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NICOLE⚡️PICARD  ✖️OTF Coach 🍊 ✖️Fit Athletic Downtown 💪🏻 ✖️Creator of Hiit Hop at The Facility💃🏻 ✖️NBA Dancer alum 🏀 ✖️handstand enthusiast 🤸🏼‍♀️ 📍NYC ↠ San Diego ☀️

When you fill your cup with people and things that bring you peace, even your biggest challenges become a little more effortless. ✨ Happy Monday friends, reclaim your time this week 🙏🏻

everything is going to the beat ✌🏻

Cuffing szn 🍊🎄✨

“you’re only given one little s p a r k of madness. you mustn’t lose it“✨

Serving you a little Tuesday realness that it’s o k a y to go easy on yourself sometimes 🙏🏻 I got a little off track with my marathon training the past couple weeks - I’ve found other spaces I wanted to give my energy to and my body has craved a yoga mat and dance studio a lot more recently than my feet on the pavement. So I listened. But today I got back in the saddle after allowing myself a couple weeks off, logged in a long one and happy to report I’m still here 🤗 just a little reminder to stay in tune with what’s beating inside your chest and keep a lightness in your heart, even when you’re working towards those big goals that take a lot of grit. In a world that can make us feel like we’re never doing enough, sometimes less is more. ✨

G r a t i t u d e unlocks the fullness of life 🙏🏻 [so many new beautiful souls to be grateful for this year, but definitely missing these four a little extra today] Hope everyone’s Thanksgiving is joyful, happy and bright! ❤️✨

“To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.” [ i spend the majority of my time running and lifting these days, but dancing will always be my first language. needed this like I need air] 🙏🏻✨

10 months in SD today!!!! I ALMOST ate sh*t doing this back tuck but I didn’t...and that’s probably the best way to describe my past 10 months here 😬 hoping the next 10 bring more brave jumps and more blind landings (hopefully on my feet) 🙏🏻 what a ride, love ya more every day ✨

Don’t let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling ✨

You don’t have to create a masterpiece every day. Some days you just need to paint 💫

Little appreciation post for my dude before he jets out for the adventure of a lifetime. @troycruzz is one of my fave human beings. He radiates good vibes, and knows how to turn every situation into either an impromptu dance party and/or a game. I think my favorite thing about Troy is how he’s totally fearless. I’m talking dance right now but I know this is how he lives life outside the studio too. When he doesn’t know choreography, he doesn’t shy away or hold back, homie goes balls to the wall and f*cks it up FULL OUT. Like dives HEAD first into the uncertainty. Thanks for being my accountability partner, teaching me to take life less seriously and reminding me to be brave. I’m gonna miss your dope soul so much. See ya on the other side brother 🤘🏼 crush it in Dubai!

We like our Saturday’s sweaty 💦💦 HUGE thanks for the invite @sweatconcierge - congrats on an amazing event!!!! #sweatconrally #sweatconrallysd

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