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Nick Wiggins  Feral human; Douche bag; Word to yer mommy

Gin & grape kool aid with @mcwiggy23 fried chicken and waffles come quick, I'm starving!

"Can't we just have steak for dinner, dude?" Um, lemme think, ya


FBF? Eh, I like dog pitcherz

1970 XLH Good compression, spark and bendix carb gone through. New battery/starter/solenoid/kicker gears. No time to finish, my home boy has cancer and property tax is due. $2500 or something, will help to ship it, more details if you wanna dm me @thesouthwestchopswap
#thesouthwestchopswap Thanks for reposting If you don't want to buy it but you do want to help my buddy @coconuthead65 I'd be so happy I would shit

Wash bike - ✔️
Ride it until piss-free - _____
Catch hell from @caseybuxtontattooer about not riding enough - ✔️

Peas in a pod


Unibomber face #municiplewaste

Don't be like Dave

I'm reviving all kinds of old crap this week #suicidedoorlincoln

Back from the dead #xs650

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