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Nicolas James  Penman / videographer / photographer / conservationist-in-training. Generalist at Abandoned Spirit House Films, curator at ASHxAUDIO.

A yellow garden spider (AKA Argiope aurantia), poised in the middle of her immaculately-maintained web, patiently awaits her next meal. Sporting a classic @WuTangClan colour scheme, this spider, like the members of the Wu, has many aliases: gilded silver-face, McKinley spider, zigzag spider, black and yellow spider, corn spider, writing spider and golden garden spider. This species is mostly seen in gardens - hence the name - and has been observed throughout North America, Central America, Mexico and Hawaii. Their venom, which is harmless to humans, features a range of polyamine toxins (e.g. argiotoxin ArgTX-636) that apparently have medicinal potential. As such, if any arachnophobes in the audience happen to come across one, please refrain from killing it and appreciate its beauty instead.

Canadian Rockies in the abstract. #MountainCultureElevated

.@JenniferMWCeramics and @BrettRayner approach the summit of Banff, Alberta’s Mount Bell, just shy of 2910 metres above sea level. I was blissfully clearheaded when I shot this photo. A 13-kilometre approach / ascent with 1500 metres of elevation gain will have that effect. #Mountaineering

A portrait of the summit / Northeast face of Mount Louis, an iconic trad climbing objective in the Canadian Rockies. Part of the Sawback mountain range in Banff National Park, Alberta, this Devonian limestone spire juts into the sky 2,682 metres above sea level. Prospective climbers should be aware that it consists of difficult Alpine III routes only, ranging from 5.7 to 5.10d. / Louis is named after Louis B. Stewart, a land surveyor active in the late 19th century. If anyone in the audience is aware of a preexisting indigenous name for this peak, please speak up. #MountainCultureElevated

Supremely badass couple @BrettRayner and @JenniferMWCeramics begin the glissade down Mount Brewster, located 2589 metres above sea level in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. This was honestly one of the funnest descents I’ve ever been a part of. We coasted.

Currently back in my home province of Nova Scotia for a friend’s wedding, so here’s a shot of Cape Split, a dramatic headland that juts into the Bay of Fundy. If you look closely, you’ll see two people standing at the edge of the cliff to the top right of frame. The hike to / on the beach below is much less traveled and all the more surreal. #Oceanside

Night falls somewhere high above Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, the throngs having long since retreated from the pathways and parking lots below. Only a select few endeavour to go all the way up, and they’ll tell you it’s definitely worth it. #MountainLife

The iconic “Three Sisters” loom over the @TownOfCanmore, Alberta at dusk. From left to right: Hope (Little Sister), Charity (Middle Sister) and Faith (Big Sister). The peaks are also known as the Three Sisters in the traditional language of the Stoney Nakoda indigenous tribe, although they didn’t give them the Christian nicknames, of course. We don’t use those. #MountainCulture

A shrouded glimpse of the far end of the Plain of Six Glaciers in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. This place is actually more beautiful when aspects of it are left to the imagination. Fortunately, I was able to share the view with someone who appreciates this. #MountainCulture

.@MIKEMWILSON ridge-walks toward the summit of Alberta, Canada’s Grotto Mountain from the Northwest. This @TownOfCanmore classic did not disappoint. #Mountaineering

A view into Kananaskis Country from the summit of Grotto Mountain, located 2,706 metres above sea level on the outskirts of the @TownOfCanmore, Alberta, Canada. Windtower Mountain is visible in the foreground to the left, and I believe the body of water near the bottom right of the frame is the Spray Lakes Reservoir. Scrambling season is officially upon us in the Canadian Rockies. #MountainCulture

Mountaineer @MIKEMWILSON stands triumphant at the true summit of Mount Rundle (AKA Waskahigan Watchi / House Mountain) in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, revelling in a spectacular view of the Bow Valley approximately 2,949 metres above sea level. #MountainCulture

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