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nicole harrington  💛 #asagray #junemabel #sagemargot & #jettozzy • portland, ore

survived the pumpkin patch with all 4 kids (one being only 5 wks old) *solo*. if life were a video game I think I just beat one of the big bosses. #levelup #icandoanything


Picture Day Fall 2018🍂 // pre-k & 1st grade (yeh, we let ‘em dress themselves).

When the baby is probably farting in his sleep :

picture day is on Tuesday and my girl wants blue hairs. boutsta stain some old towels and hope I don’t end up with smurf hands 💙

buncha baldies 👴🏻

fluffy diaper butt havin’ besties enjoying a lazy snooze together mid-afternoon 😴

I will never tire of snuggling teensy babies

texts I send to @dustynjh: “Stoked for adventures with our Mormon sized family 💕💕💕 thank u for giving me this life I love u”
V grateful for this life of chaos - including but not including the last weeks of pukes & poops & clorox wipes. hashtag back to school yay😁

if they ever want to be in a band together imma suggest the name Four Loko🍻

Jett + June 💕

bye bye summer ✌🏼

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