next big promotion and building a fabulous global business.
Love who you work with and what you do and you'll never work a day in your life!
Can't wait to see you guys after Ramadan ❤️❤️

to inspire you this beautiful Wednesday morning! My NEW blog post - Live everyday with intention
Happy Wednesday! #blog #inspire #giveback #lovewhatyoudo

3 2 1... LETS GO
Live in 3 with our new #eaglesteam #middleeast first business planning to increase their income and achieve their goals! #excited


Never go out of fashion, wear all year round, great for fat days!!! 😊#dungarees #fashion #newfashionblogcoming #sharingiscaring #wheretobuy

AFRAID... Don’t be afraid to dream big, have those big dreams and go for them. Make this life matters and do what your heart has been calling for. This doesn’t mean being irresponsible or doing something drastic but it does mean listening to that inner voice that’s been yearning for something special.

Why are we so afraid to dream big and aim high? Because we are afraid of being disappointed? Rejection? Failure? In my mind I’d rather try and fail then always wonder what if.

There is no greater regret than knowing we got in our own way. Go ahead, let yourself dream and reach for the stars. It’s the only way to lead a life you truly love.


#dream #dreambig #dontbeafraid

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