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NICKY⚡️SIL  • there's no progress without the process • MN→AL | Personal Trainer | NPC Bikini 📩

April 2017 ➡️ August 2017
Even though I was depressed and lost a ton of weight at the beginning of the year, I never felt unhappy with the physique on the left. 💪🏼
I knew I wanted to get back to lifting heavy, and that my caloric intake needed a boost ✅ (I had absolutely no appetite). Things I've learned through this entire journey:
1.) Body recomp is an amazing thing
2.) Consuming enough nutrient dense foods is an absolute necessity for growth
3.) Progress. Is. Not. Linear. 📈

#NeverMissAMonday So ready to hit legs after having the best time these past few days! 😊 Life doesn't even feel real right now. Mental health break was a success AND everything is working itself out. 🙏🏼 #Cloud9 #BringOnTheDOMS

HAPPY FRIYAY. 🙌🏼 It's my Friday and only a couple hours stand between me and my mental health week. 💆🏽 Time to de-stress, relax, and refocus after a crazy 4 weeks!🌪

It's all fun and games until you have an anxiety attack in the middle of the gym.🆘 I honestly couldn't help but feel embarrassed even if I shouldn't. 🙍🏽 Probably a sign that a mental health day needs to be in order after being in overdrive for so long. 📚📑🌙
Otherwise, leg day was a success. Just a few more days until my schedule is wide open, and 2 weeks until MN. ✈️ #ThursdayCantComeSoonEnough #MentalHealthMatters

Wishing I wasn't stuck at work all night because I'm itching to train legs again. How does this keep happening? Is there something wrong with me? (Hint: yes)

Happy #flexfriday 💪🏼
Opted out of setting an alarm last night (what the ?¿) and ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours. 😳 Managed to squeeze in a much needed lift before work though. 🏋🏽 #StressRelief #BackDayIsTheBestDay

When it's leg day but your delts want to say hello 👋🏼👋🏼

Getting hyped for leg day by reminding myself that there's PLENTY of work to be done SO LETS. GET. IT. 👏🏼 #DayByDay #FocusedOnMe #AndMyGoals

Happy Sunday fam! 🌻
Checked in at 131.8 lbs today and received the "we're going to watch your diet a little more closely." 🆗 I've definitely been more flexible about my diet the past couple weeks, so this didn't really come as a shock. 💁🏽 Stocked up on all the noms and ready to step up the meal prep! 🍏🍳🍴 Trying my best here to document this whole process..🗓 Stay tuned ✌🏼

Saturday under the sun is 100% what I needed. ☀️🍉 Training has felt off the past couple days -- not even bad lifts but mentally checked out?¿ Swapped leg day/rest day to clear my head. 💆🏽 Hoping a little r&r does the trick & then it's back on tomorrow. 😈

Talk about #TranformationTuesday 🙌🏼
Throwback to when working out meant an hour on the elliptical vs. lifting heavy weights now. Who knew these hams were capable of taking over?! #StrongAndProud

Wishing I wasn't at work so I could watch #GameOfThrones. ⚔💔 Are my baby abs starting to make an appearance? No, but my legs are filling out and I'm definitely loving it ✌🏼

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