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Coco ~ 🌊🌻🌙  Yay! Area | irl sim | 💙🐻💛 ~ cog sci ~ |🌻♒🌚♏️🌄♍️ | ours shall be the cycle of days; our sun and sky and rainbow ways | 🐝 urself


just a 1/2 mile away from Oasis Rd; how close are you to your dreams? #adventureisoutthere🎈

to my pointy-eared, soft-eyed, dark-haired, fuzzy-faced man and our #cosmic love🌜🚀💜💫🌛 #sundaze #fouryearstrong

brb, going Squatchin’ #bigfootbabe #huntin4fur

if time travel were possible, I’d return to this moment as often as I could @odesza #liveforever #colors #music #love #yay #possibilities #lol

noun 🌽❤️
1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation

“...the power she exerted was a subtle thing, but it called forth deep resonances.” - Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood
thank you @anjdiggity for introducing me to my favorite author, for showing me matters of the he(art), and for being one of my dearest friends! to more sunset rooftop seshes, drunken Sunday night phone calls, and our upcoming projects ~ #friendship #love #longevity #rideordie #lit #happy #fun #cali #nyc

happiest of birthdays to this lovely spirit and warrior, @luligambino who has had my heart since our days wandering around New Orleans; thankful for your radiance and warmth I can always feel! I hope to exchange hugs soon, whether it be on Louisiana, California, Oregon or our next adventure’s soil.
I’d also like to give a special s/o to my other signifanct other @andreaforpresident for landing her first SOFTWARE ENGINEERING role (👏🏽) KILLING it, especially as a woman of color in the tech world, serving as a continual source of inspiration for me and those lucky enough to know her.
love you both 💙 #womenempowerment #womenintech #womeninnature #grass #trees #clouds #sun #sky #love

magic in the city I once called home 🔮🦋🦄 #nofilter #latergram

sun beams through our skin, blood alight, match strike! to fuel a fire on a dark night ~ the waves' heavy crash hushes all sound, casting a spell on those in this town™ 🌊🌕✨#sunnies #fpgirls #fpgiveaway #summer #girlstrip 📸: @phiiiiiiiiiii

#flashforward to me in Japan in January 🇯🇵🌈🦋🌻☁️🌄🦄 #sundaydaydreaming

#happynationaldogday to this chunky bulldog who I hate saying bye to and I can't wait to see when I come home; I love that you sleep in my spot when I'm at work and wait by the front door for my return. you've changed my life "no lie" - drake and I just rly wanted you to know that, bc I know how big of a fan you are of Instagram™ ❤️ love you my @josie_the_shortybull and I hope they figure out cloning by 2030 bc I ain't living the rest of my life w/o you bbg

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