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Nick "Houdini" Polini  Biologist, Circus Performer, Footbag: Mktg Director/BAP, Contact Juggler, Juggler, Buugeng, Contortionist, Sponsor: @thespinsterz 🦂 10% off below👇

Taught this 7 year old kid footbag today. When he was leaving, he said "Bye, drive safe." And I replied, "Thanks, you too."..... Anyway, working up to 30 contacts of this Tripless shuffle drill. #kidssaythedangusthings #kidssaythedarndestthings #footbag #hackysack #mynewpeppep

1) Comic about me drawn by @flying_blood_comix .. 2) Photo taken by a footbag player at Worlds.. Pretty spot on. I guess BAP was in the cards for me this year after all :P

These were totally unrelated. Comic was drawn months before photo was taken and I just happened to be doing a fist stall when the photographer took that photo.

#footbag #contactjuggling

Here's some footbag trials (as close to skateboarding as footbag can get) from Pete Bowler and me at Worlds last week. Pete's is crazy.

#footbag #hackysack #skateboarding #tricks

Signed my first shirt as a BAP member. Spent most of my plane ride developing my BAP signature :P

#footbag #bap #hackysack

World Footbag Championships '17 was a success. I was beaten by the best player in the world (@vasek.klouda) and got props from him 3 times in Circle comp, I hit a crazy trick (Ripped Warrior Swirl aka "Cyborg") requested by a legend of the sport and won $60 and @mark_footbag won money for hitting Swirling Gyro DLO, I stuck 3 good tricks in Sick 1 competition, other cool stuff which I'll update shortly.. But the biggest moment in my life occurred yesterday.
I was in the plane, about to fly home, when I got a video call from Jim Penske, Lon Smith, Red Husted, and Rick Reese. Long story short, they had a meeting and chose to induct me into Big ADD Posse (BAP)!!! BAP is like an international hall of fame for freestyle footbag players. Every year at Worlds, someone is inducted and recognized for being the best of the best and changing the sport in some way. The last 2 years, no one was inducted. This year, I broke the no-bap dry spell from the last 2 years. The first picture is a screen shot from the happiest moment of my life. Every day for the last 9 years, I picked up that footbag with the dream of BAP in my mind. It's finally a reality. I feel so complete and fulfilled in life. My official footbag nickname is Nick "Houdini" Polini :D Thanks to everyone who believed in me. Ok, finished gushing lol.
#footbag #bap #hackysack

Ended today with this.. I bought a scooter. I used to have one, but it was some junky chinese company that didn't know how to make a scooter. My new one is a Kymco 125cc. So stoked.

And so ends what has gone down as the craziest day of my life. Now, I'm going to nap and in a few hours from now, I'm on a plane to Portland OR, for World Footbag Championships. Probably going to be the craziest week of my life.. If you're in Portland and you're interested, message me! I'll have my contact balls and buugeng, too.

The day after I got home from NH, I went to see Rancid, Bouncing Souls, and Dropkick Murpheys with an old friend of mine. Rancid and Bouncing Souls are easily in my top 10 favorite bands and to see them together was unreal. Here's some really shaky footage from inside the circle pits of my favorite songs lol If you have never been in a rowdy circle out at a punk show, you haven't really lived yet.

#rancid #bouncingsouls #circlepit #philly

I have a few videos and photos I have to get up on here since I got home from New Hampshire. I've had no time.. So, some of you might know that my owl photo that I submitted to my company's calendar photo contest actually won company- wide grand prize. I was up at the Bedford NH office before my flight home and I had the opportunity to go see my photo hanging on the wall in that office. Such a cool experience to see this.

I'm sad that tonight is my last night in northern NH, but also ready to go home. I've learned a lot while I was here and I had the pleasure of working with some of the coolest and most knowledgable Biologists I've ever worked with. Don't want to talk forever, but this has been an amazing experience in my life and I'll always vividly remember it. Man, I can't believe it's finally over. When I get home, I'm buying a scooter, seeing Rancid/Dropkick Murphy's/Bouncing Souls with a long lost friend, then flying off to World Championships the next day. These are going to be an awesome but busy few weeks. I think if the opportunity ever came up, I could move here in a heart beat.

First off, description of stuff in the post... the first one is this dude I drunkenly talked to for like a solid hour about life and finding dead bodies and stuff. This picture kinda sums up my stay in NH :P
The second clip is me balancing my hiking stick I've used all week while up here. That stick has seen some of the coolest views and most treacherous trails I've ever taken. I wanted to finish out the week with something dumb but sentimental, like balancing it on my chin for as long as I could.
The hiking stick might just seem like a normal hiking stick, but in a way, it represents my entire stay up in northern NH because it was with me through the whole thing. This has honestly been my favorite business trip I've been on with my company.
The next photo I'll post is going to get sentimental/emotional/dumb lol

After a big day in the field, I got home and saw this in the world wide freestyle footbag Facebook group and, admittedly, it made me pretty happy. BAP stands for Big ADD Posse. A group of elite players from all over the globe. Each year at Worlds, the Big ADD Posse chooses if they want to add someone to the group and give them a nickname that represents their style, then that player makes their mark in footbag history. BAP has always been a long term goal of mine. This could be my year. If it is, then this will be my biggest life goal completed. Not getting my hopes up, but the thought of it is exciting. Anyway, 4 more days until Worlds. Cross your fingers for me :) #footbag #hackysack #flowarts #hack #freestyle

More drilling to prep for Worlds.. gulp. 6 days left. Holy shit. Hyped. I saw a fucking moose last night by the way. Word.
#footbag #1208 #punk

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